How To Figure Out What House Your Moon Sign Is For More Clues About Your Emotional World

We all have our own private world, a place where our emotions form, inevitably fueling the actions that we take. It's the undercurrent flowing beneath what everyone else sees. In astrology, this world is ruled by the moon, and in your birth chart, the moon explains everything about your hidden personality. However, knowing your moon sign is merely the tip of the iceberg. Astrology is endless and you can analyze your birth chart forever and still find fresh meaning. If you're looking to understand your emotional life on a deeper level, then you need the answer to a very important question: What house is your moon sign in? If you're not sure, take a look at your birth chart to find out.

The 12 houses in astrology reveal a whole new level of meaning, giving you a way more accurate picture of who you are. It expresses the way a planet reveals itself in your birth chart, dressing itself through the energy of its respective zodiac sign. And, since the moon is overwhelmingly influential to the way you express emotion, experience your instincts, and disappear from reality, the house that the moon radiates through describes where your greatest sensitivities lie. While the moon is the water that nourishes your heart, its house is the area of your life that your heart fills the most.

Moon In The First House Of The Self

When you're feeling emotional, everyone knows it. You've never been skilled at hiding your true feelings, leading you to avoid sensitive situations and abstain from emotional commitments. Because you're so in tune with your heart, you're also incredibly intuitive about the feelings of others.

Moon In The Second House Of Value And Finance

Your emotions are irrevocably tied to your possessions and your financial stability. Spending is a form of catharsis, yet feeling broke is your greatest fear. You have an emotional dependence on luxury and comfort. Love is felt through physical touch. You need security in your emotional attachments.

Moon In The Third House Of Communication

You are intensely observant, making you an intuitive collector of facts and details. You're emotionally dependent on declarations of love and you need an open channel of communication in order to feel understood. A poet at heart, you have the ability to express your emotions through beautiful words.

Moon In The Fourth House Of Home And Family

Your heart needs to feel rooted somewhere in order for you to be happy. Aimlessly wandering often leads you to despair, making the home your soul's sanctuary. You have trouble letting go of the past and you're often nostalgic for childhood. Without true intimacy, you don't always feel safe enough to open up.

Moon In The Fifth House Of Fun And Creativity

You reveal your emotions in a theatrical, dramatic way. Always searching for pleasure and ecstasy throughout life, boredom and meaninglessness causes you difficulty. You gravitate towards performance art, acting, or anything that gets you on stage. You have a fierce need to share your emotions with others.

Moon In The Sixth House Of Health And Work

When your life is chaotic or disorganized, your emotions run rampant. Your health is dramatically impacted by your mood and you have an emotional need for structure and routine. You go out of your way to be emotionally useful to others and you receive joy from being a genuinely hard worker.

Moon In The Seventh House Of Partnerships

You fall deeply in love with people and your emotional life thrives when you're fully bonded with someone. You overextend yourself caring about others and your happiness depends on the reciprocation of that care. With your dependability and sensitivity, people are lucky if you've chosen them to commit to.

Moon In The Eighth House Of Sex And Rebirth

Pushing the limit is your emotional drive. You're always willing to turn a rock over and see what darkness has been hiding underneath it. Sexuality is central to your emotional expression and you're passionate about understanding someone's secrets. Close loved ones find you intimidating at times.

Moon In The Ninth House Of Expansion And Philosophy

You absorb higher levels of philosophy wherever you go and your emotional perspective is always fascinating to others. Always seeking something else, you may have trouble being happy in the present moment. Learning new things and gaining new experiences is central to your emotional health.

Moon In The 10th House Of Career And Reputation

Your emotions are deeply intertwined with your level of popularity and achievement. All throughout your life, you've daydreamed of being a success story, and you hope your outward image reflects this glory. Finding the right career and fulfilling your fullest potential is something you worry about.

Moon In The 11th House Of Friends

Emotionally relying on a sense of "belonging" somewhere, so much of your heart is occupied with concern over where you fit into a group of people. Being rejected or left out by others is your biggest insecurity. Yet, you have the capacity to tie everyone together and help total strangers become friends.

Moon In The 12th House Of Spirituality

You're a daydreamer at heart and a fierce believer in magic. You believe that life is so much more than rules and facts. You have a tendency to withdraw from reality and society makes you weary. You're a special, mysterious personality whom everyone is fascinated by, yet so few truly know.