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What Your Best Friend Loves Most About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When I'm feeling down in the dumps, the only person who can truly make me feel better is my best friend. They know just what to say to have me busting up in laughter. Their Scorpio intensity picks up on all my wounds and goes after whoever caused them in the first place. There's never anything too personal, too shameful for me to tell them. They see the beauty in the nuances of my personality, but they're not afraid to call me out when I'm being a pain in the butt either. Because of them, I've grown in ways I never expected to. I'm less afraid to take risks because I know they'll be there to catch me. Understanding what your best friend loves most about you, based on your zodiac sign, can perk you up on even your most insecure days. Believe me, they know you way better than you do.

There's something lovable and irreplaceably awesome about each sign. I'd go as far as to say that a group of 12 friends — each member a representation of every sign in the zodiac — would be the most powerful clique of all time. There's something unique that every sign offers in their friendship, something that cannot be easily replicated by any other. Here's why your best friend chose you as their one and only:

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Aries: Courage

Your best friend adores how you're always up for anything, no matter how wild it might be. No mountain is too high for you climb, no issue is too complex for you to solve, and for you, anything is possible. When your best friend is with you, they feel invincible.

Taurus: Loyalty

Your best friend knows you have their back no matter what. Period. They know you're the last person to talk behind their back and the first person to defend their name when you're not in the room. Your sense of loyalty is rare and your best friend cherishes it.

Gemini: Enthusiasm

Your best friend can count on you to make any situation interesting, even if it's waiting in line at the DMV or sitting in stop-and-go traffic. You always have the funniest, most fascinating things to say and you make even the most boring moments fun. Your spirit is contagious to all your friends.

Cancer: Devotion

Your best friend thinks of you as their safe place. They know that no matter what, you'll be there to make them feel loved, protected, and cared for. Your hugs can make even the worst pain go away and the way you talk them through their problems is so appreciated.

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Leo: Generosity

Your best friend basks in your hospitality. They know that with you, nothing could really go wrong. You make everyone feel at home, attend to everyone's needs, and make sure they're having fun. This makes you the greatest wingmate of all time and an even better party host.

Virgo: Dependability

Your best friend goes to you if they need help with something important. They know you'll drop what you're doing and help them in whatever way you can. In your opinion, letting your friends down is a serious failure, one that you seldom make. Your best friend deeply respects you for this.

Libra: Diplomacy

You have a strict set of morals when it comes to friendship and your best friend loves this about you. You're the last person to betray your friends and you value their love above all things. You're often the peacekeeper in your clique and your ethical code keeps the bond strong.

Scorpio: Passion

Your best friend relies on you for how much you care. You always put your whole heart and soul into something and make it happen. If your friend is hurt, you'll go above and beyond to make the pain go away. If they have a dream, you'll support their dream until they realize it.

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Sagittarius: Spontaneity

Your best friend knows that if you're involved, it's bound to be an unforgettable adventure. You'll take one idea and then morph it into something better and even more exhilarating. Simply spending time with you is enough of a plan for your best friend.

Capricorn: Determination

Your best friend knows that if they tell you their dream, you'll motivate them every day to make that dream a reality. They'll provide you with opportunities, organizational tactics, goal-setting techniques, and the works. You're a coach they rely on to conquer their greatest challenges.

Aquarius: Individuality

Your best friend admires you for your unique, individualistic flare. It's because of you that they're brave enough to embrace their truest self, to reveal their dreams that they usually keep secret. When society makes your best friend feel ashamed of who they are, you keep them in check.

Pisces: Imagination

With you, your best friend feels like they can feel the wind beneath their wings. They feel freer than they've ever felt. Your creative and artistic perspective of life infuses every moment with magic and your best friend lives every moment to the fullest when they're in your presence.

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