News — People Cope With Election By Posting Love Notes To America

Looking for a good way to relieve some of the pent up stress you've built up following US presidential election results?

Head over to New York City, and spend some time in one particular subway station.

I'm not kidding. If you head over to the Union Square station in Manhattan, you'll encounter a wall of post-its, which serve as love notes addressed to the United States of America.

On these post-its, citizens are getting things off of their chests now that Donald Trump is president-elect of the country.

According to BuzzFeed, more than 1,500 notes were placed on a subway station wall. The notes express everything from frustration, anger, sadness, and fear to optimism, love and emotional support.

So, who came up with such a genius idea giving people a chance to express themselves? A man named Levee is making himself a "therapist" for NYC's subway riders.

His Instagram bio reads,

I love to make people smile and laugh. If someone has something heavy they want to get off their chest or a question that needs answering, I'm there.

While he's not an actual, licensed therapist, he makes himself available to riders in case they want to talk and get things off of their chests. So generous!

Levee spoke to BuzzFeed about the project, saying,

If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, [he's] happy to be there for them.

While the "Subway Therapy" project has existed for a while, the post-its and notes are a new addition providing New Yorkers and anyone with something to say an outlet to get their message out.

The notes contain messages like "I love this town and I love this country," “I wept for our children and I wept for our future," "I regret my vote," "You will not divide us, love is everything" and "Time to fight back."

Let it all out, people!

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