35 Outrageously Cozy Things With At Least 1,000 Five-Star Reviews On Amazon


There's nothing quite as cozy as, well, being cozy. Of course, that requires stocking your home with the best outrageously comfortable things on Amazon with at least 1,000 five-star reviews. After all, if hundreds and hundreds of shoppers agree on how comfort-inducing something is, there has to be something to it, right? Right.

Whether you want to physically cozy-up with a furry blanket on the couch or mentally unwind with lavender essential oils, Amazon has you covered. You can even try an extra-soft weighted blanket lined with fuzzy sherpa, ergonomic travel pillows made with memory foam, ultra-soft headphones that you can sleep with, or convenient on-the-go massage tools.

And if you're in dire need of coziness, you'll be stoked to know that you can snag these highly-rated Amazon products ASAP, all thanks to Prime. Just think: By simply clicking "Add to Cart" right now, you could be sitting where you are at this very moment two days from now... only much, much more comfortable. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

So, what're you waiting for? Ahead, you'll find dozens of genius products that are guaranteed to up the comfort level of your daily routine, from oversized sweatshirt/blanket hybrids to silky sleep masks. You're welcome.

The Oversized Sweatshirt That Doubles As A Blanket

Do you know that feeling when you wrap yourself in a blanket and it doesn't quite cover all necessary areas? Well, with this oversized blanket sweatshirt, that will be a worry of the past. The fluffy, loose-fitting sweatshirt is made with plush, polyester sherpa on the inside and soft polyester microfiber on the outside for maximum comfort all around. There's even a huge pocket where you can store your phone or remote. It's available in 15 colors, all of which can be washed in cold water and tumble-dried on low.

This Eye Mask That Emits Warm Moisture To Soothe Dry Eyes

Sure, an eye mask might not immediately jump out to you as something that's oh-so-very comfy, but hear me out: This heated compression eye mask is designed to soothe dry eyes with moisture, but it can also be used as a standard relaxing spa mask. After being warmed up in the microwave, the MediBead-filled pads will release moisture for up to 15 minutes. Since the mask is reusable, you can wear it whenever you want to.

A Bath Bomb Pack With Over 5,000 Glowing Reviews

These hand-crafted bath bombs are total must-haves for anyone who likes to relax. They're made with natural ingredients and are designed to fizz away stress without staining your tub. When you order a pack, you'll get 12 bath bombs with different scents and contents (some emit flower petals and others spew glitter). A few examples from the package include lavender, mango papaya, black raspberry vanilla, and more.

This Lavender Essential Oil That's Totally Natural

This calming lavender essential oil is 100% natural and totally free of parabens. Not to mention, it's a delight for the senses. Before you know it, you'll be mixing up your own relaxing concoctions for your body and mind. (Apparently, lavender oil mixes well with lemon, rose, sandalwood, and more.) And since this oil is stored in a dark glass bottle, it won't be affected by the sun's UV rays.

An Essential Oil Diffuser That's Extra-Quiet

If you're not a candle person (but you still want to pump the air with a warm, inviting scents), consider this quiet essential oil diffuser. The soothing device is designed to run for up to 14 hours in a low mist mode, or seven hours in a high mist mode. What's more, it comes with seven soothing shades that can be dimmed or brightened, so you can add a calming color scheme to your room while you're making it smell good. You can even use it as a humidifier without any essential oils.

A Memory Foam Neck Pillow That's Sweat-Resistant

Tired of getting a kinked neck every time you travel? (I am too.) If so, you should add this memory foam neck pillow to your cart. Its ergonomic design is made to cradle your neck and head for optimal support during flights, drives, train rides, and more. It's made with magnetic therapy cloth and breathable, sweat-resistant materials so you don't find yourself getting too hot while you sleep. And thanks to its lockable strap, you can easily carry it while you travel.

