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How your zodiac sign will be affected by the winter solstice, Jenna Ortega's short new haircut, and more.

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How The Winter Solstice Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

If you are ready for shorter nights and longer days, well, we’re nearly there: The winter solstice is on Dec. 21 (at 4:48 p.m. ET specifically, for all my Virgo friends). It’s a time for self-reflection on all things big and small, like say, if you should copy Khloé’s latest haircut and get bangs. Or if you should try and get tickets to see your favorite musicians live next year. Or if you should abide by this timeless message. (The answer to all of these is YES.) Here’s how your sign will cope with all this cosmic energy shifting into high gear. READ MORE

Jenna Ortega Chopped Off Her Iconic Wednesday Addams Hair

The major chop marked a sudden farewell to the actor’s long locks, but it may have been a long time coming. After the cut was revealed, fans dug up one of Ortega’s tweets from 2017 in which she was contemplating cutting her hair short. It seems it took five whole years for her to finally go through with it. READ MORE


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