Young woman looking outside on Halloween 2022, which will be low-key for her zodiac sign.

Halloween 2022 Will Be Dark & Low-Key For 3 Zodiac Signs


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The best part of October is here, but not everyone is feeling the spooky holiday energy. Halloween is the only holiday where glamorizing spooky things is acceptable, and it gives everyone the opportunity to dress up as someone else for a change (without being given a strange look). This year, the astrology of Oct. 31 is all about embracing your inner weirdness. While some signs will be eager to let their freak flag fly, others will be more inclined to enjoy a laid-back All Hallows’ Eve. Halloween 2022 will be dark and much less spooktacular for three zodiac signs. But, hey, who’s to say they can’t still throw on a costume and go trick-or-treating?

On Oct. 31, the moon will shift into the fixed air sign of Aquarius, emphasizing the desire to embrace your authenticity, no matter how out there it may be. Aquarius is the sign all about accepting what makes you different from the crowd, and what better day to stand out than on Halloween? As the moon eventually forms a square to the sun in Scorpio on this day, however, tensions may arise when it comes to rebelling and going against the grain, and the desire for privacy and emotional control. You may feel hesitant to express yourself unapologetically, but with the moon’s blessing, you’re bound to embrace your quirkiness, especially since you won’t be doing it alone.

If you’re one of the zodiac signs who’ll have the most low-key Halloween, you may feel the desire to enjoy this witchy holiday behind closed doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the holiday spirit. Whether you’re carving pumpkins with friends or re-watching Hocus Pocus 2, this year’s Halloween is still bound to be somewhat eventful for you.

Here’s what these three signs can expect on Oct. 31:

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Virgo: You’ll Be Focused On Keeping Things Organized

On Oct. 31, the moon will shift into your sixth house of work and productivity, transferring your focus to keeping things organized and running smoothly. Whether you’re hosting a house party and occupied with serving your guests, or you’re putting the finishing touches on your costume, you’ll have your hands full on Halloween, just not the same as others. Be sure to carve out some time to let your hair down, Virgo. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun because you’re too busy trying to keep things neat and tidy.

Sagittarius: A Low-Key Halloween Is Right Up Your Alley

As the moon travels through your third house, Oct. 31 is the perfect day to do some trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. This Halloween is the perfect time to spend in a familiar environment, Sagittarius. While this may not be your typical vibe, it’s exactly what you need. With the sun currently transiting your 12th house, you’ve been in the mood to keep a low profile, so it’s best for you to retreat into your confidential surroundings. Spend time with people you know and love, and don’t hesitate to call it an early night. Remember, you don’t always have to be the life of the party.

Pisces: An Invite-Only Party Is Exactly What You Need

As the moon travels through your 12th house of isolation and withdrawal on Oct. 31, you’ll be feeling inclined to enjoy your own company, but not without engaging in some witchy activities. As the sun in Scorpio forms a square to the moon, you’ll be feeling the desire to whip out the tarot cards or cook up a love spell behind closed doors. It’s the perfect day to spend in an intimate setting by yourself, so don’t feel guilty for passing on the parties this year. Sometimes a quiet holiday at home is exactly what the doctor ordered.