Best No-Show Bras

The 9 Best No-Show Bras, According To Thousands Of Amazon Shoppers

Clever solutions for plunging necklines, backless dresses, tissue-thin T-shirts, and more.

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When your outfit dips or drapes, undetectable breast support is hard to come by. The best no-show bras remain invisible underneath clothing — but you first need to ask yourself, “What will I be wearing?” Keep in mind that not all bras will work for all outfits or for all wearers. When shopping for a specialized bra that will work, keep your existing wardrobe and how much support you’d like in mind while you browse.

What To Look For In A No-Show Bra

In order for a bra to stay up and actually provide support, it’ll need to make secure contact with some part of your body. Typically, the more coverage a bra has, the more supportive it’ll be. In short, figure out where you can have some straps or bands.

When you’re dealing with especially thin or sheer fabric, a great T-shirt bra should offer support without visibility. If your outfit doesn’t have sleeves or straps, a bandeau-style strapless might be the way to go. And if the neckline is especially wide or plunging, consider a balconette, demi, or a deep-U bra. There are also convertible bras or bras with especially low bands for open-back outfits. Finally, when all else fails, an adhesive bra will offer a bit of support without peeking out behind clothes that are strapless, low, or totally backless.

Unfortunately, no-show bras don’t always have the highest reviews, since you’re often sacrificing some support and comfort in lieu of invisibility. However, I’ve set out to find the best options available. All of the picks below have at least a few hundred five-star ratings and some promising reviewer comments to back them up.

1. The Best T-Shirt Bra

Let’s start with the basics: Maybe, instead of a tricky neckline, you’re dealing with sheer fabric or thin T-shirts or a V-neck. In that case, the Warner’s underwire T-shirt bra is “worth every penny,” according to reviewers. It supports with full-coverage underwire cups, but is still “comfortable enough to sleep in” thanks to a wire that’s cushioned in pillowy satin. It also has front-adjustable straps and a stay-put band, but the real selling point here? Its silky fabric and smooth cups won’t show underneath thin materials.

One reviewer wrote: “This is my favorite bra. [...] It is basically invisible under clothing which is what I was looking for because I hate when underwire and the tops of cups show under my T-shirts. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a full-coverage bra!”

Available sizes: 32D — 40D | Color options: 13

2. The Best Bra For Plunging Necklines

For deep-plunge necklines, there’s this low-cut bra. It’s a standard fit in most other aspects, including a hook-and-eye band and adjustable straps, so you won’t have to worry about it staying put throughout the night. Still, its U-shaped wire cups offer support and ensure that the bra remains hidden under low dresses and tops.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought three deep plunge bras and this was the winner. It doesn’t cut into my skin or smoosh my small boobs into a pancake. It has the perfect amount of support and pairs well with my new dress.”

Available sizes: 32C — 40C | Color options: 2

3. The Best Bra For Scoop Necks

This half-cup balconette bra is ideal for wide or scoop necklines. Its straps are set far apart and its demi cups only cover half of the breast, so even when your tops dip low, you won’t see them. Finally, while the underwire adds support, the cups are non-molded and wrap you in a stretchy mesh fabric that lays flat, so the bra is comfortable and adaptive to boot.

One reviewer wrote: “My new favorite bra. [...] It has great lines, making it versatile for low necklines. At this price I ordered all 4. Sexy.”

Available sizes: 32B — 38DD | Color options: 7

4. The Best Strapless Bra

Wacoal is known for its carefully considered designs that offer style, support, and comfort all at the same time. The Wacoal Red Carpet strapless is no exception. More than 6,000 reviewers have given it an overall 4.3-star rating and have called it “a feat of engineering,” “pretty darn magical,” and the “BEST strapless bra.” In short, its lightly padded underwire cups stay put with side boning and rubber binding, even if you have larger breasts. It also comes with attachable straps so you can convert the bra depending on your needs.

One reviewer wrote: “This thing is a feat of engineering. Or maybe it's magic? I'm not sure what kind of wizardry is used but I am a 38D post-breastfeeding mama. [...] This thing straps them in and is just as secure without the straps as it is with. It. Does. Not. Move.”

