David Harbour, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba — who's your daddy, ...

Who's Your Daddy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Pedro Pascal's the internet's daddy — but is he yours?

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2023 is the year of the Daddy, fam. In recent months, more and more memes of “Daddy-like” behavior have been circulating on TikTok and Twitter (big thanks to Pedro Pascal for the latest rounds), which have led many people to consider what makes someone a Daddy. While definitions vary, a Daddy can almost always be described as someone who is “caring, in charge, and a problem-solver”; they’re someone you trust to be in control of a situation, while still giving off a gentle, nurturing vibe. However, your ideal Daddy can vary even more. Depending on your zodiac sign, your dream Daddy may be someone you wouldn’t have originally expected, but actually makes total sense.

While Pedro Pascal is the godfather of all the Daddies at the moment — much to his amusement, chagrin, and confusion — there are plenty of other celeb hotties to choose from, if Double P doesn’t resonate with you. If you’re looking for a British Daddy, Idris Elba is probably more your type. A funny, charming Daddy? Dwayne Johnson could be right up your alley. To make it easier, astrology can offer some insight into the famous Daddy meant for you.

Without further ado, here’s who your Daddy is, based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: Paul Rudd

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You’re all for taking risks, and so are the people you’re interested in. That’s why Paul Rudd is the one for you. Time and time again, the Ant-Man actor proves he’s one of the Daddiest of Daddies, especially as he continues to age backwards. And considering he’s been playing a superhero for the better part of a decade, you know he’s a thrill-seeker (at least in the MCU. And on Hot Ones). Finally, someone who can keep up with you.

Taurus: Patrick Dempsey

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Paging the McDreamiest of Daddies. Between playing the ultimate heartthrob doctor on television (RIP, Dr. Shepherd) and starring in a number of nostalgic rom-coms, Patrick Dempsey more than appeals to you. After all, you’re the relaxed yet ever-loving hopeless romantic of the zodiac, and he’s got those laid-back, boy-next-door vibes you live for.

Gemini: Oscar Isaac

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You get bored easily in your relationships, so you need someone who can surprise you and challenge you intellectually. Enter, Daddy Oscar Isaac. Not only does he star in one of your fave film franchises — long live, Poe Dameron — but he’s fluent in English and Spanish, something you can definitely appreciate. He’s also great at doing other accents, like the one he legit MADE UP for Moon Knight. What’s boredom? Don’t know her.

Cancer: Terry Crews

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Terry Crews is known for his gentle giant persona — if anyone can relate, it’s a Cancer. Like the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor, you often appear tough, but you’re deeply tender. And if anyone knows how to lean into their Daddy energy, it’s the man who played a dad on Everybody Hates Chris and Are We There Yet? As the mom of the zodiac, you couldn’t be more of a match.

Leo: Channing Tatum

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You’re always the main character, so you need a daddy who won’t be too intimidated by your light, making Channing Tatum the perfect candidate. The Magic Mike hottie is no stranger to the spotlight, and has been performing since his pre-Hollywood days as a stripper. As someone who loves putting on a show, your ideal Daddy has to be someone who can understand the desire to be front and center. Hellooo, Daddy Channing.

Virgo: Adam Sandler

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Just call him Big Daddy. Not only is Adam Sandler a Virgo himself, but he’s made a ~thing~ out of “grocery run” ‘fits. If there’s one thing you can appreciate, it’s someone who enjoys running errands in casual attire. The Grown Ups actor is known for being funny while also being incredibly media shy — something you, an introvert, can deeply relate to. Plus, he’s laid-back and doesn’t take himself too seriously. This Daddy’s practically calling your name.

Libra: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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It’s important that your Daddy has a certain level of charm so you’re not the only one calling the shots. What more could you ask for than Dwayne Johnson? He’s pretty much the most charismatic guy in Hollywood for crying out loud. He’s also toyed with the idea of getting involved in policymaking, which is something that a diplomat like you can appreciate. But for now, as he says, “The No. 1 title I love right now is Daddy.” Hint, hint.

Scorpio: Christopher Meloni

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Detective Elliot Stabler here, calling for duty — Daddy duty, that is. Somewhere along his 12-season journey on Law & Order: SVU, Christopher Meloni and all of his mystifying energy became synonymous with the Daddy title. Considering your attraction to people who have depth and intensity, a Scorpio like you stands no chance. If you’re going to let someone take control, they have to be capable of handling it. And there’s just something about Mr. Meloni that says there’s nothing he can’t (man)handle.

Sagittarius: Pedro Pascal

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Lucky you, you get the internet’s latest Daddy to be your No. 1 Daddy. As the adventurous sign of the zodiac, you need someone equally spontaenous. Umm, Pedro Pascal plays a bounty hunter in The Mandalorian, fights zombies in The Last of Us, is trained in martial arts, and has an amazing sense of humor. There’s no one who could keep you on your toes more than the Mandadlorian.

Capricorn: Idris Elba

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You’ve always been traditional, so your Daddy must be an absolute gentleman. Idris Elba certainly fits the criteria. The Thor actor once said, “A gentleman isn’t too ego-filled” — as one of the most humble, hard-working signs of the zodiac, you couldn’t agree more. Elba’s also no stranger to the grind, which is a major requirement for you. If you’re going to allow anyone to be your Daddy, they’ve got to have something to show for their labor. And the actor slash DJ(!)’s resume is stacked.

Aquarius: David Harbour

Gilbert Flores/Variety/Getty Images

Eccentric. Unconventional. Unique. That’s you — and your equally strange Daddy. You need someone who piques your interest, and David “Hopper” Harbour is bound to do that and more. Not only has the Stranger Things star played a wide variety of compelling roles, he’s unafraid to embrace his “weirdness,” and is outspoken about his personal struggles with mental health. A self-aware Daddy? You can’t help but stan.

Pisces: Steve Carrell

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Nothing despicable about having Steve Carell as your Daddy. Your special someone is quirky, an oddball, and “doesn’t care for mean humor.” So who better than the man who brought the 40-Year-Old Virgin and Michael Scott to life? You’re also a sensitive soul, who needs a Daddy that cares about how they impact people while still having a backbone. Plus it helps if they’re not superstitious, but a little stitious.

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