Khloe Kardashian's HIIT workout, according to TikTok, is something you can do at home.
Khloé Kardashian’s HIIT Workout From TikTok Brings The Burn

This 15-minute routine works out your whole body-ody-ody-ody.

Watching The Kardashians and scrolling through Insta, it’s no secret that Khloé Kardashian likes to work out. Having an impressive home gym definitely helps to make keeping up with a daily fitness routine easier, but it turns out you can do Khloé Kardashian’s HIIT workout at home, whether you have gym or not. All you need for this routine — which has been dubbed Kardashian’s famous HIIT workout, according to TikTok — is an exercise mat and two weights.

You might not even need the weights, as long as you have the right substitutes, like water bottles or cans of food in your home. Once you have your equipment assembled, you’re ready to begin Kardashian’s eight-step routine. TikToker Sophia Nichole (@sophianikki), who admitted the routine “kicked [her] butt,” broke down each one of the moves for the FYP. So, while this may not be the workout routine you want to do every day, it will be a fun way to really feel the burn once or twice a week. You can also tweak it a bit if you’re a fan of the AARMY coach’s suggestions, but you’ll want to start out with Khloé Kardashian’s full HIIT workout first to see what you like and don’t care for.

Side Step With Dumbbell

Start off your routine with four sets of side steps at 30 seconds each. You’ll want to hold onto one of your weights (or water bottles) as you move side to side in a squat position. This will really burn your quads, according to Sophia Nichole.

Tricep Dip And Tricep Push-Ups

Next up, do 10 tricep dips before switching to the push-up position and doing 10 tricep push-ups. You’ll alternate between the two for four sets, really working out your arms.

Forearm Plank Into Mountain Climbers

Another double move exercise from Khloé Kardashian’s workout routine is the forearm plank into mountain climbers, which works out your core. You’ll start off in your forearm plank position on your mat and hold for about 15 seconds. When it’s time, move up to your hands in a standard plank and do 15 seconds of mountain climbers. This full 30-second combo should be done four times.

Thruster Squat Into A Curl

The next compound movement from Khloé Kardashian’s workout is doing a thruster squat into a curl. You’ll do the thruster squat directly into the curl while standing straight 10 times, take a breather, and do it again three more times. If you’re looking for more a challenge, Sophia Nichole said this move is just “fine” and there are other exercises you can do that would better work these muscles.

Leg Raises

While Sophia Nichole thought the previous move was “fine,” these leg raises are not it for the trainer, and she said she would “sub” them out for a different move if you want something a little more challenging. Since leg raises tend to work on your abdomen, you may want to try one of Kim Kardashian’s ab exercises instead. If you do stick with the leg raises, you’ll want to raise your leg to the side 10 times from a standing position. Switch to the other leg and repeat for two reps.

Side Leg Raises

After your standing leg raises, you’ll want to do a side leg raise. This is a very 1980s jazzercise move, but it will work out your core. While leaning to one side, lift your top leg up 10 times. Perform on the other side and repeat.

Step Ups With Your Dumbbell

Since you’ll be on the ground from the side leg raises, you can easily move into your next exercise of Khloé Kardashian’s workout — step ups. This exercise is exactly what it sounds like: You’ll be stepping up from the mat while holding your dumbbell in front of you. Do this move 10 times and alternate which leg you step up on to work out both sides. Just like most of the moves, this will also be done for four reps.

Single Arm Plank

Finish off your Khloé Kardashian workout routine with a full body exercises — aka a single arm plank, alternating hands for 15 seconds each. As you power through to finish off your planks, just think of how strong and Kardashian-like you’ll feel afterwards. You’ll definitely want to post some workout pics of your own to Insta, just like Khloé would.