A Plush Faux Fur Throw Blanket To Cuddle With

Forget about those classic knit blankets. This cozy faux fur throw — which is sold in 17 colors — is the most comfortable cover you could possibly wrap yourself in. It's made with 100% microfiber polyester and is also hypoallergenic. Best of all, you can buy the blanket in various different sizes (including a king-sized option), so you'll never have to worry about the fabric not covering your toes. And despite being super luxe, it's machine-washable.

This Cozy Sleep Mask Made With 100% Mulberry Silk

Whether you travel frequently or like to sleep in pitch-black darkness, this opaque eye mask will quickly become a fave. Its lightweight design is made to block out light without crushing your lashes and lids in the process. And since it's made with 100% mulberry silk, it's extra-comfy. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable strap so you can tailor the fit to your head shape. That way, it won't be too tight (or loose) while you relax.

These Compression Socks That Support Aching Arches

Don't let aching arches and heels get you down. These compression foot sleeves help instantly relieve pain in your tootsies without making them feel too constricted. Not to mention, they can also help improve blood circulation. The toe-less socks are sold in nine colors, ensuring that you can match them to your wardrobe. They're recommended by both doctors and trainers, so it's no wonder they've received over 6,000 beaming reviews.

This Deep Tissue Kneading Neck Pillow That Can Be Used On-The-Go

There's no debating that massages are the best. There's also no debating that they can be pretty pricy. That's where this on-the-go shiatsu massager comes in the play, because it can knead knots out in a pinch. The device comes with a car adapter and a wall adapter, so you can plug it in whenever you need a quick rub-down. There are various speed, direction, and heat settings, as well, so you can tailor it to your exact needs.

This Heating Pad That's Perfect For Neck And Shoulders

Traditional bulky heating pads are difficult to tailor to your body's contours. That's why this plush ergonomic neck and shoulder heating pad — which comes in four colors — is such a hit among Amazon shoppers. The tailored design drapes easily around your neck and over your shoulders for soothing relief in an instant. And, since it comes with a magnetic clasp, it won't fall off mid-wear.

A Light-Blocking Ice Pack That Helps Cure Migraines

Instead of searching for ice packs and a dark cloths to drape over your eyes when you have a migraine, take it easy on yourself with this "Headache Hat" wearable ice pack. Thanks to its flexible ice tray, it provides cooling therapy while totally blocking out the light. Simply keep it in the freezer and pull it out whenever you need a little soothing boost. It's even lined with a blend of spandex, micro-fleece, and cotton for an extra-cozy fit.

This Warm Therapy Gel That Smells Like Oranges

Well over 2,000 Amazon shoppers agree: This fast-absorbing pain-relieving gel is a total must-have for any household. It's made with ingredients like menthol and camphor to provide soothing cold-then-hot therapy wherever you apply it. Whether you slather it over your back ache or apply it for arthritis relief, you'll be glad to have a jar in your cabinet. As an added bonus, it has a soothing orange scent.

A Self-Heating Crate Pad That Will Keep Your Pets Warm

Your pets want to be cozy, too. Instead of giving them a plain blanket or mat to relax on, why not opt for this self-heating crate pad? It's made with micro-fleece and is designed to emit your pet's body heat right back to them so they stay toasty. And, since everyone has different needs, it comes in six sizes and three colors. The pads even have non-slip bottoms to ensure they won't bunch up in the crate.

These Hand Warmers That Stay Warm For Up To 18 Hours

If you're hands and feet are perpetually cold, look no further than these fan-favorite hand-and-body warmers. The self-heating packs are odorless and disposable, and all you have to do to warm them up is give them a solid shake. They're designed to stay warm for up to 18 hours (yes, seriously). If you find that they're starting to cool off before then, simply expose them to air, give another good shake, and you'll be good to go.

A Weighted Blanket That's Filled With Glass Beads

This cozy weighted blanket is lined with 100% cotton and filled with tiny glass beads. Since there are thousands of beads within its fibers, it is heavy. However, it's still flexible enough to weigh down on your body while catering to your contours. The blanket is available in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from five to 25 pounds. You can also buy it in four colors, including dark grey, light grey, white, and stripes.

