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JoJo Siwa's song "Karma" has lyrics seemingly inspired by her relationship with Avery Cyrus.

Who's JoJo Siwa Singing About In "Karma"? Fans Think They Know

Her Reputation era has begun.

JoJo Siwa’s days of hair bows and boomerangs are over. After warning her fans that her new era is “not made for children” and would lean into “sexual themes,” Siwa embraced her inner bag-girl in her venomous pop single “Karma” on April 5. As if the glam-rock aesthetic shift wasn’t shocking enough, the breakup track’s confessional lyrics seem to take aim at one of Siwa’s recent exes. Both the song and video include some telling clues that appear to reference Siwa’s messy romance with Avery Cyrus.

Siwa and Cyrus’ brief but very eventful relationship pretty much took over a certain corner of TikTok in 2022. Their time together was fraught with cheating allegations, with Siwa even admitting she had an “unplanned hookup” with someone else around the time of their breakup at the end of the year. Shortly after the split, Cyrus seemed to rekindle things with her ex Soph Mosca as the two planned a romantic trip together.

This whole situation seems to be the clear inspiration for “Karma,” in which Siwa admits she “did some bad things” and expresses her wish that she “would’ve never effed around.” Throughout the song, Siwa sings about her regret and guilt over how she treated her ex, and takes particular aim at her ex’s new girlfriend: “Shе is a good girl, I think she's boring / Believe me, 20 minutes later, you'll be snoring / But it still kills me that you hooked up with her.”

The verse could very well be about Mosca, whom Cyrus began spending a lot of time with shortly after her breakup with Siwa.

Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty Images

Oh, and there’s one more boat-sized clue in the music video that anyone who followed the Siwa/Cyrus drama will recognize. Much of the “Karma” video takes place on a yacht — and where did Siwa and Cyrus famously announce their breakup? Yep, on a cruise ship. The exes revealed they had called it quits in a TikTok chronicling their adventure on a Royal Caribbean cruise.