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Every Zodiac Sign Will Learn *So Much* About Friendship During 2022

Because a true friend always has your back.

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Times are tough (and that’s putting it lightly). At this point, you might even be turning to astrology for some answers. After all, 2020 was pure chaos, 2021 was filled with ups and downs, and all you can do now is wait and see what happens in 2022. The astrology you’ve been dealing with reflects how challenging the past few years have been. Not only have these challenges put you through the wringer, but they’ve also put a lot of strain on your friendships and social life. It’s a difficult time to make new friends and maintaining the friendships you already have is even harder. Luckily, you have every reason to keep your chin up, because your 2022 yearly friendship horoscope looks promising.

This upcoming year is paving the way for so much platonic love. 2022 begins with Jupiter — planet of expansion and adventure — moving through Pisces, its home zodiac sign, until May 10 (and again from Oct. 28 to Dec. 20). This ongoing Jupiter in Pisces transit will infuse your relationships with so much compassion and creativity, helping you set aside your ego and embrace universal love. When Jupiter joins forces with mystical and empathetic Neptune on April 12, you could experience a beautiful moment of clarity that deepens your understanding of love and friendship. Make no mistake — the social connections you make in 2022 could have a profound impact on your spiritual journey.

However, without healthy boundaries, any relationship can eventually become toxic. The astrology of 2022 will also show you that, without a strong sense of self, it’s difficult to nurture truly fulfilling relationships. Before you take care of others, make sure your own needs are being met, because friendship should be based on true compatibility, not dependency. On Jan. 28, the North Node will enter stable, grounded, and practical Taurus, encouraging you to become more adept at providing for yourself instead of relying on others for validation. When the North Node joins forces with innovative and rebellious Uranus on April 12, it could force you to reclaim your independence and define who you are as an individual, outside of your relationships. Being your true self takes guts, but it’s the only way you’ll find the people who love you for you *really* are.

Here’s what 2022 has in store for your friendships, according to your zodiac sign:



This year, you’re rebuilding your sense of self. You’re letting go of the emotional burdens you’ve been carrying and learning how to forgive. You’re paving the way for self-love and a deeper connection with your soul. This year, you’re meeting friends who shine a light on your heart and respect your will to be yourself. You’re also letting go of the friendships that disrespect your boundaries and holding you back.


Although you may find yourself letting go of some friendships this year, you’re gaining even more in the process. You’re also tearing down so many obstructions that have been inhibiting your ability to widen your social circle. At the end of it all, you might notice that the friendships you said goodbye too were the friendships that made you question who you truly are. This year, you’re discovering who has a place in your future (and who doesn’t).


You’re making so much headway in your career as your ambitions align with your spiritual path throughout the year. As you embark on this next phase of your professional journey, you’re meeting people who will support you and help you discover what you’ll accomplish next. Some of these connections may begin with an interest in what you’re both passionate about. Some will become incredibly beneficial friendships that aid you in your success.


This year, you may find yourself embarking down new paths and discovering things for the first time. The experiences you have will dig deep into your soul, especially because of all the friends you’ll make along the way; friends that will show you a whole new perspective. However, instead of keeping your friendships separate, you may find yourself becoming open to nurturing a harmonious group dynamic that sets itself apart from so many others.

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This year, you’re learning that quality is often so much more meaningful than quantity. Instead of having many superficial friendships, you might prefer to have a few you know inside-out and trust completely. This shift in your priorities could reveal who you truly have a soul-connection with, a process that could lead to friendships fizzling out. This year, you’re becoming more focused on building yourself up, not wasting time on people who don’t matter.


The friendships you make this year have the potential to be the most beautiful friendships you’ve ever had. And the experiences you have with your friends, especially when you’re spending one-on-one time with them, have the power to expand your horizon. This year, you’re taking risks and opening your heart in a way you never have before. You may even be experimenting with a new attitude toward friendship (or maybe even human connection altogether).


This year, you’re learning what you need to do for yourself before you can truly build the friendships that you’re dreaming of. You’re reconnecting with your daily routines and the simple, every day rituals that bring out your best self. With your level of dedication and commitment at a high this year, you’re more focused on your *best* friend; on the one person you would choose over everyone else. In fact, 2022 could even be the year you make a new best friend.


Throughout 2022, you’ll feel so inspired to be playful and activate your creativity. If you give in to these instincts, you have the power to make so many friends you can have fun with; people who make you laugh, expand your inner artist, and enchant your imagination. This year, you’re learning how to cooperate and establish harmony in your friendships. And the greatest friendships will be the ones that inspire you to meet them in the middle.

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This year, you may not make a too many new friendships or meet anyone significant. But that’s only because you’re realizing that the people you truly want to spend time with are the people you’ve always known; the people you might even consider family. This year is about reconnecting with the friends who know you to your core and the friends you’ve known the longest. It may even encourage you to befriend estranged family members for the first time.


You’re taking a step out of your comfort zone and learning how to introduce yourself this year. If you make socializing more of a priority, conversations you’ll have and the friendships you’ll make could heal you and entertain you at the same time. But first, you need to be willing to be honest, vulnerable, and maybe even controversial. If you’re speaking from a playbook instead of the heart, how do you expect people to truly understand you?


This year, you’re letting generosity lead the way. You’re learning that sometimes, giving love can be a much more gratifying thing to focus on than receiving it. And as you become more willing to give, it becomes even more special when you *do* receive. Instead of worrying so much about not being taken advantage of, try giving someone the benefit of the doubt. If you take time to become your idea of an awesome friend, you’re also showing others how to be that friend in return.


Instead of searching for friendship, this year is about searching for yourself. And don’t worry, because you won’t have to look far when your identity is revealing itself all on its own. Instead of hoping that others will tell you who you are, let the facts speak for themselves. When you’re being who you *really* are instead of who you think you should be, you’re attracting the people who love your energy; the people who actually want to be your friends.

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