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4 Signs Scott And Amelia Were Bound To Break Up

Their age gap was just the tip of the iceberg.

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In Elite Daily’s It’s Complicated series, we dissect the biggest celebrity drama to find out what happened in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and everywhere in between. In this piece, we look at the downfall of Scott Disick’s relationship with Amelia Hamlin.

Some celebrity breakups come as such a shock, they hit fans like a ton of bricks. Other times, trouble in paradise was brewing between the couple for so long, the split seemed inevitable. Still, whether a celebrity breakup is expected or not, they can be a lot to process for fans who’ve kept tabs on the relationship from day one. That’s why when news broke on Sept. 7 that Scott Disick, 38, and his much younger girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, 20, had gone their separate ways, it was a tough pill to swallow, but not exactly an unexpected one. The pair faced a number of hurdles from the start — especially given their age difference. These four signs Amelia Hamlin and Scott Disick were bound to break up have been evident for some time.

Hamlin and Disick were first romantically linked in October 2020, and their relationship took off at lightning speed. The pair immediately went from having occasional date nights at Nobu to being attached at the hip. They became well-known for taking lavish vacations together, and there was never any shortage of cute couple pics on their Instagrams. Hamlin and Disick were an imperfect couple, though, and it became increasingly apparent as time went on. For one, Disick never quite got the stamp of approval from Hamlin’s family. There was also the fact Disick seemingly was still hung up on his ex, Kourtney Kardashian, despite her having fully moved on with her new man, Travis Barker. As time went on, these incidents started stacking up, so here’s what you need to know about them.

1. Their Age Difference Was Highly-Criticized

Plenty of relationships with age gaps bloom into long-lasting love, but there was a little more to the story when it came to this couple’s age difference. The 18 years between them didn’t sit well with critics, especially since Disick already had a history of dating younger women (read: Sofia Richie). Disick has been trolled endlessly not only for pursuing younger women, but also for justifying it by saying he “looks young” himself. The online ridicule only got worse after confirming his relationship with Hamlin.

Adding to the impact of their age difference was the fact that Disick and Hamlin were in very different places in life. At 38, Disick has three kids and has become quite the family man. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Hamlin is just starting out in her modeling career.

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2. Disick Couldn’t Win Her Mom Over

If there’s one secret to a long-lasting relationship, it’s impressing the parents. For someone like Hamlin, whose family is tight-knit, forming a good relationship with mom and pops is imperative. Sadly, that didn’t happen for Disick. Hamlin’s mom, Lisa Rinna, gave her boyfriend the side-eye from the start.

Rinna never quite got used to the 18-year age difference between Hamlin and Disick, and she aired her grievances about it in a May episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “It’s a what the f*ck moment. You’re like, ‘What the f*ck?’ She’s 19. He’s 37 with three kids,” she said. Rinna later joked around about wishing her daughter had chosen someone other than Disick — preferably Harry Styles.

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3. Disick Still Had Baggage With His Ex

Disick has a lot of history with Kardashian, the biggest of which is their three kids together. In other words, they’re linked for life. While separated couples learn to co-parent all the time, throughout the course of Disick’s relationship with Hamlin, it became evident he was still hung up emotionally on Kardashian.

In April, a report from People surfaced claiming Disick was “jealous” of his ex’s new relationship, but nothing had come directly from Disick’s mouth (in fact, Disick gave the relationship his blessing during the June 20 Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion). Still, word on the street was he had a hard time accepting their new relationship. Then, three months later, it became evident the reports were true.

In a leaked Instagram DM between Disick and Kardashian’s other ex, Younes Bendjima, Disick made it very apparent how he really felt when he said he wasn’t a fan of Kardashian’s steamy PDA pics with Barker. On Aug. 30, Bendjima shared a screenshot of the reported conversation with Disick. The screenshot included a photo of Kardashian and Barker packing on the PDA in Italy. “Yo is this chick ok!????” Disick wrote to Bendjima. “Broooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy.” Soon after, Disick’s relationship with Hamlin unraveled.

4. Cryptic Quotes

Several days before confirmation of their split hit the internet, Hamlin shared several cryptic quotes online. A number of these quotes hinted at a breakup between her and her beau. Suspicious quote No. 1 actually appeared on her tank top. On Sept. 6, Hamlin took to IG to show off a shirt that featured the words, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Seeing as the image surfaced the same weekend they reportedly hit a rough patch, fans presumed Hamlin was sending Disick a message. One day later, she dropped another relationship-centric quote on social media.

"Never settle for less. Not with your job, your friends, and especially not with your heart," the quote read. "Continue to seek what you are looking for and do not shrink yourself for the sake of other people. You deserve the best." Hamlin’s posts said a lot in just a few words.


The clues piled on up and the couple hit their breaking point on Sept. 7, when it was reported they split. “Amelia was the one who ended things,” an insider told Us Weekly. The breakup reportedly was not related to Kardashian, and “was coming regardless.” (It couldn’t have helped, though, right?)

There have been no signs of the pair reconciling, but given Disick’s past with on-again, off-again relationships, it isn’t out of the question.