20 Heartwarming Photos That Prove Love Didn't Die In 2016

by Jamie LeeLo
Robert Kohlhuber

You've heard it before, but it feels good to say it anyway: 2016 was a steaming pile of donkey shit left over in a sewage of hate leading to an ocean of despair that rotted away at society on an environmental, personal and political level and has left us all praying for the end.

Phew. Feels good, doesn't it?

In some of the most challenging parts of this past year, it has been extremely difficult — NAY, almost impossible! — to find the silver lining.

Fortunately, social media exists to make it slightly easier to see some glimmers of love and hope flickering in the dark cloud of our news feed chaos.

Here are some of the best photos and videos taken in the last 365 days that prove love didn't die, necessarily, in 2016.

1. This little boy's affection for dinosaurs taught us to love again.

2. This Subway art gave great relationship advice.

3. This insane parade of dancing mascots made us feel all the things.

4. These beautiful Post-it notes blasted messages of love, encouragement and equality.

5. Twitter loved baby panda bears more than it loved its own family members.

6. Lin-Manuel Miranda doing "Drunk History" proved to us all that our hearts are still beating.

7. This girl was a beautiful Snapchat filter IRL.

8. This girl face swapped with her friend's boob and showed us laughter is still the best medicine.

9. Obama and Biden continued to demonstrate that anything is possible with your best friend by your side.


10. This man saved a kitten on the highway in Russia and made you "AWWW" yourself to death.

11. This kid taught us how to brush off the haters and love yourself.

12. Snapchat brought these two college students together at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

13. These amazing strangers paid a visit to a new mom after she texted the wrong number.

14. These kids attempting the Mannequin Challenge showed us that all we really can do is our best.

15. The Museum of Ice Cream brought out the inner child in all of us.

16. Our favorite childhood show reminded us we haven't died just yet.

17. This dog met his favorite play toy IRL and made us all cry happy tears.

18. SNL introduced us to our new favorite comedy character, David Pumpkins.

19. No one, and I mean NO ONE, found love the way Bill Clinton did with balloons this year.

20. And finally, we all got the opportunity to call our OG boo, Rob Kardashian.

Thanks for (almost) nothing 2016. Don't let the crippling anxiety, deep rooted panic and impending depression hit you on the way out.