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Elite Daily Newsletter: October 21, 2022

Everything we know about Billie Eilish's new boyfriend, the best apple cider TikTok recipes, and more.

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A Modern Day Fairy Tale: Zooms, Emails, And *Checks Notes* Hamburgers

OK, we already know that Harry and Meghan have a pretty epic love story. Recently, Meghan opened up a little bit about their daily routines now that they live and work in California, and it sounds pretty normcore in the most adorable way — including frequent stops at Harry’s favorite fast food restaurant (what can I say, the man has taste!). READ MORE

This Is Billie Eilish’s Rumored Boyfriend 👀

I sure hope he isn’t a “Bad Guy” ... right? Right?! OK, bad puns aside, it looks like the singer recently went on a few PDA-heavy dates with Jesse Rutherford. He’s a fellow musician, who has also dipped his toes into acting. The most striking thing about her new boo? Well, he’s quite a bit older than her. READ MORE


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And Just Like That Really, REALLY Wants To Make Che Happen

Apparently, HBO Max seems to think that we all have a fever, and the only way to cure it is with more Che Diaz. A new casting update has revealed that Tony Danza will be playing Che’s father, which is fun. And while I know that AJLT is trying to course-correct so many of the problematic things about SATC, I don’t know if Che is the way to go about that. READ MORE

How To Know If Jealousy Is Healthy Or Controlling In A Relationship

The green-eyed monster is certainly common, but often misunderstood. Rom-coms flip-flop between portraying jealous partners as possessive and celebrating jealousy as a sign of true love. These mixed messages can make it difficult to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy expressions IRL. Here’s when the signs are pointing toward toxic behavior. READ MORE


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