Meghan Trainor On Her 'Timeless' Tour Prep, Skin Care, & Wellness

Meghan Trainor Is “Training Like An Olympian” For Her Timeless Tour

The “Mother” singer shares her “health grind,” skin care, and the surprise she’s planning with Chris Olsen.

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It’s training season for Meghan Trainor as she prepares for her Timeless Tour, coming this fall. The “Mother” singer tells Elite Daily, “I know I’m going to be jumping around a lot and singing, so I have to get better with my stamina.”

The last time the 30-year-old headlined her own tour was in 2016, supporting her Thank You album. Eight years and two kids later, Trainor is ready to get back out there. Adding in new workouts and self-care, the Grammy winner is trying her best to both physically and mentally prepare for being on the road from September through October.

While she plans to bring along pimple patches for any skin care emergencies, Trainor is also bringing along her bestie Chris Olsen to keep her company. What the content creator’s role will be is still a mystery. Trainor herself says, “No one knows right now what the show’s going to look like,” but she tells Elite Daily she’s toying with the idea of writing something with her BFF.

“I keep telling Chris, ‘We’ve got to write a song together and then perform it on the tour.’” The problem? They can’t agree on a genre. “He is like, ‘Of course, let’s do a sad ballad.’ And I'm like, ‘What? Do you know who I am? We got to do something upbeat and fun and awesome.’”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A certified bop is definitely more Trainor’s style, and would fit with her other hits like “All About That Bass” and “Been Like This” with her musical inspiration T-Pain. These songs are likely to be on the set list alongside new tracks from her upcoming Timeless album, which drops June 7.

One number that might not make it (but is just as catchy) is “I’m a Dog Mom,” which Trainor wrote for Freshpet. The singer recently decided to partner with the pet food company because it’s actually the one she uses at home for her four dogs: micro Maltese Biggie, micro toy poodle Roo, mini Bernedoodle Soca, and Chihuahua Lilo.

Below, Trainor shares why she and her pups are on a health kick, her skin care routine for tour, and what she’s been influenced to buy from TikTok.


Elite Daily: You are about to go on tour again! Will your dogs be coming with you?

Meghan Trainor: Before kids, I’d pick a dog to come with me. I’d be like, “All right, Chihuahua, you’re coming with me.” And we would go to New York and she loved it, but the planes are so scary for them, so I try to leave them with my brothers when I travel.

For the Timeless Tour, I’m bringing the two kids, so I’m not going to bring anything else that poops.

ED: How do your dogs fit into your daily wellness routine at home?

MT: We’re all on a health grind. Ever since I had babies, I was like, “I need to live forever so that I can watch them grow up.” I want my dogs to live forever too, so I have them fully on Freshpet and eating healthy.

ED: What are your go-to morning and evening skin care routines?

MT: I’m that snail mucin kind of girl. I saw that everyone was using it on TikTok, so I bought it. I love it. I have to be very clean with my skin because I’m so sensitive. If I put something on, my whole eye could get red and irritated because I have perioral dermatitis from my pregnancies and hormones being so out of whack.

I used to be like, “All right, I'm going to put on all my oils and my toners and my blah.” And now I’m like, “Less is more, dude. I’m exhausted.”

I use something called Avène, and it’s the most gentle thing for my skin. Then, I do the snail mucin and a moisturizer. I used to be like, “All right, I’m going to put on all my oils and my toners and my blah.” And now I’m like, “Less is more, dude. I’m exhausted.” I’m just trying to race to bed.

ED: Does your routine change at all when you’re on tour and traveling a lot?

MT: I haven’t toured in years, but I do remember popping the gnarliest pimples because my skin was so bad. I remember trying to burn my skin because it was just covered in pimples from the makeup and sweating.

I did a lot of fair shows — literally barn animals just around me while I’m singing — so it was bad. I am trying to think of ways I could prep for that and protect my face.

ED: Do you have a go-to product for when you have a breakout?

MT: Yeah, pimple patches. If I had them in high school, it would’ve changed my life. If I just put that on instead of popping a pimple and making it way worse, it would have made a huge difference.

If I don’t have a music video or work to do, and I know I’ve got a good four days, I’ll go in and pop because I’m like, “We can recover; we’re fine.” But then if I’m like, “Uh-oh, I have an interview tomorrow,” I put on a pimple patch and just cover it up with makeup. I also have pretty good skin. I’m lucky.

ED: Do you have a favorite brand of pimple patch?

MT: Just the OG Mighty Patch, but I think anything works. Before pimple patches, I used to put Band-Aids on my face and it actually worked. So when the pimple patch came out, I was like, “Oh, it’s the same thing, but cuter and smaller.”

I’m an IBS queen. I have stress and tummy issues, so I have to be really clean.

ED: Are you implementing any new workouts or self-care routines as you prepare for the tour?

MT: I’m training like an Olympian. I am in the gym lifting weights constantly. I’m creeping in some form of HIIT workouts too, and I eat so clean. I eat protein because I just feel better. I’m an IBS queen. I have stress and tummy issues, so I have to be really clean.

I also just found out I have a gluten intolerance. I was like, “Oh, that’s what happens when you turn 30.”

ED: Are there any wellness trends or self-care products you've been influenced to buy because of TikTok?

MT: The snail mucin got me, for sure. I’ve been trying to gua sha my double chin lately. I saw some girl doing that and I was like, “I could do that. I could put some effort into it.”

My husband, [Daryl Sabara,] just bought an LED red-light face mask that he is really excited about. He is just like me. He wants to find biohacks, ways to stay young and fit forever.

ED: On a day where you have no work obligations and you can treat yourself, walk me through your perfect self-care day.

MT: Every Saturday, my team tries to give me my weekends off so I feel normal, which really works. That was a game-changer, and my hubby lets me sleep in. He will get the kids and wake me up with them being so cute, jumping on the bed, like, “Mama, wake up.”

Then, we wait for my mom to come over so she can babysit the little one, [Barry], and then we take Riley to the car wash. That’s his favorite. Then sometimes, we go from the car wash to Target. That’s where I get my pimple patches, and I go to the beauty aisles. We get a toy for Riley sometimes if he’s really, really good.

I really got to treat myself and do that for me.

And then we come home, and we have couch day where we sit on the couch and watch movies all day. It’s really cool with toddlers because you get to relive your childhood. You’re like, “And this is called Shrek,” and then you get to watch Shrek like you’ve never seen it.

Sometimes I’ll try to get a massage, but I’m so busy that I’m like, “Oh, I’m just going to lay there for an hour.” I really got to treat myself and do that for me.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.