Kim Kardashian poses for a selfies after working out and doing Kim Kardashian's daily ab workout.
Here’s Kim Kardashian's Daily Ab Workout, According To TikTok

This simple routine is just three moves.

It’s no secret that the Kardashians love to work out. Kim Kardashian has even gone so far to say, “I couldn’t survive mentally unless I worked out every single day” during a Peloton workout. It’s true that a good workout can make you feel better mentally and physically, and you can keep up with the Kardashians’ routines to work up a sweat. If you want to work on a toned midsection, you can try Kim Kardashian’s ab workout on TikTok that’s surprisingly just three moves.

This simple ab routine is what Kim Kardashian does daily, according to TikToker Sophia Nichole (@sophianikki). In the video, Nichole revealed that this particular workout routine was designed by Kardashian’s trainer, Melissa Alcantara, so you know it’s legit. While there are only three moves in Kim Kardashian’s ab workout, Nicole warns that it’s deceptively hard. For abs like Kim K’s, you know you’ve got to sweat just a little — but it’s worth it for that look good, feel good glow.

Since it will give you a bit of a burn, this may be the routine you want to try in the morning to get you going. Start off your day with a Kim Kardashian chia seed pudding, do a quick ab workout, shower, and get ready to take on whatever comes your way. If that sounds like the kind of challenge you’re down to take on, here are the three ab exercises you need to do.

Leg Raises

Start off your routine with a few leg raises. For this move, lay flat on the floor or your mat with your hands behind and supporting your head. Once you’re ready, raise and lower your legs together. You want to do 12 leg raises at a time with four sets total.

Inverted V-Ups

Traditional v-ups, where you lift your legs and torso up at the same time in a V position, start from the floor as well. However, according to TikTok, Kardashian performs four inverted v-ups from a plank position. Once you have your arms shoulder width apart, lifting you off the ground, you’ll want to jump your feet into an upside-down V. Just like the leg raises, you’ll do this exercise for 12 reps with four sets total.

Sit Up To A Clap

Since this is an ab workout, you might be wondering where the crunches or sit ups are. Well, they’re at the end of the routine. For this final move, you’ll want to do a sit up to a clap and a twist. To perform, start laying flat on the floor or your mat. Alternating legs, you’ll sit all the way up to clap under your lifted leg’s knee while keeping the other leg flat on the ground. This should be done 12 times with four sets total.

Since this is a short routine of just three moves all together, it’s quick enough to do in the morning, during a break from work, or while you’re waiting for your dinner to cook in the oven, but still delivers some great results.