Elite Daily Newsletter: October 17, 2022

Why Jennifer Coolidge's characters make the perfect group costume, your weekly horoscope, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge

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Your Weekly Horoscope Will Be Emotionally Intense As #ScorpioSZN Begins

Hope you’ve enjoyed a relatively peaceful (and flirty!) Libra season, because as this week comes to a close, we’re taking a hard left into Scorpio territory. The emotional scorpion tends to bring our need for control and security to the forefront, so you might feel like you’re on shakier more shaky ground this weekend. Read More

We Should All Dress Up As Jennifer Coolidge For Halloween This Year

Literally all of her characters have a flair for the super dramatic and over-the-top, iconic outfits — Paulette from Legally Blonde (denim perfection), Fiona from A Cinderella Story (actually kinda scary), Sherri from Best in Show (that jacket!) — truly there are no bad options. And lucky for you, we went ahead and shopped them out already. Read More

The Sweetest Photos Of Lizzo & Myke Wright, Just Because I Love Them

I don’t think Lizzo and her comedian BF, Myke Wright, could be more adorable if they tried. These lovebirds met six years ago and started out purely platonic. These days? “He’s the love of my life. We are life mates,” the “About Damn Time” singer told Vanity Fair. S’cute! Read More

Ashe Turned Loss Into Light With The Help Of Diane Keaton

You might know Ashe from her hit songs like “Moral of the Story” and the Finneas collab “Till Forever Falls Apart,” but Hollywood legend Diane Keaton knows her thanks to an Instagram video. Their resulting sad bop collab called “Love Is Letting Go” is proof that manifestation works. Read More

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