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Here's How Venus Retrograde Is Going To Affect All Of Your Relationships

by Valerie Mesa

Similar to all 12 zodiac archetypes, each of the planets play a significant role in your human experience. Although each planet's expression tends to shift when retrograde, its mythology and essence remains the same. If you're wondering what Venus retrograde in May 2020 means for your love life, know that it'll more than likely revolve around Venusian themes such as relationships, finances, values, and pleasure.

Stability-seeking and a glimmering morning star, Venus really is the planet of sugar, spice, and everything nice. It sounds a bit cliché but there's no better way to describe the goddess of love's undeniable charm. From an astrological standpoint, Venus governs everything from your self-confidence and sense of security to your money-making abilities and general value system. Venus is the array of unique charms you possess and your one-of-a-kind seduction style; it's a sweet hybrid between your routine bubble bath and your most expensive pair of shoes. During Venus retrograde, use this time to find out what pleasure means to you. What brings you the most comfort? This is where Venus' innate desire for abundance and expertise in all things superficial suddenly goes deeper, which means so will you.

As complex as this may sound, the abundance you receive during this retrograde all depends on how open you are to receiving it. Whether it be financially or romantically, everything will always boil down to your sense of security and self worth. If you don't love yourself, why would anyone else? If you don't know your worth, how do you expect to be compensated for your efforts? Venus may be sweet, but it sure means business.

When Venus Is In Gemini...

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Venus will always be Venus even when traveling through the curious sign of Gemini. Its pleasure-seeking personality, however, will shift accordingly and in the case of Mercury-ruled Gemini, Venus will suddenly find pleasure in mentally stimulating connections and variety. Fickle and incredibly versatile, Venus in Gemini sees the value in light-hearted conversation and eclectic connections. In the mutable sign of the mischievous twins, the planet of love prefers to indulge in a texting marathon full of gossip rather than an intense conversation. Leave the smoldering life-or-death relationships to Venus in Scorpio, and let Venus in Gemini do the talking.

The word I use to describe the essence of Venus in Gemini is "effervescent." There's never a dull moment or conversation when the goddess of pleasure is traveling through intellectually driven Gemini, and the very same is reflected in your relationships. Whether you're partaking in a riveting game of mental tennis or using your sparkling wit to catch a lover's attention, the element air — which is a symbol of the mind — automatically becomes the foundation of your one-on-one connections. Gemini is resourceful and multifaceted, which gives Venus the opportunity to experience pleasure in a number of ways. This will, in turn, reflect onto your love life and general value system.

How Can Venus Retrograde 2020 Affect Your Love Life?

On May 13, the planet of love will begin its retrograde journey through Gemini, where it'll remain until it goes direct on June 25. Retrograde cycles are notorious for revisiting the past, so don't be surprised if you suddenly run into a friend or ex-lover during this time. But instead of focusing on the toxicity of this possible reunion, use it as an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and perhaps find the closure you've been seeking.

Gemini is a brilliant communicator, so don't be afraid to use your words. Venus also governs the money in your bank account and your pocket, which means this retrograde could inspire you to reorganize your finances, too. Whether it be a joint or individual investment, Venus retrograde in Gemini wants to show you the value in communicating with an open mind.

Given that the planet of love also has everything to do with desire and pleasure, those of you who are already coupled up could mutually decide to spice things up in your relationship, or perhaps revisit issues that have been swept under the rug. You shouldn't start a new relationship or invest in something brand new while Venus is retrograde. I wouldn't get a drastic makeover during this time, either. Retrograde cycles are for revisiting and reflecting, and Venus governs all things financial, romantic, and beautiful. Let those areas be your focus.