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Elite Daily Newsletter: July 6, 2022

Adele does Megan Thee Stallion choreo at her concert, Colourpop's latest lipstick launch is fit for a Disney Princess, and more.

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The 4 Zodiac Signs That Are The Biggest Bookworms

Now, before any feelings get hurt, remember that this is a very subjective list. But there are certain qualities that make one a bookworm, and these 4 signs just really, really love curling up with a good book. Or even a mediocre book, honestly it’s more about the ritual anyway. Did your sign make the cut? My moon sign did, #humblebrag. READ MORE

Meet Elite Daily’s Beauty Court: These 10 Influencers Are Breaking Beauty Boundaries

It’s my immense pleasure to introduce you to Elite Daily’s Beauty Court, a collective of artists who are challenging the tired and outdated definitions of beauty through artistry, advocacy, and self-expression. From digital platforms to mainstream beauty campaigns, they’re the ones spearheading the charge to redefine an industry that desperately needs a makeover. READ MORE


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A Trine Is One Of The Breeziest Aspects In Astrology — Here’s Why

OK listen up: here at the Elite Daily newsletter we are not satisfied with surface-level astrology coverage. Yes obvi we will still give you the goods via your weekly horoscope, but it’s time to dive into aspects. I’m coming on this journey with you as I expand my own astro knowledge. A trine is usually considered a good thing, so let’s see why. READ MORE

This Colourpop Disney Princess Lipstick Collection Is EVERYTHING

A dream is indeed a wish your heart makes, and my inner child has been completely healed by this new lipstick collection. Colourpop has updated their 2018 Disney Princess collection and it’s dropping on July 7. That means my new favorite princess (Rapunzel) can hang out with my OG favorite (Ariel) and live happily ever after in my makeup bag. READ MORE


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