Hair Me Out
Avery Cyrus and JoJo Siwa at the 'Jagged Little Pill' premiere ahead of new "short hair" cut.

JoJo Siwa’s Girlfriend Gave Her A *Super* Short Haircut On TikTok

Can Avery come cut my hair next?

Nothing gold can stay, including JoJo Siwa’s long hair. It seems like only yesterday the internet was freaking out over Siwa’s “mullet daddy” hairstyle, itself a major departure from the dancer’s signature ponytail. Now, the blonde star is changing things up again. On Friday, Sept. 23, Siwa posted a short TikTok video that began with her girlfriend, TikToker Avery Cyrus, holding out a length of the singer’s long locks and haphazardly cutting into it with a shocking amount of nonchalance. The video then cut to Siwa with immaculately styled “shortie hair,” an asymmetrical style that’s close-cropped in the back and longer in the front, ending at the singer’s eye line. The following day, Siwa uploaded a longer video with more behind-the-scenes details of her haircut and, y’all, it was a journey. Seeing Siwa’s girlfriend give her a super-short haircut on TikTok has shaved at least a year off my life.

Siwa is known for experimenting with her hair and going from long to short with zero regrets and a camera nearby to film every second of the transformation. Back in April, she debuted a pixie-ish cut with shaved sides and showed none of the regret some folks undergo after a big chop. Since the dancer brought her trademark upbeat attitude to that major hair change, watching her go short again on TikTok wasn’t stressful because the transformation was dramatic. It was stressful because of the wild energy Siwa’s new partner brought to the first half of the haircut.

This is madness. While Siwa made it a point to say that the random, uneven cut shown at the beginning of the video was just to get rid of her hair’s length, it is still jarring to see how wildly uneven Siwa’s hair became. I breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the video when Siwa revealed that Cyrus continued to cut her hair for three hours to achieve the final look: a pixie-adjacent cut with lots of volume, that proves Cyrus knows her way around a pair of scissors. Personally, I’m just as impressed with the fact that Cyrus and Siwa trust each other enough to team up for this level of hair transformation as I am with the haircut itself.

The happy couple launched their official ‘ship — via TikTok, of course — on Sept. 12 in an adorable video that currently has nearly 11 million views, but fans have speculated the pair have been an item since August. Even so, it would take more than a few months for me to allow a partner to give me a big chop. Cyrus also appears to have been keeping her styling skills under wraps. A TikTok star with 8 million followers and counting, Cyrus’ content skews more toward food reviews, discussing queer identity, and ‘fit videos.

After watching her create Siwa’s latest shortie cut, I’m hoping Cyrus serves up more hair inspo in the future. Sure, she’s great at a viral TikTok dance, but as Siwa’s haircut proves, Cyrus is also a rockstar when it comes to styling and shaping hair.