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Dove Cameron wearing double eyeliner, the 2023 beauty trend for her zodiac sign.

The 2023 Beauty Trend For Your Zodiac Sign Will Elevate Your Look

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The vibes of the next 365 days look immaculate. You’ve already got the haircut trend you need to try, based on your zodiac sign; plans to stay in that *lavender haze* with your manicures; and options for how to work Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, into your wardrobe. But what about your makeup game? Though you can test out multiple looks any day of the week, there’s always that one eye, lip, and/or cheek look you can’t help but go back to, time and time again. For 2023, the go-to beauty trend for your zodiac sign will be one that will elevate your ~lewk~ and keep you glowing through the seasons.

To help predict 2023’s most anticipated beauty looks, Elite Daily entrusted the wisdom of celebrity MUA Alex Bryne, Mizani hair artist Todd Edwards, and tapped astrologer Valerie Mesa for all things related to the cosmos. According to their expertise, many of next year’s hair and makeup trends have actually been showcased on the runway and red carpet earlier this year, so you’ve already seen them in action (and loved ‘em). Think glitter. Blush. Volume. Embellishments. More blush.

So, is your interest piqued? If so, wait until you find out what the stars have to say. Ahead, you’ll find the beauty trend for you to try in 2023, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Saturated Blush

Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images

This vivacious fire sign is bold. According to Mesa, Aries’ blushing passions will come to life with “deeply rich cheek color tones.”

How to wear saturated blush in 2023: Instead of going in with a small splash of color, Bryne advises 1. using a softer brush to “apply a rich wash of color or simply apply more than usual,” and 2. reaching for “dark berries, deep corals and rich terra cottas,” as opposed to softer, neutral pinks.

Taurus: Glossy, Frosted Lips

Samir Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images

Bryne says lip gloss and lip liner are here to stay, and Mesa believes that both will make the quintessential look for charming Taurus in the coming year. “This security-seeking earth sign is grounded, but still very much in touch with its sensuality,” describes Mesa. “This duo of textures would be utterly titillating.”

How to wear glossy, frosted lips in 2023: Instead of the pink glossy lips that trended throughout 2022, frosted lips will take over. “This is achieved by a shimmery gloss paired with a slightly darker nude liner,” says Bryne. “Find a liner that is a shade or two darker than your natural lip shade and keep it cool-toned to achieve this look. Top off with a clear gloss that has a touch of shimmer to get the ‘frosty’ effect.”

Gemini: Neon Matte Lids

VALERIE MACON/Contributor/Getty Images

Air sign Gemini is colorful in every way, because they’re the most versatile and adaptable. Not every beauty trend will match their bubbly personality, but these electric shades will definitely “suit the twinkle in Gemini’s eye,” says Mesa.

How to wear neon matte lids in 2023: Search for classic neon eyeshadows or bright pastels, and gently pack the color all over your lid. It’s that simple.

Cancer: Manga Lashes

Though Cancer is known to be shy, a lot of people undermine this water sign’s sweet sass and flirty nature. The ~extra-ness~ of manga lashes will, according to Mesa, “complement their come-hither eyes.” The process of squeezing the lashes together creates a spiky cluster effect that adds drama to natural lashes that Cancer will adore.

How to wear manga lashes in 2023: “You can create a stronger look with a wall of lash spikes found in many strip lashes,” says Bryne. “But if you're not sure, just try a few spiky clusters at the outer corner for starters.”

Leo: Floating Crystal Makeup

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor/Getty Images

Sun-ruled Leo is always looking for ways to stand out in a crowd. The easiest way to draw everyone’s attention? Facial embellishments. Sure, glitter is fun to play with, but these small accents make the most dramatic impact to any kind of makeup look. Picture them shining along your brow bone, eyeliner, or even your cheekbones. All eyes will be on *you*.

How to wear floating crystal makeup in 2023: “It will still be very sophisticated, but a little gem on the inner corner or outer wing will let people express their creativity,” says Bryne.

