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These 3 Signs Will Have A *Very* Holly Jolly Christmas

It might be cold, but they’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside.

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What’s not to love about Christmas? The aura from twinkling lights, the sound of gifts being unwrapped, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” blasting in every store you enter, and Sabrina Carpenter’s “A Nonsense Christmas” taking up your Spotify pretty much make up the vibe until the new year. There’s something incredibly magical about this time of year, and it has a lot to do with everyone coming together for fellowship and to enjoy each other’s company. With the holiday coming at the start of Capricorn season, everyone’s to-do list is jam-packed with last-minute goals before the year ends, but three zodiac signs will have the best Christmas 2022. Nothing but holiday cheer on their minds.

On Dec. 25, the sun and moon will both be traveling through Saturn-ruled signs. The sun will continue through the cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn, while the moon will be traveling through the fixed, air sign of Aquarius. Since Saturn is the planet all about structure, discipline, and limitations, this year’s Christmas festivities are bound to feel pretty somber for many, but three signs are bound to be in good spirits regardless. Here’s what’s in store for Taurus, Capricorn, and Aquarius:

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Taurus: You’ll Receive Plenty Of Recognition

On Dec. 25, the moon will move through your 10th house of career and public image, bringing acknowledgement and attention to your public persona. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, or spreading Christmas cheer on social media, all eyes are bound to be on you on this day. However, as someone who’s more interested in bringing awareness to your humanitarian pursuits, now is the perfect time to direct the attention you’re receiving to issues that really matter. Whether you choose to offer support to those in need or promote a non-profit on your IG stories, you’ll definitely be inclined to use your platform for good.

Capricorn: Your Personal Goals Will Be A Top Priority

It’s your season, Capricorn, which means that you’ve got more on your plate than usual. On Dec. 25, the sun will continue through your first house of personal identity, making it an ideal time to get clear on personal goals and where to focus your efforts. While Christmas is the perfect time for you to get your priorities straight, just make sure you’re not neglecting to enjoy this holiday with your friends and family for the sake of productivity. You can still enjoy a relaxing holiday with your loved ones before you get back to your booked and busy agenda.

Aquarius: All You Want For Christmas Is Self-Care

On Christmas Day, the moon will continue through your sign, emphasizing your desire for alone time. As someone who enjoys your own company, you tend to be pretty selective when it comes to being social, and this year, you may find you ultimately prefer spending the holiday on your own. As the moon travels through your first house, you’ll be encouraged to put your own needs first, regardless of what others may be asking from you. While your idea of a perfect holiday may seem unorthodox to many, what matters is that you feel fulfilled, even if that means leaving the Christmas party early to go do your own thing. It’s OK to prioritize your needs, Aquarius — even during the holidays.