The Cozy Headband With Built-In Speakers For Music While You Sleep

If you love to sleep to the sound of music (but find standard headphones uncomfortable), allow me to introduce you to these sleep headphones. The soft headband features high-quality sound and a comfortable fit while you're snoozing. It's worth noting, however, that they're not wireless. Rather, they feature ultra-thin cords attached to padded speakers that can be slipped into the mask's mesh lining.

A Fleece Travel Pillow That Keeps Your Neck Warm And Supported

Save yourself from a kinked neck by packing this fleece travel pillow on your next adventure. It's designed to hold your head in a position that's both comfortable and supportive while you're relaxing on-the-go. Simply place the pillow on the side of your neck that you wish to rest on, and then wrap the scarf-like ends into place. Once your adventure is complete, pop it in the wash so it's free of any airport germs when you want to use it next.

A Breathable Body Pillow That Always Feels Cool

If you're someone who loves cold pillows, get excited. This breathable body pillow is designed with shredded memory foam and can stay cool as cucumber all night long, thanks to its "Kool-Flow" bamboo pillowcase. In 2018, it was voted as Amazon's Choice for Best Body Pillow (Editorial Pick) — and given shoppers' rave reviews, it seems to be getting even more popular. Despite its fluffy nature, it provides optimal orthopedic support which many shoppers applaud.

These Blackout Curtains With Over 8,000 Reviews

Sometimes, being cozy means snuggling up without the light coming through your windows to wreck the mood. If that sounds right, check out these light-blocking curtains. Available in 19 colors, these soft, heavy curtains are designed to block out up to 99% of light shining through your windows. They can even help prevent some sound from getting through, as well. On top of that, these curtains can also help control the temperature of your space.

This Dead Sea Mud Mask Made With Aloe Vera

While you can't actually shrink pores, you can reduce the appearance of them with the right products. Case in point: this Dead Sea mud mask. It's designed to draw dirt and impurities from your pores to help cleanse them, resulting in an overall tighter appearance. This mask also work wonders for acne-prone skin, as it helps reduce oil within your complexion. Some ingredients that help the mask work include aloe vera, vitamin A, sunflower seed oil, and more.

A Curvy Seat Cushion That Prevents Back Pain

Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your back, causing unwanted aches and pains. To prevent this discomfort from occurring, try one of these orthopedic seat cushions. Its cut-out design is made to take pressure off your tailbone so that you can sit up straight for longer periods of time. Plus, it's made with "comfort foam" and is lined with luxe velvet. Not to mention, it features a side handle for easy transport.

These Compression Socks That Reach Up To Your Knees

To help prevent aches and swelling during your runs or flights, make sure you have a pair of these tall compression socks in your drawer. They're designed to promote blood circulation from your toes to your knees, all while adding extra support. They can even help relieve varicose veins in the process. These socks are available in nine colors, all of which will stay up while you're wearing them. They'll also maintain their impressive quality through the wash.

  • Available sizes: S - XL
This Winter Jacket That's Filled With Down Feathers

If your idea of optimal comfort is being wrapped in something super warm and soft, look no further than this best-selling thickened down jacket. It's available in six colors — and according to reviewers, its long silhouette easily zips over sweaters and sweatshirts. It's filled with with a blend of duck down feathers for a luxe feel that you'll want to experience all winter long. Plus, the jacket's pockets are so deep that you might not even have to carry a purse.

  • Available sizes: XXS - 5XL
This Heated Blanket Lined With Cozy Sherpa Material

The only thing that could possibly make a sherpa blanket better is if it came with the option to get even warmer. That brings me to this reversible heated throw. (It sounds pretty luxe, doesn't it?) The heated blanket — which boasts three different heat settings — has a cozy sherpa lining and comes in four colors. Additionally, it'll automatically shut off after three hours, so you shouldn't have to worry if you fall asleep while you're using it.

A Tiny Space Heater That Gets Warm Fast

Many space heaters are bulky and take up too much valuable space. That's why this smaller version is such a hit. With a quick heat-up time, it's obvious why this tiny-but-mighty heater is so popular. The ceramic device features a cool-touch exterior and overheating protection. (It'll even turn off if it accidentally gets tipped over.) In other words, you don't have to worry about it getting too toasty and potentially becoming hazardous.