Virgo: Skin Care-Based Bronzer

Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images

This simple method for a bronzy glow is the “perfect combination of tidy and chic” for the “soft yet posed demeanor” of a Virgo, says Mesa. Plus, it offers the right balance of skin care and glam for your busy daily routine.

How to wear skin care-based bronzer in 2023: Hailey Bieber shared her makeup tip on how to achieve a lit-from-within flush on her socials by mixing a concoction of her best-selling Rhode Barrier Restore Cream with a cream-based blush. With that technique in mind, mix a cream or liquid bronzer with a moisturizer of your choice to mimic a natural sun-kissed look. “As the crossover of skin care ingredients into makeup continues, we'll see a lot more of this technology and innovation happen in 2023,” predicts Bryne.

Libra: Double Eyeliner

Amy Sussman/Staff/Getty Images

Cardinal air sign Libra “revels in beauty trends where they can express their inner Venus,” says Mesa. And with their natural siren eyes, Libra’s beauty will only be emphasized with double liner makeup.

How to wear double eyeliner in 2023: Use a graphic color, or a subtle black or brown shade, and create a liner above your lash line and your lid crease to achieve the look.

Scorpio: Thick Winged Eyeliner

Araya Doheny/Contributor/Getty Images

Scorpios are the most sensual signs of the zodiac. “To say this water sign is smoldering would be a literal understatement,” says Mesa. No matter if it’s their alluring aura or defined facial features, their presence is nothing but sultry and magnetic, which is why thick winged eyeliner would perfectly complement this sign.

How to wear thick winged eyeliner in 2023: Start by, you know, covering your ENTIRE eyelid. (Wow, who knew Julia Fox had all the answers in 2022??)

Sagittarius: Purposeful Bedhead Hair

Michael Loccisano/Staff/Getty Images

If there’s anyone who could pull off having a stylish bedhead, it’s free-spirited Sagittarius. “Spontaneous and always on the go, those born under this easygoing fire sign are equally as bold as they are genius,” says Mesa.

How to wear purposeful bedhead hair in 2023: Instead of perfecting your ‘do, Edwards says this look honors second- to third-day hair, or hair that appears more lived in. Because Sagittarians are the adventurous type, they can easily make this hairstyle look effortless.

Capricorn: Natural, Sleek Brows

Michael Buckner/Contributor/Getty Images

Capricorns are more likely to “commit to a beauty regime” compared to other signs, says Mesa, and will keep everyone and everything — brows included — in check.

How to wear natural, sleek brows in 2023: Unlike this year, soap brows are NOT going to be the move in 2023, predicts Bryne. Instead, the MUA foresees people going for “a more natural but very groomed look.” She describes these brows as “transparent, ergonomic, and sophisticated,” similar to their makeup-less appearance, but with enhancements to the front and tail. Since this style of brow is a breeze to maintain, Capricorn will appreciate the natural, elevated touch they add to their everyday routine.

Aquarius: Bright Neon Lipstick

Mike Marsland/Contributor/Getty Images

Most Aquarians are a bit avant-garde and untraditional in their ways, makeup and fashion included. Mesa describes this sign as the kind that “revels in novelty and experimentation” because they’re “eternally rebellious,” and will most likely prefer a trend that meets those standards, just like bright neon lipstick.

How to wear bright neon lipstick in 2023: Grab your faves from Haus Labs or Rare Beauty, and swatch, swatch, swatch.

Pisces: Metallic Eyeshadow

Momodu Mansaray/Staff/Getty Images

As opposed to traditional loose glitter, brightening metallics with micro glitters and iridescent shades can make even the darkest of shadows pop, which will surely bring out the eyes of dreamy Pisces.

How to wear metallic eyeshadow in 2023: “If full metallic is a little intimidating, you can easily achieve this look with a base shadow and then layer a micro glitter iridescent on top,” suggests Bryne.

Experts cited:

Alex Bryne, celebrity makeup artist

Todd Edwards, Mizani hair artist

Valerie Mesa, professional astrologer, soul coach, and writer