Jennifer Coolidge Halloween costumes are the perfect idea for a funny look.

We Should All Dress Up As Jennifer Coolidge For Halloween This Year

She's played many iconic roles.


Halloween is the perfect excuse to pay tribute to your all-time favorite movie and TV characters, and honestly, there’s no actor more fun to dress up as than Jennifer Coolidge. Not only has every character she’s played been hilarious, but they all also have a flair for super dramatic and over-the-top outfits that are instantly recognizable. If you and your friends are constantly quoting A Cinderella Story or bend and snapping like Paulette from Legally Blonde, then these Jennifer Coolidge character group Halloween costume ideas will be perfect for you.

Jennifer Coolidge has been a comedic legend for over two decades now, from her breakout role as Stifler’s seductive mom in 1999’s American Pie to her recent Emmy-winning turn as the spa-loving vacationer Tanya McQuoid in The White Lotus. Or, maybe you’re obsessed with her zany work in the cult-beloved Christopher Guest mockumentaries. No matter your comedic preferences, pretty much everyone has an iconic Coolidge character that they love. So now is the perfect time to jump into your group chat, fight over who gets to be which character, and prepare to take over Halloween as a flock of Jennifer Coolidges.

Here are some costume ideas to help get you started in your Halloween brainstorming sesh.

1. Tanya McQuoid in The White Lotus Costume


Tanya is def the Coolidge character that’s freshest on everyone’s mind, and her love of flowy robes will make your Halloween costume super comfy. To create the perfect Tanya McQuoid costume, throw on a bright and bold kimono, and consider placing a black scarf on your head like Tanya did when spreading her mother’s ashes.

2. Paulette in Legally Blonde Costume

MGM Studios

Elle Woods may be the star of Legally Blonde, but Paulette was really its heart. The beauty technician with the ultimate pick-up move will give any fan the perfect excuse to bend and snap all Halloween long. It’ll be extremely tricky to find an exact match for Paulette’s floral-patterned jacket, but you can definitely get away with just throwing on a cropped denim jacket over a light blue turtleneck.

3. Stifler's Mom in American Pie Costume

Universal Pictures

Coolidge’s big break came when she seduced the world as the original MILF in American Pie. To channel the raw sensuality of Stifler’s mom, all you need is a minidress and a shawl. Oh, and be sure to have a cigarette and a glass of alcohol on hand at all times (but use your best judgement on whether to actually consume those props).

4. Fiona in A Cinderella Story Costume

Warner Bros.

Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray’s romance in A Cinderella Story was definitive of the mid-aughts, but it was Coolidge who really stole the show with endlessly quotable lines as the evil step-mom, Fiona. A massive pink coat with faux fur trim is pretty much mandatory if you’re going to recreate this look. Throw on some tanning-bed goggles to really nail it.

5. Sherri in Best in Show Costume

Warner Bros.

Coolidge really let her weirdness out in the 2000 comedy about dog competitions, Best in Show. As the ditzy trophy wife Sherri, Coolidge got to wear so many wild outfits, including an iconic pink fur headpiece. Oh, and if you’re going to dress as Sherri, you can’t forget about her poodle, Rhapsody in White. Carrying a plush poodle will surely win you the blue ribbon in any costume contest.

Wishing you and your besties a very Coolidge Halloween!