JoJo Siwa's quote about Avery Cyrus is adorable.

JoJo Siwa & Her Girlfriend Celebrate Their Anniversary Every Day

That’s a lot of love.

Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus are officially girlfriend-girlfriend, and apparently, they are in the mood to celebrate (repeatedly). At the Industry Dance Awards on Oct. 12, Siwa opened up about her new romance to E!, and it sounds like things are off to a very sweet start. Warning: If your significant other has ever forgotten your anniversary, Siwa’s quote about Cyrus is gonna be hard to read.

The couple became official on Oct. 1 while on a Disney World trip with Siwa’s family... and they’ve been celebrating a daily anniversary ever since. "Right now, we are in [the] first month so we're going to do every day," Siwa said, explaining their 12-day anniversary. "It's been 12 days so we're almost at two weeks. It's great.” Ah, young love.

According to Siwa, she and Cyrus have been getting along really well. “Our personalities mash together so well, and I think that's something that is really important,” she said, before adding, “She is so positive. She makes me feel so good. I believe that I make her feel so good. She's so fun to be around.”

Plus, according to the former Nickelodeon star, all the people closest to her support their relationship. “All my family, all my friends love and respect the life out of her. She brings such a great energy to my bubble, and I'm really, really grateful,” Siwa explained to the outlet. Happy for her!

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Though the couple only became official-official on Oct. 1, they’ve been seeing each other for some time. Dating rumors started in August when Siwa and Cyrus started posting each other on TikTok. Then, on Sept. 4, they hinted things were more romantic than platonic with (you guessed it) a TikTok video. The duo acted out a Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick scene from back in the day. They lip-synced the audio, “We’re friends. Purely platonic. What’s so funny? I don’t know.” Sureee.

Well, at least the days of not-too-subtle TikToks are over. Here’s wishing Siwa and Cyrus the best — and many, many more daily anniversaries to come.