These Fleece-Lined Leggings That Feel Buttery Soft

Some leggings aren't as warm as you'd like them to be. That's where these comfortable fleece-lined leggings come into play. They're high-waisted and reach down to your ankles for maximum coverage and warmth. Plus, these leggings are made with a nylon and spandex blend to fit comfortably around all curves. And, despite their stretchy silhouette, they shouldn't slip down mid-wear.

  • Available sizes: S/M - L/XL
A Fleece Neck Warmer That Will Replace Your Scarf

Tired of scarves that constantly come unwrapped during whatever cold-weather adventure you're on? If so, then add this fleece neck warmer to your wardrobe. The stretchy, heavyweight wrap comes in one size that fits most, and it's sold in over a dozen stylish shades. Wear it scrunched down around your neck or pulled over your mouth for added comfort and warmth in extra-brisk temps.

A Memory Foam Knee Pillow For Side-Sleepers

If sleeping on your side with your knees touching is a total no-go, then I urge you to try adding one of these orthopedic knee pillows into the mix. Its concave design is made to cradle your knees while keeping them separated, effectively taking extra stress off your back and hips. It's also made with high-quality memory foam, which helps it conform to the contours of your body for maximum comfort.

A Foam Bath Pillow That Sticks To The Edge Of Your Tub

Baths are super relaxing as it is, but this luxury spa bath pillow can make them even more enjoyable. It's made with thick foam that's meant to cradle your head and neck while you're relaxing. The pillow will also stick to the side of your tub with extra-powerful suction cups that won't come undone. Plus, since it's waterproof, you won't have to worry about mildew building up around its plush surface.

The Fur-Lined Slippers That Can Be Worn Inside Or Outside

If you don't like going barefoot (but you don't want to walk around in socks), check out these cozy slippers by Sketchers. They're made with a sweater-like outer layer and have a furry lining for maximum comfort. Plus, these shoes have gripped rubber outsoles, so you can keep your feet warm whether you're walking around inside or outside. They're sold in 12 different color variations, so take your pick. Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given these slippers five-star reviews.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 10
This Wooden Foot Roller To Relieve Aches And Pains

Don't let aching feet interrupt your day. Instead, slip off your shoes and get to rolling on one of these spiky wooden foot rollers. The spikes, nubs, and ridges on this device are spaced out to relieve your muscles by acupressure. This massager is even grounded with anti-slip material that'll help keep it in place. As a result, over 3,000 shoppers adore it. One shopper wrote, "The product is absolutely fantastic! Comfortable, easy to use."

A Cushy Mattress Topper To Make Your Bed Even Cozier

Available in twin, queen, and king sizes, this marbled mattress topper is simply swoon-worthy. The 2-inch memory foam pad is made with cooling gel to help prevent night sweats while you're snoozing. Additionally, it's designed to curve around the contours of your body while providing support to help keep your spine aligned. The topper comes in one marbled shade with swirls of turquoise and white.

The Deep Microfiber Sheets For Your Extra-Thick Mattresses

If you have an extra-thick mattress (or keep a cozy topper on your bed), then you probably know how tough it can be to find a sheet that fits on top. Luckily, this set of best-selling microfiber sheets — which are available in twin, double, queen, and king sizes — will do the trick. Each order includes a fitted sheet that can accommodate a mattress that's 14 to 16 inches thick. Plus, they're sold in over 40 colors that are all machine-washable.

A Memory Foam Bath Mat That Feels Like Velvet

Are you looking for a new bath mat that soaks up excess water while feeling ultra-cozy? If so, look no further than this highly-rated bath mat. It's made with plush memory foam and lined with velvety microfiber that's still absorbent. Plus, it's sold in 13 different colors and five different sizes to mix with your bathroom aesthetic. The machine-washable mat also has a non-slip back to ensure that it won't slip and slide as you step out of the shower.

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