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JoJo Siwa with pink hair at the 2022 Industry Dance Awards on October 12, 2022.

JoJo Siwa's New Pink Hair Was Made With This Genius Makeup Hack

No hair dye required.

Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to colorful hairstyles, JoJo Siwa exists in a category all her own. Recently, Siwa’s taken her daring hair journey to the next level with a new pink ‘do. On Wednesday, Oct. 12, the YouTuber attended an event with her new “shortie cut” slicked back and shockingly pink. The bright color was on brand for Siwa — her aesthetic tends towards rainbows and rhinestones — but how she went about the hair transformation process was a bit more surprising. According to a TikTok video she shared, Siwa’s new pink hair was made with makeup, not hair dye, and the hack she used to pull it off was pretty genius.

Rather than using a semi-permanent or temporary dye, the 19-year-old opted to use an eyeshadow palette and BeautyBlender to change her hair color. Honestly, good for her because, while the temporary hair dye world has gotten more impressive in recent years, it’s still not a foolproof system.

As someone who dyes their hair at home, I can tell you that a good temporary dye is hard to find. They can be messy, streaky, and difficult to apply. Siwa’s approach appears to take less time and much less commitment. The only downsides of her colorful hack are that it likely only pops this brightly on very blonde hair and seems most effective in small patches. Even so, you have to admit it looks amazing.

For her temporary transformation, Siwa used pink eyeshadow from a neon bright palette, a BeautyBlender, and hairspray. First, she applied hairspray to the roots of her hair, creating a sticky base for the eyeshadow to cling to. Using a comb and working in sections, the So You Think You Can Dance judge then patted the shadow onto her roots using a BeautyBlender. Finally, to lock in both the bright pink eyeshadow and the overall style, Siwa set the look with gel. Predictably, her fans were into it.

“You need your hair pink PERMANENTLY!!!!!!” one fan wrote. “Ahhh!!! Pop off queen!!! This look is fire!!!” shared another. The exuberance of Siwa’s stan matches her persona, but the highest compliment is probably also one of the most low-key comments on her TikTok video. One impressed viewer simply wrote, “the beauty guru we didn’t know we needed.” Facts, y’all. Siwa’s out here creating all new makeup rules.

Lately, the former Dance Mom star has been changing up her hair a lot. After cutting her hair super short back in April 2022, Siwa has stayed doing the most. She’s gotten a mullet, had her girlfriend Avery Cyrus give her a pixie cut, and, of course, has never missed an opportunity to load up her hair with rhinestones. Now that she’s discovered this new eyeshadow hack, here’s to hoping that colorful roots are going to become a new mainstay in the Siwa hair wheelhouse.