Jenna Ortega revealed she choreographed her own dancing in 'Wednesday.'

Jenna Ortega Explained Why *That* Dance Scene Made Her "Insecure"

She actually crushed it though.


You probably wouldn’t guess that sullen, detached outcast Wednesday Addams could cut up a dance floor, but you’d be completely wrong. Halfway through Netflix’s spooky spinoff Wednesday, Jenna Ortega’s character stole the spotlight at Nevermore Academy’s Rave’N dance with a bizarre but entrancing routine. The moves weren’t just a hit within the show’s universe, but among so many fans as well, and everyone on TikTok has Ortega to thank for the latest trend, because Ortega revealed she actually choreographed her own Wednesday dance scene.

Ortega revealed how involved she was in bringing Wednesday’s idiosyncratic dance to life in a reaction video for Netflix. “I actually felt really insecure about this,” Ortega admitted. “I choreographed that myself and I think it’s very obvious that I’m not a dancer or choreographer.” But her co-stars (and millions of fans) would beg to differ with that statement. The kooky dance has taken over TikTok, and diehard Addams Family fans have praised the routine for seamlessly incorporating fun Easter eggs among the moves. Most notably, Wednesday’s Latin-inspired arm flourishes are an homage to her dance-loving father Gomez, and she even incorporates Wednesday’s iconic watusi dance from the 1960s Addams Family sitcom.

Ortega shared her list of inspirations in creating the dance on Twitter, citing punk rocker Siouxsie Sioux, choreo legend Bob Fosse, and old videos of goths dancing in ‘80s clubs as being core to the creation of the routine.

The “Goo Goo Muck” dance isn’t just fun to watch; it was also a pretty important moment in Wednesday’s story. Wednesday finally letting loose at the Rave’N was one of the first times she let herself be charmed by Nevermore, the place she would finally accept as a home by the Season 1 finale. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to reveal whether Wednesday will return for a second semester, but given all the love fans have shown for the altogether ooky dark comedy, it certainly feels like a Season 2 announcement is on the horizon.

Until that comes, fans can pass the time by dancing their hearts out just like Wednesday.

Wednesday is streaming on Netflix.