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Jenna Ortega's short haircut on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' after 'Wednesday' success.

Jenna Ortega Chopped Off Her Wednesday Hair For A Punky, Shorter ’Do

Wednesday? Is that you?

Wednesday Addams is done with the braids... or, at least, Jenna Ortega is. The actor has been known for her long, dark hair all her career; she’s rocked her iconic look from her Disney beginnings all the way through her recent gothy makeover in Wednesday. So fans were shocked when she suddenly debuted a drastic new ’do on Dec. 16. Jenna Ortega showed off her new short haircut on Instagram, and its a bold new look that Wednesday would never dream of.

Ortega unveiled her new style in a Dec. 16 Instagram post. The major chop marked a sudden farewell to the actor’s usually long locks, but it may have been a long time coming. After the cut was revealed, fans dug up one of Ortega’s tweets from 2017 in which she was contemplating cutting her hair short. It seems it took five whole years for her to finally go through with it.

Length isn’t the only big change to Ortega’s hair. The new ’do is also notably lighter in color than the pitch-black hair she’s been rocking while promoting Wednesday. The style shows off Ortega’s auburn hair color, with reddish highlights that give off a rebellious punk vibe. The shaggy bangs add to the rock-and-roll edge, harkening back to the look of iconic rockers like Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and more recently, Miley Cyrus.

Ortega’s new look made its television debut shortly after that IG post. The actor appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 16, and the dark red highlights popped even more on camera.

During her appearance, Ortega explained how she went about choreographing the dance Wednesday performs in the middle of the Wednesday series. The quirky routine has since gone viral as the latest TikTok craze, so much so that it’s rocketed Lady Gaga’s 2011 deep cut “Bloody Mary” back onto the music charts. Wednesday’s signature makeup has also become a social media favorite, but it looks like Ortega is ready to lean into a completely new look. And this is the perfect time for her to experiment, since Netflix still hasn’t announced if Wednesday will return for Season 2 yet.