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Brace Yourself, Because 3 Planets Will Retrograde In May

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Does the word "retrograde" send chills down your spine? Well, if you're a believer in astrology, I bet it does. With all those nasty rumors about Mercury retrograde and how it causes all hell to break loose, I'm sure you have a very negative attitude towards the term by now. But do you actually know what a retrograde is all about? And I mean actually know? Because the truth is, there's nothing inherently negative about it and in astrology, there are so many retrogrades that take place besides Mercury retrograde. In fact, if you're wondering how many planets retrograde May 2020, you might be surprised to find that of the three, none of them involve Mercury. Now before you allow yourself to feel flooded with relief, that doesn't necessarily mean you're off the hook. Strap yourselves in, because May 2020 is going to be quite a bumpy ride.

When a planet goes through "apparent retrograde motion," it's rolling backward in its astrological orbit, reconnecting with degrees it literally just passed over. Not only does this have the tendency to bring up issues from the past (after all, the planet does appear to be moving backwards), it also turns this planet's energy inward instead of outward. This indicates a time of reflection, review, and even rest rather than going out of your way to make things happen.

A planet that's retrograde will simply function somewhat differently that it normally does. Outer planets such as Saturn and Pluto spend nearly half of the time in retrograde anyway. So retrogrades really aren't that big of a deal; you can let go of that breath you've been anxiously holding in now.

But here's what you do need to know about the retrogrades taking place this month:


Saturn Retrograde: May 11 To September 29

Since Saturn is a slow-moving outer planet, you probably won't feel Saturn retrograde at first. The effects of it will creep up on you over time as you recognize the impact it has had on you. Saturn is the planet of karma, limitations, restrictions, and maturity. When retrograde, this planet encourages you to take stock of yourself, your efforts, and the consequences of your decisions. While Saturn takes a break from punishing you and supporting you as it normally does, this transit is a good time to rethink your priorities and the direction you're moving in as you grow into the person you'd like to become.

Venus Retrograde: May 13 To June 25

Of all the retrogrades taking place this May, this is the one you should redirect your worries toward. After all, Venus is the planet of love, friendship, and money. Because it spends less time retrograde than any other planet, you'll probably notice it very quickly. This retrograde has the tendency to bring up issues related to the way you function in relationships, communicate your needs, share your love, and treat your wealth.


If your relationship or finances are strained during this time, that's only because Venus is highlighting the issues requiring your focus, giving you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. I wouldn't make any permanent financial or relationship decisions just yet if I were you. Venus retrograde has the tendency to make everything feel a bit more dramatic and the right decisions will come to you once this retrograde is over.

Jupiter Retrograde: May 14 To September 12

Like Saturn, Jupiter is also an outer planet that spends a significant chunk of its time in retrograde. Being the planet of philosophy, spontaneity, spiritual growth, and learning, this retrograde is a great time to go back to the drawing board and work on yourself. It's also an ideal time to return to studies you may have taken a break from or to reevaluate your personal values. Even though Jupiter retrograde tends to slow things down (because Jupiter tends to be an indulgent and rambunctious planet), it's a beautiful transit allowing you to realign your spirit and let your intuition do the talking.

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