Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Are Reportedly Still Together Despite His "Toxic" Behavior

by Jamie LeeLo
Romain Maurice/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is anyone else exhausted trying to keep up with the Scott Disick-Sofia Richie relationship narrative? One day they're hanging out at the beach with his children and the next they're being labeled "toxic." Recently, Disick was reportedly spotted getting up close and personal with a woman who is not Sofia at Kanye West's album listening party, causing certain outlets to claim his relationship with Richie is over. Despite the latest negative blast from the media, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are reportedly still together.

TMZ reports the woman in question is apparently "just a pal" of Disick's and Richie need not worry. According to sources, the canoodling only lasted a few minutes. Other insiders say Disick walked around the party telling folks he was single but that was "just the booze talking." (If I were Richie, I'd be really upset with that booze, then.) Elite Daily reached out to Disick and Richie's teams regarding the reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

E! News previously reported the mystery woman Disick was getting uncomfortably close to at the Ye release party, caused Richie to pull the plug on her relationship with Disick and that his drinking habits also had something to do with it. A source told the outlet:

Sofia broke up with Scott after the pictures and rumors of his behavior in Wyoming were floating around. She couldn't take it anymore. Scott has been off the rails recently and is not in a good place. He goes in waves of partying really hard and then will have his good days and it's just very toxic behavior. It's very up and down … Her dad got to her and was a major influence. He told her enough is enough and she deserves better than this. He told her to come home and she did.

Elite Daily reached out to Disick and Richie's teams about reports of Scott's "toxic" behavior, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Whether Richie actually flirted with the idea of breaking up in real life or not, it looks like they're still together, for now.

Less than a week ago media outlets were claiming Disick and Richie were happier than ever, and supposedly even Disick's ex-girlfriend and mother to his children, Kourtney Kardashian, had warmed up to her. Richie and Disick celebrated his 35th birthday with his three children — Mason, 8, Penelope, 5, and Reign, 3 — in St. Barts, and all looked well from here.

One source told People magazine Richie is committed to making things work with Disick and claimed he's "doing well" despite his recent partying behavior. The insider claimed, "Sofia has shown over and over again that she is willing to stay with Scott even when things are not great — but Scott is doing well lately." The source also said Kardashian might even look at her as a positive influence.

"It helps that Kourtney now trusts Sofia," the source says. "The kids are allowed to spend time with her. Sofia likes having them and helps Scott. So far, the kids are giving Kourtney good reports about Sofia." The insider also added,

Sofia is helping Scott be a better, healthier person. Kourtney feels confident that Scott and Sofia takes good care of the kids. Scott is a great dad when he has his life together.

If you trace Disick and Richie's relationship timeline all the way back, you'll see it started during one of Disick's infamous downward spirals. At the time, Kardashian was being photographed for the first time with her now-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, at the 2017 Cannes festival. Disick was then spotted cuddling up to an array of much younger women, including Richie.

Hopefully, Richie knows what she's signed up for when it comes to Disick. To be fair, most of his life, behavior, and relationship history has been heavily documented on television and there shouldn't be too-too many more surprises. (Famous last words.)

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