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Amelia Hamlin's Mom Shaded Scott Disick By Comparing Him To Harry Styles


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Lisa Rinna’s spitfire personality is what makes her so lovable on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and no one is exempt from her sass. So, when her daughter started dating a reality star 18 years her junior, it was only a matter of time before mama Rinna said something. Amelia Hamlin's mom, Lisa Rinna, just dissed Scott Disick so hard, and I’m shook.

Hamlin and Disick are still going strong after nine months together, and on one hand, Rinna seems to have accepted the relationship. But she also admitted the drastic age difference is a tough pill to swallow. In a May episode of the reality show, she spoke out about coming to terms with the fact her daughter is dating an older man.

“It’s a what the f*ck moment. You’re like, ‘What the f*ck?’ She’s 19. He’s 37 with three kids,” she said.

Now, she’s speaking out about the relationship once again. In a new episode of RHOBH, she poked some fun at the relationship. While Rinna said she can see her daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin getting married soon, she admitted she “can’t say the same for Amelia.”

“No. Like, why can’t it be Harry Styles? Why the f*ck is it Scott Disick?” she joked.

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Disick has received criticism online for his tendency to date younger women. His previous girlfriend, Sofia Richie, was also significantly younger than him by a total of 15 years. Naturally, Hamlin’s mom is less than pleased with his reputation. She also said she thinks their relationship will be short-lived.

“We’re thinking it’s a phase, right?” she said on the show. “It’s a phase, I don’t want to bring attention to it. Should I text Kris and be like, ‘Welp.’ I’ve done nothing in other words because I also don’t want to bring any attention to it.”

Despite Rinna’s comments and online scrutiny from fans, Disick and Hamlin have continued to surprise onlookers with their relationship’s longevity. While it’s doubtful they’ll be walking down the aisle anytime soon, it also doesn’t seem like they’ll be calling it quits anytime soon. After all, Harry Styles is a taken man.