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The Most Romantic Day In December Will Be Long Before New Year’s Eve

You can thank one very special retrograde.

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New Year’s Eve is known for two things: 1. being one of the biggest party nights of the year, and 2. also being one of the most romantic nights of the year. The latter is mainly due to that age old tradition of kissing at midnight, ringing in Day 1 of 365 with someone you truly care about. While that might still hold true on Dec. 31 this year, December 19, 2021 will actually be the most romantic day of the month for every zodiac sign.

Though Capricorn season tends to be a goal-oriented, productive time as people rush to do their holiday shopping and perfect their New Year’s resolutions, this time around, we’re getting a Venus retrograde on Dec. 19, asking that every sign reconsider many of their relationships before 2022 arrives. While retrogrades tend to be a time of confusion and uncertainty, Venus rx will enhance every sign’s desire to prioritize harmony and connection, however difficult it may be to achieve.

Think back to May/June 2020: What was going on in your personal relationships back then? If things were very hectic in your love life, that makes sense because that was the last time Venus was retrograde (in Gemini). As the time comes for Venus to retrace its steps again, this time, it’ll be moving through the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, adding a sense of productivity to how you seek to connect with others. The relationships you’re currently involved in will be put to the test. Do they have what it takes to stand the test of time? While some signs may see this energy show up in a romantic sense, relationships of all kinds will be affected. Here’s where you can expect this energy to show up in your chart, based on your zodiac sign:

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As the initiating sign of the zodiac, your professional life is one of your top priorities. As Venus stations retrograde in your 10th house on Dec. 19, you’ll be prompted to reevaluate your relationship with your work. During Capricorn season in particular, you may be working a bit too much, so this may be the perfect time to take a step back from your responsibilities and do some inner reflection. Do you have someone in your field you can rely on to ease the workload? If not, now may be the time to consider the ways you can maintain a sense of balance in your career in order to keep your stress levels down. You have the connections, you just have to put them to good use.


Since Venus is the planet that rules your chart, you’ll be feeling this retrograde a bit more than others. The good thing is, your chart ruler will be retrograding through a fellow earth sign, so the energy won’t feel too uncomfortable, especially since it’ll be unfolding in your ninth house of travel and belief systems. This is a time to reevaluate your relationship with your spirituality. How do you connect to what you believe in? You may feel inclined to take a trip during this holiday season. Just be sure to double check your reservations, as retrogrades can sometimes cause traveling issues.


As Venus stations retrograde in your eighth house of shared resources and personal boundaries on Dec. 19, you’ll be asked to reconsider the ways you’ve possibly compromised your own personal needs for the sake of someone else. This retrograde is a great time to reflect on the partnership you’ve been involved in, to see if this is a person who can effectively respect your boundaries as you head into 2022. While there may be a bit of trouble in paradise for the time being, Venus stationing direct on Jan. 29 will likely provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.


This tends to be a season when a lot of your relationships begin, and Venus stationing retrograde on Dec. 19 will be doubling down on this as it retraces its steps through your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. The relationship that you’re involved in during this time may hit a period of introspection now, but ultimately this will strengthen your dynamic in the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard from an old flame or two either, so the current relationship you’re in may really be put to the test. If things are truly meant to be though, you’ll make it through the holidays with your partner remaining by your side. Just be sure to communicate as effectively as possible during this time, so the two of you remain on the same page.

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On Dec. 19, Venus will be stationing retrograde in your sixth house of routines and habits, asking that you reevaluate your relationship with your daily obligations. You tend to take this area of your life pretty seriously, but it’s important that you invite opportunities for connection in this area. Whether it be a friend or a partner, asking for help when you’re overwhelmed is key. While you may be less inclined to ask for a helping hand, Capricorn season is likely when you could really use the assistance.


As the analytical, detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, Venus stationing retrograde in your fifth house of romance and pleasure is asking that you reflect on the different ways you let your hair down. If you’re in the beginning stages of a new relationship, Dec. 19 will be a time where you’re likely reflecting on this dynamic quite a bit. It’ll be important for you not to overthink your relationship during this time, especially since this retrograde is taking place in a fellow earth sign. Allow yourself to have fun, without getting too serious. Enjoy the holidays and getting to know your new flame, and when the retrograde commences on Jan. 29, you’ll know whether you’ll want to proceed.


Since you’re a Venus-ruled sign, this retrograde will be affecting you quite a bit, specifically in the area of home and family, as Venus stations retrograde in your fourth house on Dec. 19. While home and family matters may be a difficult area for you to work your magic, this Venus retrograde will prompt you to revamp the ways you seek connection with your loved ones, just in time for the holidays. While there may be some difficulties to overcome, you’ll be glad you slowed down enough to take the time to prioritize your relatives once Venus stations direct on Jan. 29.


As the ruler of your seventh house of relationships, this Venus retrograde will likely be throwing some curveballs your way as she moves through your third house of communication starting on Dec. 19. This is a time where discussions with your partner will be crucial in order to stay on the same page, even if the conversations aren’t exactly present. Since you tend to keep your cards close to your chest, this will be a testy time, but the bumps your relationship may encounter now will teach you a lot about your partner, as well as yourself.

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As the free-spirited fire sign of the zodiac, Venus retrograde in Capricorn is a very different energy than what you’re usually comfortable with, but it’s incredibly necessary. As Venus stations retrograde on Dec. 19 in your second house of finances, you’ll be called to reevaluate your personal relationship with your resources. Venus moving through the second house can definitely bring benefits pertaining to finances, but during the retrograde you’ll be prompted to organize your affairs before the blessings rain down.


Since Venus will be stationing retrograde in your first house of self, you’ll be feeling this energy the most out of all the signs. As the productive, goal-oriented sign of the zodiac, relationships are something that often come second (or even third) to your ambitions, but on Dec. 19, you’ll start to notice your attention shift to your intimate dynamics. Now is the time to confront any feelings you’ve been neglecting, or a potential relationship that’s been eagerly seeking some direction. While now may not be the time to make any definitive decisions, it is a good time to reflect on what you really want in your relationships with others. Success is great, but your achievements won’t hold you at night. Now is the time to prioritize connection.


As Venus retrogrades through your 12th house of isolation and mental wellness, you’ll be prompted to reevaluate how you take care of yourself internally. Since Capricorn is a goal-oriented earth sign, this may be a time where you’re setting an objective for yourself pertaining to your own mental strength, but it’s important to remember that catching up on rest is more than enough. You don’t have to do anything to prioritize your mental health, simply relaxing is enough.


On Dec. 19, Venus will be stationing retrograde in your 11th house of friends, prompting you to reevaluate the platonic relationships that you’re involved in. As a water sign, it’s important for you to have solid, reliable friends, and this retrograde will reveal who you can or can’t trust. Don’t worry though, because once Jan. 29 comes along, you’ll know who you can really rely on.

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