couple lying in bed after trying kinks based on their zodiac sign

The Kink You Should Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s time to spice things up.

Kinks have been the topic of conversation more than ever lately, a sign that society’s finally becoming more open-minded sexually. From foot play to BDSM, there’s something that’s bound to appeal to everyone, even if you consider yourself pretty reserved in the sex department. In astrology, some zodiac signs are known to be “kinkier” than others, but in reality, every sign could benefit from exploring new sexual practices in the bedroom. So, if your sex life has been feeling a little stagnant, not to worry — there’s a kink that every zodiac sign should give a try, even if they’ve never explored sex beyond switching off the lights and diving under the covers.

Sexual experimentation has seen an uptick since 2020, with surveys showing that while fewer people are having sex, when they do, they’re exploring different kinks and sexual fantasies. From “outercourse” (a trendy word for foreplay) to humiliation kinks, there are so many different ways to get creative with your sexual partner. Since each zodiac sign is turned on by different things, there’s a unique kink that aligns with your sun sign’s vibe, whether you’re a sexually adventurous fire sign or a more reserved earth sign.

Below, check out the kink you should try the next time you’re in the mood.

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Aries: You Should Try Sex In Public

As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, you love taking risks, especially when it comes to your sex life. Not only are you brave, Aries, but you’re known for not giving a f*ck what people think about you, which means getting it on in public is the perfect way to get your next adrenaline rush. Just make sure you’re avoiding the areas where you could be fined or arrested — that’s a very easy way to kill the mood.

Taurus: You Should Try Food Play

You’re all about engaging your senses, Taurus, which is why incorporating food into your next sex-capade is something you should experiment with. Whether it’s whipped cream or strawberries, having tasty treats in the bedroom is a fun way to switch things up, as long as you avoid putting food anywhere near your nether regions without taking the right precautions.

Gemini: You Should Try Dirty Talk

You’ve always had a lot to say, Gemini, even during intercourse, so use your wit as a way to turn on your partner. Dirty talk can be a fun and flirty addition to the bedroom, especially since you’re a natural wordsmith. You can even try sexting as a fun way to set the mood before doing the do.

Cancer: You Should Try The Mommy Kink

Who says being maternal can’t be sexy? As the “mommy” and “daddy” trend continues to rise, there’s no one who would enjoy experimenting with this kink more than you, Cancer. Not only are you innately nurturing, but as the only cardinal water sign of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to taking the lead, even in bed. Taking on the role of “mommy” in the bedroom is a great way to be nurturing while also taking control.

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Leo: You Should Try The Praise Kink

If there’s anyone who enjoys being worshipped in the bedroom, it’s you, Leo. Although this kink has become incredibly popular due to TikTok, you’re the one sign that’s bound to enjoy it the most. Next time you’re getting intimate with someone, feel free to ask your partner for positive reinforcement and encouragement. You are the star of the show, after all.

Virgo: You Should Try Voyeurism

You’ve always been the observer of the zodiac, Virgo, which is why the voyeurism kink is the perfect way to switch up your usual hookups. Voyeurism is (consensual) watching of other people, such as watching your partner masturbate, or even watching them engage in sex with another person. You’re all about mental stimulation, even in the bedroom, and voyeurism is a way to gain pleasure through witnessing sexual intimacy.

Libra: You Should Try Submission

Letting others take the lead is nothing new for you, Libra, which is why you should give the submission kink a try. Not only does it allow you to sit back, relax, and be the pillow princess you were truly meant to be, but it’s an opportunity to play around with the power dynamics in your relationship. Just remember that balance is key, and if at any point you’re interested in switching roles, that’s OK, too.

Scorpio: You Should Try Orgasm Control

No one could ever accuse you of lacking self-restraint, Scorpio, making the orgasm control kink perfect for your next sexual adventure. This kink allows you or your partner to determine when the other can reach a happy ending. It’s a great and safe way to exercise dominance in your relationship, and there’s a wide range of ways you can experiment with it.

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Sagittarius: You Should Try Threesomes

The more the merrier, Sagittarius. As the free-spirited sign of the zodiac, it’s essential that you’re able to explore different relationship dynamics, and threesomes are a great way to experiment. Whether you’re already involved in a non-monogamous relationship or you’ve been toying with the idea of acquiring a third, this kink is the perfect way to add some adventure into your sex life as long as everyone’s on the same page.

Capricorn: You Should Try Domination

If anyone’s a power top, it’s you, Capricorn. While you’re used to girl-bossing your way through life in your profession, who’s to say you can’t assert your dominance in the bedroom, too? Next time you’re feeling spontaneous, try exploring the domination kink. It allows you to be in control without being referred to as bossy. Finally.

Aquarius: You Should Try Role Play

You’re a big fan of playing around with different identities, Aquarius, which is why role play is the perfect kink for you to try. It gives you an opportunity to get creative with different personas, such as dressing up as someone from Game Of Thrones. (Understandable. Those Daenerys braids are hot.) Next time you and your partner bond over a TV show, maybe try dressing up as your favorite characters and getting it on.

Pisces: You Should Try Foot Play

You have a very special relationship with your feet, Pisces, which is why experimenting with foot play in the bedroom is the perfect kink for you to try. How you play around with it is up to you, but the most common ways are either by receiving a foot massage from your partner as a form of foreplay, or involving your feet in some way during sexual intercourse. (Fun fact: One in seven people have a foot fetish, so they’re much more common than you might think.)