Maria Cassano


Maria Cassano is an associate commerce editor at BDG, where she writes and edits product-related content for Bustle, Elite Daily, The Zoe Report, and Mic. Prior to this role, she was a staff writer at Bustle, as well as a freelance writer and editor. Her work has been featured in over 15 publications, including Allure, Thought Catalog, Remedy Review, CENE Magazine, and Lonny. She's also the author of the new adult novelette, "The Five Days of Christmas." While she specializes in commerce and affiliate writing, she also has prior experience in travel journalism, interior decorating, food writing, novel editing, and alternative health. Maria has a BA in English from SUNY New Paltz, and also studied writing at Ursinus College, where she became a certified writing tutor and placed in UC's Creative Writing Award. Since writing is her passion, the lines between work and play are often blurred — but when she's not on the clock, Maria can be found traveling, playing guitar, gaming, baking, and planning her next home renovation project.

It's Onesie Season, Y'all — And These Are The Coziest Ones You Can Buy On Amazon

By Maria Cassano
I tell people that I own three adult onesies because it's the official uniform when you work from home — but I'd own them even if I didn't. The best adult onesies for women are, in my opinion, a severely undervalued category of loungewear. Yes,…