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What You Look For In A Bestie, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Loyalty? Intelligence? A partner in crime? That's for the cosmos to decide.

The relationship you have with your best friend never stops being special. They’re the person you can goof around with, confide in, and share your interests with. They always have your back and are willing to laugh at your terrible jokes, defend you when you’ve been wronged, and support your wins, no matter how big or small. There are no hidden agendas when it comes to your best friend; they love you and want the best for you. No two friendships ever look the same, and that’s what makes this kind of relationship so unique. There’s a reason you and your best friend were drawn to each other in the first place, and what you look for in a BFF, based on your zodiac sign, might totally explain what that reason is.

Astrology is an incredible way to understand who you are and what you crave in all of your relationships. Every placement in your birth chart signifies a different aspect of your personality, your instincts, and your heart. You might only be familiar with your sun sign, which symbolizes your overall character and sense of self, but that's not the only part of your chart that's important. Your moon sign describes who you are on the inside and how you process your emotions; your Venus sign illuminates the way you give and receive love; your Mercury sign reflects your style of communication; your Mars sign even denotes the way you react to conflict; and, of course, your rising sign helps you understand who you are on the surface and how you navigate the world.

All of these placements in your chart come together to encapsulate the brilliant universe that exists within you. Each of them has something to say about how you understand the concept of friendship. To give you a better idea of what qualities you're looking for in a person, here are the qualities of each zodiac sign's ideal best friend.

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Aries: You Want A BFF Who's Your Partner In Crime

You live life to the fullest and you approach everything with fierce enthusiasm and a level of courage that’s simply unmatched. You want a daredevil of a best friend; someone who's willing to join you in your adrenaline-pumping escapades. You want someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously; someone who knows how to have fun.

Taurus: You Want A BFF Who Values Loyalty Above All

You're one of the most dependable signs in all the zodiac. When you make a promise, you keep it, so you expect the same level of loyalty from your best friend. You want to know your BFF totally respects you, has your back, and is always honest with you. Plus, they remember the little things and always give the best gifts.

Gemini: You Want A BFF Who's As Intelligent As You Are

Since you're one of the chattiest and most intelligent signs in the zodiac, you crave a friendship that's intellectually stimulating. If you can't talk to your BFF about a wide variety of topics, you'll probably find the relationship boring after a while. You want to know you can talk to your bestie about anything, without judgment.›

Cancer: You Want A BFF Who Makes You Feel Safe

You're sentimental AF. You're literally ruled by the moon, making you incredibly empathetic and sensitive. You want a best friend who goes out of their way to make you feel protected. You want them to make you feel like you belong. Your BFF isn't superficial or selfish; they keep you steady and feel like home. And everyone knows how much you love being at home.


Leo: You Want A BFF Who Thinks The World Of You

You're a bright, colorful, and creative person who has a flair for dramatics. You want a best friend who cherishes your light and always encourages you to shine as brightly as you possibly can. You're always ready to hype someone up and you never have a shortage of compliments to give your BFF. All you want is that same exact love and devotion in return.

Virgo: You Want A BFF Who Prioritizes Your Friendship

You're a selfless, straightforward, and practical person. You'd be so happy with a best friend who simply wants to spend time together doing the things you both love. You don't need frills; you just want a friend who genuinely wants to be your friend. You want a BFF who's always willing to work on your relationship and show up for you as much as you show up for them.

Libra: You Want A BFF Who Knows The Real You

You're the zodiac sign of harmony and balance, making you someone who has a natural understanding of the ins and outs of friendship. In fact, you probably have way more BFFs than the average person. You know how to get along with just about anyone, so all you want from a best friend is someone who sees and appreciates you for who you really are, underneath all your charm.

Scorpio: You Want A BFF Who's As Deep As You Are

You're a deep, passionate, and highly committed person. When you decide someone is your best friend, you know you’d take a bullet for them. You want someone who's your ride-or-die; someone who shares their secrets with you so you can trust and share yours with them in return. You would also love it if your BFF shared your interest in all things taboo or macabre.

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Sagittarius: You Want A BFF Who's Wild And Uninhibited

You're an adventurer and a truth-seeker. You live life in a spontaneous and free-spirited fashion that allows you to go with the flow. You want a best friend who's willing to run wild alongside you. Your ideal BFF is someone who would accompany you on a last-minute getaway to a far-off destination without an ounce of concern about the logistics.

Capricorn: You Want A BFF Who Takes Your Friendship Seriously

You're someone who's ready to climb any mountain that stands in your way. That's why you want a best friend who's always amping you up and encouraging you to stick to your goals, no matter how hard they become. You also want someone reliable; someone who wants to accomplish their goals alongside you and someone who treats your friendship like a goal in and of itself.

Aquarius: You Want A BFF Who's Just As Weird As You Are

You're a humanitarian and a leader. Your best friend is someone who loves humanity as much as you do and shares your vision for a better reality. You're also willing to be strange and alternative, making you someone who doesn't care what everyone thinks. You want a BFF who lets their freak flag fly the way you do; someone who's their complete and authentic self.

Pisces: You Want A BFF Who Sees The Beauty In Life

You're a daydreamer and a natural artist; someone who feels things deeply and sees things in a beautiful way. Your BFF is someone who could lounge around with you and appreciate the awesomeness of the present moment with you. You love love and you want a best friend who's willing to express their love to you. They always leave your heart feeling full.