Available sizes: 30D — 44G | Color options: 5

5. The Most Supportive Strapless

Typically, the wider the band, the more support you’ll get — which can be a lifesaver when bigger busts and strapless bras are combined. This PARFAIT longline bra skips the straps, but has an extra-long band, side boning, silicone strips, underwire, and structured cups, all of which keep it in place. Just be sure to check the US sizing chart, since this one is sold in UK sizes.

One reviewer wrote: “I was in desperate need of a strapless bra. I’m a 40DDD/G I’m 230lbs and it’s a struggle to find a regular bra let alone strapless. [...] my prayers were answered not only fit but looks great on stays in place and is kinda sexy.”

Available sizes: 32B — 44FF | Color options: 4

6. The Best Convertible Bra

A great convertible bra will maximize your outfit options as much as possible. This one has deep, U-shaped push-up cups for plunging necklines, plus its straps can be removed and rearranged to suit a wide selection of different tops, including halters. Finally, the band comes with an extender, which you can wrap around your torso, pulling it down to accommodate especially low backs. All in all, you’ll be able to wear it six different ways — just be sure to size up for comfort.

One reviewer wrote: “Wow, this is a really great bra! [...] The band is a little snug, but it comes with an extender and that really helps with this issue. The versatileness is a huge plus, you can use it for a lot of different shirts/dresses.”

Available sizes: 32A — 42D | Color options: 9

7. A Wireless Option With Clear Straps

When you don’t want to deal with pads, push-ups, slipping bands, or sticky adhesives, there’s the Capezio seamless bra. It’s a favorite with dancers and gymnasts because of its stretchy, comfortable, moisture-wicking material — but it still remains (almost) invisible underneath clothing thanks to its included clear straps and transparent back band.

One reviewer wrote: “Exactly what I wanted. I wear a 34 C and I got a Large and it fits perfectly. It's very hard to tell you're wearing a bra at all, it's so comfortable.”

Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Color options: 2

8. The Best Adhesive Bra

Adhesive bras are notoriously tricky, but this strapless sticky bra has racked up more than 20,000 reviews and a best-selling status on Amazon. This uses a reliable adhesive on the inside, silky, V-shaped cups on the outside, and a secure clip in between. The result? A bra that works with almost any outfit (plunging, backless, and strapless included) and offers a surprising amount of support, even for larger cup sizes.

One reviewer wrote: “Wore with a strapless dress. I can't believe how much better this looked and felt compared to a strapless bra. I'm a D cup for reference. Adhesive works like a wonder. Can't wait to wear with a backless dress.”

Available sizes: A — G | Color options: 9

9. The Best Nipple Covers

There are three reasons why Nippies are the best nipple covers on the market: First, they’re made from comfortable, seamless silicone that provides just enough coverage. Second, the reusable adhesive will stay on all day despite heat, sweating, and humidity. Finally, they come in two sizes and five skin tones to accommodate a wide range of wearers.

One reviewer wrote: “Very comfortable, great coverage, you will forget you're wearing them! Perfect for summer, or when you're tired of dealing [with] straps, C cup, and no issues. They feel very freeing and work [with] all clothing [because] they're invisible.”

Available sizes: Small, Large | Color options: 6

Also Great: Boob Tape

If none of these solutions create the coverage and support you need, create your own custom bra with boob tape. More than 5,000 reviewers have awarded this best-selling roll an overall rating of 4.4 stars. It’s medical grade, made from a combination of cotton and spandex, and actually holds all day long. It also comes with nipple covers to protect your sensitive areas. (Just be warned that, according to reviewers, it’s a bit difficult to get off.)

One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely LOVE this boob tape! I’m a size 36F and wearing bras in general is a nightmare. I never thought boob tape would actually work for me cause nothing else ever has. I’m getting married in less than a week and I needed to find something that would contain my boobs because my dress cups didn’t do hardly anything but I can’t wear a bra because of the back of my dress. This stuff works PERFECTLY!”

Available sizes: 2-inch, 3-inch | Color options: 2