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Elite Daily Newsletter: October 12, 2022

Chris Pine is a bonafide silver fox now, Elon Musk is launching a perfume, and more.

Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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Alex Cooper Isn't Sorry For Her Old Messy Dating Advice

More than 3 million people tune into each episode of Call Her Daddy, which makes Alex Cooper the top female podcaster in the world. Obviously, with great power comes great responsibility. READ MORE

BREAKING: Chris Pine Even Hotter Than Before

Listen, we all know the power of a good haircut (or a bad one, for that matter). Enter Chris Pine, who just shaved off his long "hippie dad" hair and is now a grade-A, 100% certified silver fox. It's really important that we all take a moment and really let this soak in. READ MORE


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Elon Musk Has A New Perfume And This Is What It Smells Like

If I were a bajillionaire tycoon and I wanted to launch a fragrance and I had a last name that is literally one of the most popular scent profiles, then I would make my perfume smell like that. But alas, Elon Musk went a different route with his debut fragrance, Burnt Hair. READ MORE

This Is How To Style Your Hair In Humidity, According To Experts

There's actually a lot of nuance surrounding how and why different hair types require different styling products. Whether you’re looking to rock your natural curls (à la Donna in Mamma Mia) or seal in straightened hair, styling your hair how you want during humid weather is possible, you just have to know a few basics. READ MORE


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