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JoJo Siwa's dating history is full of TikTok stars.
A Very Necessary Rundown Of All JoJo Siwa's Exes

Here's who inspired her dark new music.

JoJo Siwa has been very open about her love life... even when the breakup drama has become way too chaotic. Back in early 2021, the former Dance Moms star came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in an Instagram video. A year later, Siwa confirmed she identifies as gay, and quickly found herself to be the buzziest star of lesbian TikTok. Through a series of hookups, breakups, and makeups, Siwa’s romances have taken her followers on an unexpected rollercoaster ride.

The interest around Siwa’s dating history exploded in 2024, when the singer launched a complete rebrand to kickstart her adult music career. The Dance Moms breakout ditched her signature bows and kid-friendly bubblegum pop sound to embrace her darker side — complete with a ferocious glam-rock makeover and edgier new music.

Much of the new content, including her first single “Karma,” delves into the drama Siwa experienced with her exes. And yes, there is a lot of material to work with there. Because Siwa’s dating history has become more significant than ever, let’s rewind and go through everyone the pop star has been linked with throughout the years.

She Was Rumored To Be Dating MattyB In 2015

Throughout 2015, Siwa frequently appeared in singer MattyB’s music videos and vlog posts. Because of their constant collaboration, there were rumors the two showbiz-savvy 12-year-olds may have dated.

She Began Dating Mark Bontempo In 2020

Siwa’s first real public relationship launched in 2020, when she went TikTok-official with her boyfriend Mark Bontempo in August. Mark is the younger brother of YouTube influencer Madison Bontempo, and Siwa would frequently appear in her videos.

However, the relationship only lasted three months. In November, Siwa confirmed in an Instagram comment that she and Bontempo had broken up.

She Hard-Launched GF Kylie Prew In 2021
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After Siwa came out at the beginning of 2021, she also revealed she had begun dating her close friend Kylie Prew. The two gushed about one another in lovey-dovey social media posts, even revealing they’d celebrate multiple anniversaries for all their relationship milestones.

JoJo & Kylie Broke Up At The End Of 2021
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After nine months together, Siwa confirmed that she and Prew had broken up in November 2021. Siwa explained that although she and Prew were still close, they couldn’t make their relationship work due to Siwa’s hectic schedule.

She Was Linked With Katie Mills After The Breakup

Though Siwa and TikToker Katie Mills didn’t confirm they were dating in late 2021, fans couldn’t help but notice how close they had gotten. They frequently posted together and were spotted attending events arm in arm.

A couple years later, in 2023, Mills vented about the negative aspects of her relationship with Siwa, claiming that Siwa ghosted her after saying she loved her, and had been controlling about what she posted on social media.

She Dated A Mystery Person In March 2022
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A few months after the breakup, Siwa revealed she had moved on with a new significant other. However, she never revealed who this new lover was. “I am not single, and I don’t want to mingle. No, I’m a loyal lady,” Siwa said at the time, adding that she wanted to be more private with this particular romance.

JoJo & Kylie Got Back Together In May 2022
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That mystery person Siwa was talking about may have actually been Prew all along. In May 2022, Siwa confirmed she and Prew were dating again by sharing a photo of the couple kissing at Disneyland.

They Broke Up Again A Month Later
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Siwa and Prew’s second chance at love didn’t last long at all. In August, Prew admitted in a TikTok Live that she had been single for two months. The confession meant that Siwa and Prew were only together for about a month after their first breakup.

JoJo Started Dating Avery Cyrus In September 2022
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After a lot of flirty comments on social media, Siwa finally revealed she had begun dating influencer Avery Cyrus in September 2022. Cyrus had recently ended things with her girlfriend Soph Mosca at the time — she later revealed that she broke up with Mosca to be with Siwa.

JoJo & Avery Had A Messy Breakup In December 2022
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After a few months together, Siwa and Cyrus’ relationship imploded, and the fallout was all over TikTok. The exes revealed things had ended in a December 2022 TikTok of their tropical vacation together.

Things got messy shortly afterwards, as Cyrus seemed to be rekindling things with her ex Mosca, and Siwa accused Cyrus of using her “for views and for clout.” The ensuing drama is believed to be the inspiration for Siwa’s 2024 song “Karma.”

JoJo Was Spotted Looking Cozy With Savannah Demers In 2023
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Siwa seemed to bounce back fast after the Cyrus drama. At the beginning of 2023, she was spotted hanging out with TikToker Savannah Demers quite often.

Though there were rumors the two were more than friends, Demers was actually not single at the time. An anniversary post on her Instagram confirms she had been dating her girlfriend Lauren Rossi since October 2022. Demers and Rossi are still together, and it looks like Siwa is currently single.