Miley Cyrus Got A Pixie Mullet Haircut From Her Mom While In Quarantine

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic/Getty Images

I think it's safe to say most people love their moms more than anything in the world. But the idea of giving your mom a pair of scissors and letting her run wild as she cuts your hair, personally, gives me hives. It seems that's not the case for most people and their moms, because Miley Cyrus' new pixie mullet haircut is her mom's creation. Leave it to Tish Cyrus to have given birth to five superstar children and be good at haircuts.

On Tuesday, May 19, the 27-year-old posted a selfie to her Instagram Story featuring her bright blonde hair chopped up from her usual longer mullet to a much shorter, spikier version: a pixie mullet. Since no one can exactly make it into their trusted hairstylist's chair at the moment, Miley and Tish were left to their own devices to create this look — but not without some virtual help from Miley's usual hairstylist Sally Hershberger, who coached the duo on how to achieve this style via FaceTime. "I love working with Tish," Hershberger said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. "She has a really good eye for detail. I was glad she was there to help Miley with this cut.”

Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Hershberger said Miley had originally sent over some visual ~inspo~ for a cut she wanted... but things took a different course, as they do. "This pixie mullet is completely different than the original inspiration photo," said Hershberger. "That’s why I love working with Miley — she’s a creative. We work really well together to bring visions to life.”

After already making waves by resurrecting a longer mullet hairstyle, Miley is the perfect subject to rock the pixie mullet. Fingers crossed a wild color transformation is next in the cards for her.