Adele did Megan Thee Stallion's TikTok dance at her Hyde Park concert.

I'm Obsessed With Adele Doing *That* Megan Thee Stallion Choreo At Her Concert

Now we just need a collab.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is not a drill — Adele is officially a Megan Thee Stallion stan! On July 2, the British songstress showed her love for everyone’s Hot Girl Coach and proved she knows a thing or two about TikTok memes when Adele did Megan Thee Stallion’s TikTok dance at her Hyde Park concert, and now I seriously need the two Hotties to collab.

IYDK, Adele performed her first concert in five years on July 2 in London’s Hyde Park for the BST Hyde Park Festival. At the show, Adele performed a mix of tunes from her latest album, 30, and beloved classics like “Someone Like You,” “Hello,” and “Rolling in the Deep.” She was accompanied by a live band on stage, and though her set didn’t include any backup dancers, she did whip out some choreo of her own that totally confirmed she’s a Hot Girl.

At the show, fans clocked Adele subtly implementing TikTok-approved choreo while performing her 2015 hit “Water Under the Bridge.” In the five-second clip, Adele belted out the song’s chorus as she stacked her hands on top of one another and raised her arms in the air. She then brought her arms back to her side, and if you look close enough, you can even see Adele give the audience a cheeky, knowing smile. The moves mirror the viral Adele x Megan Thee Stallion mashup meme from 2021, in which fans played “Water Under the Bridge” over one of Megan’s performances and the dancing surprisingly matched the song very well. From Adele’s performance, it definitely seems like she’s seen the mashup meme. Uh, is Adele is on TikTok?!

To prove the dance isn’t just a coincidence, the Twitter user edited the footage from the concert together with a clip from the OG meme, and it looks like Adele has seen the video enough to times to commit the dance to memory.

If you don’t remember the Adele x Megan Thee Stallion mashup meme, here’s a quick refresher. On Nov. 23, 2021, Twitter user @ramsthulani posed the question “How come Adele never have any backup dancers?,” and caught the attention of thousands of users, including @motivatefenty who replied to the tweet on Nov. 24 with a clip from Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 American Music Awards performance with Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge” playing underneath it. In the clip, Megan’s choreo matches up perfectly with the soaring chorus, and takes the song from an Adele power ballad to an undeniably catchy dance track.

The clip not only received hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter, but became a viral dance trend on TikTok, too.

And concertgoers weren’t the only ones to notice Adele busting out Megan’s moves; the Hot Girl Coach herself reposted the video on her IG Story with the caption, “Hot Girl Adele,” alongside a heart-eyes emoji and a crying-laughing emoji.

Megan has already expressed interest in collabing with the popstar (and her love for their viral mashup) in the past, but after seeing her response to Adele’s tribute, I need them to collab ASAP.