Lizzo told 'Vanity Fair' her real feelings about Zodiacs, specifically her thoughts on Aries men.

Lizzo Just Dragged Aries Men

“Ew. No shade. Ewww.”

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It’s simple: If Lizzo’s on a cover of a magazine, I’m reading it. On Oct. 11, the star graced the cover of Vanity Fair’s November 2022 issue and talked about everything from her current Special Tour to going public with boyfriend Myke Wright. Alongside her punk-esque cover shoot, Lizzo appeared on the publication’s Lie Detector Test YouTube series and shared her thoughts about the Aries astrological sign. Specifically, she did not hold back on her thoughts about Aries men. Sorry in advance to any Aries men reading this.

Around the video’s 9:50-minute mark, voice-over host Efrat Kashai asks Lizzo if she’s considered that her zodiac sign — Taurus — “might not be your actual zodiac sign?”

“I really love being a Taurus. I think I could get down with being a Libra,” she said, also noting that she wouldn’t mind being labeled as a Pisces.

Kashai then had Lizzo consider what it’d be like to be an Aries. Lizzo squinted and shook her head in disapproval at the thought. “B*tch, no. I’m not a f*cking Aries. I’m not a f*cking Aries. I’m not an Aries,” she responded, the disbelief in her voice clear as day.

The singer continued on, noting that Aries isn’t her “least favorite sign,” but it’s the sign she’d least likely she’d want to be. Then, in playful disgust, she said: “Ew. No shade. Ew. I don’t like Aries men.”

She didn’t stop there.

Well, sorry to those men.

Elsewhere in the video, Lizzo spoke about her relatable attachment to TikTok, the moment she made Anna Wintour laugh at a previous Met Gala, and the possibility of achieving EGOT status. IYDK, the superstar took home her first Emmy Award at the 2022 ceremony for her Amazon Prime series, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. She’s also a three-time Grammy winner, meaning she just needs an Oscar and a Tony to complete her EGOT.

“You can’t spell EGOT without ego, and I try to keep my ego out of my career and purpose,” she said in the video. “Would I say that when I started doing music, was my goal ‘I want to get an EGOT?’ No. But now that I see it’s even possible with the Emmy nominations, then yeah.”

As for how she would celebrate achieving the rare distinction, she’ll definitely let her work speak for itself. “Probably would just go straight back to work,” she said with lighthearted laughter, poking fun at her response. “This b*tch has a problem, it’s true.”

Well, it seems more likely that Lizzo gets her EGOT before she comes around to liking Aries men. Sometimes the truth, well, it hurts.

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