Here's How Venus Retrograde Will Mess With Your Finances


If you're a fan of astrology, nothing makes you feel like you've lost your mojo quite like a retrograde. After all, this is when the planet (or planets) you love and rely on for support slip backward on their usual trajectory through the zodiac. Suddenly, everything having to do with what that planet represents stalls, stagnates, and stumbles. It's enough to throw you for a cosmic loop. Get a load of how Venus retrograde 2020 will affect your finances because it's a doozy. If you were looking for more reasons to hate the upcoming swarm of retrogrades slated to take place during May, look no further than the connection between Venus and your bank account.

You probably only think Venus has to do with your love life. After all, what comes to mind when you think of Venus, goddess of romance? You tend to think of relationships and love, right? Considering this planet stations retrograde very soon, it's important to paint a full picture of what to expect, and unfortunately, this retrograde won't just make you question whether love is real or based on nothing but a bunch of hormones. It'll also bring up money-related issues as well.

However, retrogrades tend to get a bad rap in astrology and it's time to set the retrograde straight. Although a retrograde tends to cause confusion and slow things down, they also provide you with an opportunity for reflection, review, and recalibration. It's a chance to set aside your desire to push things forward and simply take some time to work through longstanding issues.

Since Venus rules over both your relationships and money, you should expect issues in these areas of life to arise, surfacing so you can finally deal with them. However, if you're wondering how Venus has anything to do with money, keep scrolling:

Venus Retrograde In Gemini Begins May 13 And Ends June 25

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Nobody has a perfect relationship with money, and during Venus retrograde, that's made more than apparent. Expect these imperfections to arise during this transit. However, Venus doesn't just rule over money in the literal sense. It rules over your self-worth and how material things influence it. For example, you might have a habit of overspending when you're feeling down, and during Venus retrograde, that habit will come back to bite you. Adversely, you might be so frugal and afraid of wasting money that you never treat yourself to a well-deserved splurge, and you'll feel the negative effects of this fear during Venus retrograde.

To give you an even more specific picture of how Venus retrograde will affect your finances, it's important to consider how this retrograde takes place in open-minded, adaptable, and clever Gemini. Venus in Gemini is a transit that values fast cash, freelance gigs, snagging great deals, and modes of profit that require little commitment. You could find yourself reconsidering your income in these terms. Perhaps you might find yourself rethinking your stable 9-to-5 job and questioning whether a little more flexibility would make your life easier. You might also think of genius ways to limit the amount of time you work by working smarter. However, this could encourage you to wait until the last minute to get your work done or to turn sketchy tricks to make a quick buck, so be careful.

It's also important to remember not to make any permanent decisions during Venus retrograde. Now's the time to brainstorm and rethink the way you're currently treating money and income in your life. It's not the time to quit your job and start freelancing, especially if this is an idea you've been entertaining only recently. Wait until Venus retrograde is over and you've really thought it through before implementing any of the brilliant ideas you come up with.