Ally Lewber of 'Vanderpump Rules' talks about her astrology career

Ally Lewber Is Trusting The Universe’s Timing

The Vanderpump Rules newcomer on Season 11, her relationship with James Kennedy, and tapping into her Capricorn sun.

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We’ve been talking for five minutes, and Ally Lewber is already analyzing my birth chart. “I see Libra rising for you, for sure,” she says over Zoom, noting the neat, muted aesthetic of my Brooklyn studio apartment in the background. She then asks for my house placements. I pull up Co-Star, an astrology app that maps your birth chart, and tell her my Cancer sun is in the 10th house. “It makes so much sense that you work in media,” she responds without skipping a beat. “The 10th house is all about career and ambition … The sun there is like, ‘Look at me. I have a message to tell the world.’"

I joke that I’m using our interview to get a personal astrology reading. “This is what I love doing,” Lewber says — and I can tell she means it. The 28-year-old Los Angeles resident, who I initially met back in our college Greek Life days in Nashville, Tennessee, has been interested in astrology for as long as she can remember. “I was always the friend reminding people when Mercury was in retrograde,” she recalls. But like a true Capricorn sun, she went a more practical route in school, studying entertainment journalism in college and taking meteorology courses during the pandemic. In her mid-20s, Lewber thought she’d “move to Nebraska and be a weatherwoman.” She was an earth sign with a plan to follow through, even if it wasn’t really her dream job.

Now I’m not forecasting the weather, I’m forecasting the future.

Then, in January 2022, something unexpected happened. Lewber met James Kennedy, the famously boisterous and quotable “No. 1 guy in the group” on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. Two years and one explosive VPR season later, a lot has changed. Lewber is in love, a rising star in the Bravosphere, and finally giving that dream astrology career a real shot, offering birth chart readings through her website and explaining planetary transits to her growing TikTok following. “Now I’m not forecasting the weather, I’m forecasting the future,” she says. “I feel like the universe was pushing me to this.”

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VPR viewers came to know Lewber as Kennedy’s soft-spoken girlfriend on Season 10, whom he started dating shortly after his breakup from co-star Raquel Leviss. She was a grounding presence in an otherwise chaotic season, which became must-watch reality TV when a cheating scandal between Leviss and Tom Sandoval created a huge fallout within the cast.

Lewber’s star moment — besides disclosing she wanted to be an astrologer — was when she called out Leviss and Sandoval’s shady behavior seemingly before anyone else caught on. She saw them out dancing late at night and mentioned it during a confessional, and fans declared her the whistleblower of Scandoval (as the situation came to be known). For a rookie “friend of” cast member, Lewber left quite an impression, and viewers are ready to see what she brings to Season 11, which started airing on Jan. 30 and runs through March.

The Bravo fandom can be hesitant to welcome new people on their favorite shows, and Lewber knows this. “I'm not a perfect fit for reality TV; it's quite wild,” she says. When she met Kennedy on a winter weekend in early 2022, the show was in a very different place than it is now — on the verge of cancellation after poor reviews for Season 9. “People love to assume that I sought out James,” she says. “I wish! I’m the shyest person ever.”

Instead, they started dating after he asked for her Instagram backstage at Sandoval’s show. Lewber, who was working small TV hosting and reception jobs at the time, had been invited to this event by an influencer friend who was asked to shoot TikToks. “I thought I'd never see him again,” she says of the first day she and Kennedy spoke. “But then he texted me the next day, and he’s texted me every day since.”

She knew of Kennedy’s reality TV past, but didn’t consider herself a hardcore fan of the show — she’d played it and other Bravo hits as background noise while living alone during the pandemic. “Don't get me wrong, I knew he was a wild child, and there were seasons where I thought he was awful,” she says.

But IRL, she felt drawn to Kennedy immediately, and she tried to trust the connection they were building. “He's a lot of fun, and a really spiritual person,” she says. “People don't see that side of him.” And their birth charts, while different, are aligned in surprising ways. They share a moon sign, Libra, which Lewber says indicates a “soul connection.” He has multiple planets in Capricorn (her sun sign) while she has multiple planets in Aquarius (his sun). “I joke that he has more Capricorn in him than I do, and I’m more Aquarius than he is, in a way.”

The sun sign is who we're becoming in this lifetime. I do feel like I'm finally tapping into that.

Looking back, “there were so many little things within our relationship that felt like a wink from the universe,” Lewber says — including the fact that she had coincidentally met Kennedy’s mom three years prior, while working on set for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “She told me that day, ‘Oh, I wish my son wasn't spoken for, because he would love you,’” Lewber recalls. “And I was like, ‘Oh, that's funny. It's OK. I have a boyfriend too.’”

In the two years they’ve been together, Kennedy has been a big influence for her to pursue her astrology career. “He is the extroverted one, the one that has that fire,” she says (he’s a Sagittarius rising). “I'm definitely more water, a little slower, and I love that balance for us. He helps me get sh*t done.” When she announced on VPR that she wanted to pursue astrology, that was “such a freeing moment,” she recalls. “OK. I said it, it's out there now.” And the show is becoming a conduit to making that happen.

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As for the astrological vibe of Season 11, Lewber points to Pluto’s recent transition into Aquarius (also the sign the sun is currently in). “The show has a really big connection with Aquarius energy right now,” she says. “This new season is going to be a new chapter.” Calling VPR “very Plutonian,” she expects to see the planet’s transformational influence at the forefront of the drama. “Pluto brings secrets to light,” she says. “It's powerful, but it's the planet of getting things to where they need to be.”

While she never expected she’d be here, Lewber is having a lot of fun. She finally feels comfortable filming (after being “so scared last year”) and is feeling more connected to her Capricorn energy and sense of power. “I always say the sun sign is who we're becoming in this lifetime,” she says. “I do feel like I'm finally tapping into that.”

But lest you think that earth energy means she’s lost her sense of whimsy, don’t worry — she’s still relating anything and everything back to the zodiac. “I'll be in the car with James and see a billboard and be like, ‘That's Pisces,’” Lewber says. “Or a tree, like, ‘That’s a very Piscean tree.’” Astrology girls, rise — she’s one of us.

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