Rebecca Norris

Rebecca Norris is a beauty-obsessed writer and editor who specializes in both branded content and organic editorial. With a New York apartment that looks more like a Sephora than a home, she's just as quick to roll up her sleeves to round-up all the best beauty products for a specific category, as she is to hop in a dermatologist's chair for a vampire facial. After all, anything in the name of a good story, right? Follow her adventures in beauty on Instagram @rebeccaravee

11 Eating Habits That Will Help You Stay Healthy While Dining Out

By Rebecca Norris
At a time in our lives that is dominated by long hours and incessant eating out, it can be hard to hold on to healthy habits. And since there's no way we want to skip out on happy hour or the rooftops as soon as it gets a tad warmer, I started…