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The One Thing You Can't Put Up With In A Friendship, According To Your Sign

The vast majority of us have had the wonderful experience of losing a friend. And by wonderful, I mean the worst pain imaginable — far worse than a breakup with a romantic partner could ever be, IMO. But sometimes, life just doesn't work out the way you want it to and the one thing you can't put up with in a friendship, according to your zodiac sign, might explain exactly why your friendship fell apart.

While we don't always think romance is built to last, we all expect our friends to be in our lives forever, without question. You split heart necklaces, with one of you wearing "best" and the other "friends." You imagine them as part of your bridal party, holding bouquets of flowers while you say your vows to a mystery partner. You have a vision of you two laughing about the good ol' days while you knit sweaters for your grandkids in rocking chairs. It's truly as shocking as a knife to the heart when a friend doesn't turn out to be who you thought they were. You might spend years dissecting what went wrong, wondering if you'll ever reconcile and pick up where you left off. Sadly, due to certain incompatibilities, some people are meant to remain in the past.

Read on to find out what your sign considers a strict friendship no-no:

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You need a partner in crime, Aries, someone who's down for anything, no matter how wild it might be. If your friend is scared of their own shadow, afraid to step out of their comfort zone and experience a bit of uncertainty, you'll likely feel inhibited by the friendship.


You value stability and loyalty in your friendships, Taurus. You absolutely cannot continue a friendship with someone who's a flake, constantly breaking plans with you for something better or running off when you need them most.


You require a good amount of intellectual stimulation from your friends, Gemini. If conversing with them is a bore, if they say or do things you find banal or even downright stupid, you'll feel frustrated with the friendship and you won't look forward to spending time with them.


It'll stress you out if your friend constantly wants to go out and rage all night, Cancer. You're a homebody at heart. You need a friend who can calm down and do something chill with you. You also require that they're affectionate. Cold and unfeeling just doesn't do it for you.


You like surrounding yourself with people who fan your flames, Leo. If they don't appreciate you or understand how awesome you are, the friendship will make you feel constrained or even downright insecure. You need friends who think the world of you, who push you to become the superstar you already are.


You need someone who takes your friendship really seriously, Virgo. You don't have time for any trifling fair-weather friends you can't rely on. If they think they can casually reappear into your life only when they need something, they can expect to be shown the door.


You value exuberance, wit, and all-around charming qualities in your friends, Libra. If you can't take them anywhere without them making a fool of themselves or being rude to other people, you'll feel like they're cramping your style by association.


If you ever catch your friends talking sh*t behind your back, even if it's just a joke at your expense, you'll cut ties and never look back. You are deeply sensitive and unwaveringly loyal. If your friends can't provide you with the same care, you won't waste any time on them.


You want to embrace the bright side of life, Sagittarius, and man, if your friend is always a downer, you'll want to avoid them at all costs. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade cocktails. If your friend just wants to sit there and obsess over the lemons, what's the point of hanging out?


You're ambitious, hard-working, and you've always got your eye on a goal. If your friend is lazy or stagnant about life, you won't want to spent time with them. You are who you hang out with, Capricorn, and you want to surround yourself with go-getters.


You let your freak flag fly, Aquarius. It's what makes you you. You want friends who are edgy, who aren't afraid to go against the grain. If your friend just wants to fit in with society and be basic like everyone else, you'll find their company extremely boring.


You're only concerned with what really matters at the end of the day, Pisces. You see magic, beauty, and love all around you, no matter how weird life gets. If your friend is materialistic and cares too much about silly things like becoming rich and famous, their company won't uplift you.