'The White Lotus' is full of outfits perfect for DIY group Halloween costumes.

5 DIY White Lotus Group Halloween Costumes

Will you be a guest or a resort staff member?

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Halloween may be in the fall, but it is also the perfect opportunity to bring back those warm, sunny summer vibes for one night before it starts getting really cold. That’s all thanks to The White Lotus. HBO’s hit series took resort wear to a whole new level, and its bold fashion choices make it ideal for Halloween costume inspiration. Plus, the ensemble cast naturally lends itself to group dress-up inspiration, so grab your BFFs and give these DIY White Lotus group Halloween costumes a try.

Since most of The White Lotus characters are mega-wealthy, it won’t really be possible to exactly replicate their high-end garments. But don’t worry, because there are tons of clever ways you can swap out expensive pieces for cheap bargains while still totally embodying your fave character. Even better: The series paired up several groups of characters throughout its first season, so you can easily find a great couple costume or an idea for a bigger group of friends. If your ready to bring some Hawaiian getaway style to your Halloween parties this year, get some inspo from these White Lotus dress-up ideas.

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1. DIY Olivia & Paula White Lotus Costumes


The duo that launched a thousand memes, Olivia and Paula are perfect costume ideas for two IRL besties, and their style is pretty obtainable.

Obviously, you’re going to want to recreate Olivia and Paula’s most iconic scene, which sees them lounging poolside in tanks as they read. You might not be able to find exact matches for their cropped tops, but you can get pretty close without spending too much.

To really sell the look, you can snag yourselves the hyper-intellectual books the two college students are reading. And feel free to read up on some Nietzche or Freud if your Halloween party is getting a bit dull.

2. DIY Shane & Rachel Patton White Lotus Costumes


Rachel and Shane are far from couple goals, but they do make for a great couples Halloween costume. Rachel often wears flowy dresses and patterned caftans while trying to relax on her honeymoon. Add a pair of white-framed sunglasses to complete the look.

Shane is usually wearing brightly colored polo shirts, but he also lets loose with some palm leaf-patterned button-downs to really get into the island vibe. His signature accessory, though, is his Cornell University hat, which he proudly wears in several scenes.

3. DIY Tanya McQuoid White Lotus Costumes


Tanya doesn’t really know what she wants on The White Lotus, but she sure knows what clothes she likes. The wayward vacationer is almost always comfy in patterned silk robes.

Her most iconic scene, though, is when she attempts to scatter her mom’s ashes off the side of a boat. For the somber boat ride, Tanya wears a sheer black scarf on her head. To fully replicate the look, try to find a small wooden box that looks like the one Tanya carries her mother’s ashes in.

4. DIY Mossbacher Family White Lotus Costumes


If you want to dress up with a bigger friend group, the Mossbacher family is the perfect choice. Olivia’s style is always a daring combo of cutesy and sultry, like the blue cutout dress she wore when realizing her and Paula’s drugs had gone missing. The actual dress is now sold out, but it’s not too hard to find lookalikes.

Unlike her daughter, Nicole is in the business of relaxing while on her trip. She sports her fair share of caftans throughout the getaway, but the striped jumpsuit she wears when she arrives on the island perfectly encapsulates her girlboss-trying-to-be-chill vibe.

Mark probably has the most nondescript sense of style of anyone on The White Lotus. He mostly just wears plaid shirts and khakis.

Like his father, Quinn also has a very casual, laid-back sense of style. He mainly wears T-shirts and shorts, but for much of the show he’s also in his wetsuit, since he agreed to learn how to snorkel while on the trip. The best way to portray Quinn is to lean into his snorkeling training and rock a wetsuit with a mask and snorkel.

5. DIY Armond, Belinda, & Resort Employees White Lotus Costumes

The guests aren’t the only important characters on The White Lotus. The resort’s staff members also play a huge role in the story, and despite their uniforms, they each have a unique sense of style.


Of course, Armond stands out the most. The White Lotus’ manager is always rocking a brightly colored suit jacket with a bold, patterned shirt. Look for the loudest colors and patterns you can if you’re going to dress up as Armond.

On the contrary, Belinda mainly wears her black spa uniform throughout the series, which should be easy enough to replicate with your own black clothing. To make it clear you’re dressing as Belinda, though, try to include some of her signature accessories, like her chunky multicolored necklace or the white flower she nearly always wears in her hair.

And let’s not forget about Lani! The pregnant employee may have only been in the first episode, but she certainly left an impact. She’s seen in her pink polo shirt with a palm-leaf pattern. You can get a similar shirt from the athletic attire site Be Ultimate.

Complete the all of these White Lotus employee looks by ordering your own custom metal name tag with your character’s name on it.

Since there are so many White Lotus characters and looks to choose from, these ideas are just a springboard to help you start narrowing down how you’re going to bring the show to life on Halloween. So start shopping, because this Halloween is going to be a trip.

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