The 1 Relationship Deal Breaker Each Zodiac Sign Could Never Ignore

by Rosey Baker

I'm sure we've all broken up with someone for some petty reason like the way they chew their food, or the way they sing to themselves while they do chores. The truth is, each zodiac sign has one major relationship deal breaker, and while it might not seem like a big deal for you, it could be what stands between long-lasting happiness and a six-month "thing." The fact is, these major deal breakers are based on each zodiac sign's idea of what is appropriate in a relationship, and they can manifest in petty ways.

For instance, a Scorpio's desire to merge completely with their partner could lead to them walking out on you for a refusal to share your headphones. It might not be a big deal to you, but it's about "the principle" for them. If you won't share your headphones, how are you supposed to share the deed to your house?

All these dealbreakers are listed below, layed out plain and simple, to be used as a guide for those of you struggling to understand just what it is that keeps you from being able to commit to someone for what seems like petty reasons. In order to understand what gets in the way of long-term commitment, you have to be able to understand yourself.

Aries- Aversion To Conflict

Aries is ruled by Mars, meaning they love a good argument. They're fueled by a need to fight, and as long as they can argue constructively, this can lead to significant growth in a relationship. Having a partner who can't face conflict is an absolute "no" for this sign.

Taurus- Unpredictability

Taurus is a sign that thrives on the familiar. They like for things to be situated a certain way, for their home life and their love life to be equally predictable. Having a partner who isn't reliable is something that shakes them to their core, so if you like surprises, get out of their life.

Gemini- Lack Of Communication

Obviously, lack of communication will kill any relationship, but if you're like a water sign, who expects your feelings to be intuited by your partner, Gemini will see that as a huge red flag. You need to make your feelings known, the same way they do. They won't understand a sign that needs solitude, not when they have 567,800 thoughts, gifs, texts, and emails to share every day.

Cancer- Telling Them You Don't Want A Family

Telling a Cancer you don't see yourself having a future family of your own, or telling them that family isn't important to you will absolutely eliminate any chance of your relationship lasting forever. Cancers are ruled by the fourth house of home and family, making family a part of their purpose in this lifetime. They won't settle for less, at least not for long.

Leo- Being Critical

Leo needs to be the sun, moon and stars to their partner. They consider themselves to be royalty, and they want to feel like your entire world is better because they're in it; if it's not, they'll move on to someone who understands them for the God-given gift to humanity that they feel they are.

Virgo- Refuse To Work On Yourself

Obviously, Leo and Virgo aren't the best combination. Leo believes they're born perfect, and Virgo strives to work on themselves until they get as close to perfection as humanly possible. This requires the basic assumption that everyone is born flawed, that life is about facing those flaws, taking responsibility for them, and consistently working on self-improvement.

Libra- Lack Of Social Grace

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. They have an innate understanding of what it takes to appear socially graceful, and it's important for them to have a partner that reflects their own social likability. If you're rude to waiters, or you like to flip out on customer service representatives, they'll kick you out of their life faster than you get kicked out of restaurants.

Scorpio- Lying

Even a small white lie to a Scorpio will represent to them the greatest transgression. This is hypocritical of this sign, however, since they love to "lie by omission," leaving out information on purpose, until they believe you are trustworthy. This can take years, but if you're patient, honest, and open enough, eventually you can help them get there. If not, they will run the opposite direction.

Sagittarius- Being Predictable

One thing a Sagittarius cannot, and will never stand for, is a partner who asks them to stay the same forever. They are natural explorers, ruled by the planet Jupiter, and they need someone who will continually try to expand their horizons with them. Otherwise, they'll leave you behind. They won't slow down for anyone.

Capricorn- Immodesty

Capricorns are reserved, and because of their hypersensitivity to social status, they need someone who will help them climb the ladder to success. They need someone who they're proud to have on their arm, who will impress their friends with the amount of class they exude, someone who they feel they can build an empire with. If you're vulgar, or pride yourself on being an outcast, they'll be out of there immediately.

Aquarius- Try To Control Them

Aquarians are the water-bearers, the zodiac sign that works to help humanity. They are consistently working to improve the community they live in, and their loyalty is to their work, first and foremost. The best way to get in the way of a relationship with them is to stand between them and their all-important mission in the world.

Pisces- Ignore Their Feelings

Pisces will be honest with you for as long as it takes you to ignore their feelings. This is a sensitive sign that navigates the world through their intuition, primarily. If you discount the way they make decisions, like leaving their job on a leap of faith, they'll forget your name. They need someone to believe in them the way they believe in themselves.