These 37 Products Are Wildly Popular Because They're Some Of The Best Values On Amazon Prime

When it comes to shopping for highly-rated products, you simply can't go wrong with Amazon. The online superstore offers some of the best values on the web, with bundles of beauty products, high-quality kitchen goods, and next-level organization options at reasonable prices. And if those products happen to come with a little blue "Prime" label, even better.

Wildly popular Amazon Prime products are likely so sought after given their ability to arrive on your doorstep in just 48 hours flat (in most cases). Run out of razors? No worries, Amazon Prime is here to help. Need a quicker way to meal prep? Yup, Prime has you covered. Whatever your needs may be, Amazon Prime has dozens of products to help get the job done.

Best of all, when you entrust Amazon with your shopping needs, you can easily scan real-life reviews of each product before clicking "Add to Cart." Typically, if the product has hundreds of positive reviews, you're in the clear.

Since not everyone has the luxury of downtime to scroll through Amazon reviews, I've gone ahead and taken the guesswork out of the equation. Ahead, you'll discover dozens of popular finds on Amazon that you'll want to use every day. Happy shopping!

This Double-Sided Shaving Tool With A Razor And Trimmer

Thousands of Amazon shoppers agree: This hydrating razor and bikini trimmer is worth every dollar. Made with five curve-sensing blades, the best-selling razor works to hug every contour of your body for a close shave every time. What's more, there's a trimmer on the opposite side that comes with four comb settings to control the length of whatever you're grooming. Plus, that very trimmer can be used outside of the shower for extra convenience.

A 100-Pack Of Face Masks That Have Different Purposes

Hydrate and nourish your skin with this pack of 100 — yes, 100 — Korean face masks. Each set comes with a variety of 10 different masks, all of which focus on hydration (amongst other things, depending on the masks you use). Some of those selections include Aloe, Cucumber, Snail, Pearl, Royal Jelly, and more — and they each have unique purposes. Wear them for 20 minutes after cleansing.

The Water Bottle That Comes With A Storage Compartment

This leak-proof, auto-seal water bottle can be thrown into any bag without worrying about drips and spills. What's more, it comes with an outer storage compartment that can easily fit some cash, an identification card, and a key. Plus, the durable, BPA-free bottle is dishwasher-safe — so you won't need to spend extra time scrubbing it by hand. You can buy the container in blue or purple.

A Silicone Popcorn Maker That Collapses When You're Not Using It

This collapsible silicone popcorn maker streamlines the snack-making process. It comes with easy-to-grip handles so you don't have to risk burning your fingers on hot surfaces. And when it's not in use, you can fold the bowl down to easily fit into any cabinet or drawer. Plus, the BPA-free container comes in 14 different colors — so choose your favorite.

This Silicone Ice Bucket That Doubles As An Ice Maker

Not only does this two-in-one ice bucket store ice cubes, but it can also make more whenever you need them. Simply fill the outer rim of the bucket with water, pop it into the freezer, and then remove the inner bucket when the water's frozen. After that, press the sides of the silicone bucket to pop out the now-frozen cubes. Add your favorite drinks to the center and enjoy.

These Silicone Face Scrubbers With Built-In Grips

You might love your facial cleaning routine as is — but add one of these silicone facial brushes to the mix and you'll love it even more. These scrubbies are designed with teeny, tiny bumps to gently and effectively exfoliate your skin while addressing blackheads throughout the process. Plus, they come with finger grips that'll help them stay in place while you wash.

The Clip-On Funnels That Make Transferring Liquids Easy

Use these Smart Funnels to prevent spillage while you're re-filling your soap containers. The adjustable, clip-on design fits various openings to make transferring from one container to another as mess-free as possible. You can use it to drip one substance into another, or you can use it to pour one liquid into a different bottle. After using it, pop the top into the dishwasher and store for next time.

The Space-Saving Travel Bags For More Room In Your Suitcase

These airtight space-saving travel bags will make your luggage space go a lot further. In fact, when you seal your clothing, shoes, and accessories in these durable bags, you'll be able to quadruple your packing space. And unlike other airtight bags, these don't require a vacuum. Just squeeze the air out with your hands and roll to your desire.

These Insoles That Use Activated Charcoal To Absorb Odors

Use these odor-absorbing insoles to stop unfavorable scents with each and every step. They're made with baking soda and activated charcoal to remove stench for fresh feet all day long. Not to mention, the insoles themselves will help absorb sweat while you're wearing them. They're also made with "Air-Pillo" foam padding for extra comfort, which is always a plus.

A Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper With Gripped Handles

Sure, you might take the time to brush your teeth each and every day, but what about your tongue? This tongue scraper will gently and effectively remove bacteria and build-up from the surface of your tongue to help reduce odor. Plus, it's made with stainless steel and includes gripped handles for extra security while you using it.

A Travel Mug That Brews Coffee And Stays Hot For Hours

This stainless steel travel mug is about to become your new beverage BFF. It's designed with a paperless filter to help you make coffee on-the-go. Simply add ground coffee above the filter, pour hot water over it, and then wait for it to brew. It's that easy. Plus, thanks to its copper lining, the mug will keep your coffee hot for over six hours. Enjoy sipping from one of the seven colors available.

This Silicone Spatula That Can Withstand 550 Degrees

Whether you like making pancakes or cooking eggs, you need to stock your kitchen with this heat-resistant spatula. The FDA-approved utensil is made with silicone that's able to withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, it won't melt while you're cooking. (It won't scratch your pans, either.) The spatula is sold in nine different colors, as well as four sizes.

A Double-Sided Massage Roller That Soothes Your Hands

You take the time to roll out your neck, back, legs, and feet, so why not your hands, too? This hand therapy kit has two sides designed to gently knead fingers and hands to relax some of the most-used muscles in your body. It can also help increase blood circulation. When you're done massaging your digits, turn the device around and use the opposite end to massage your palms.

The Compression Eye Mask That You Can Chill In The Freezer

This light-blocking eye mask is perfect for mornings when you want to sleep in just a tad longer, long flights, or any time you find yourself with a headache. The cotton-lined mask — which is filled with massaging beads — applies gentle pressure around your eyes while leaving enough space for them to relax. What's more, it can be chilled in the freezer for extra-soothing relief.

This Motion-Activated Purse Light That Illuminates Your Bag

Save yourself from digging aimlessly in your handbag with this convenient purse light. It's designed to turn on when it senses motion — so as soon as you reach your hand inside your bag, your belongings will be illuminated. If you accidentally turn it on, don't worry; it'll automatically turn off shortly after. Plus, thanks to its clip, you can hang it inside your bag for easy access.

This Extra-Soft Hair Towel Made With Waffle-Knit Microfiber

You might not think that a towel can make that big of a difference for your hair — but, of course, that's only if you've never used a microfiber towel. This waffle-knit towel is ultra-smooth so that it won't snag strands while drying. While it adequately absorbs excess moisture, it doesn't mess with the texture of each strand, ensuring that your hair looks and feels its best with every use.

A Compact Key Holder That'll Replace Your Chain

Tired of carrying around a jagged jumble of keys? I am, too. Luckily, this compact key organizer is here to help. It's made with stainless steel and carbon fiber to hold your keys tightly together in one area. In addition to organizing your keys, it even offers a bottle opener, a wrench tool, and a tiny SIM ejector — all of which can come in handy. You can buy it in various colors, including black, silver, gold, blue, and pink.

A Shower Mat With 324 Suction Cups For Extra Grip

Use one of these antibacterial bath mats for extra grip while you're taking a shower. Complete with over 324 suction cups and tons of drainage holes, it'll give your feet extra traction when you're bathing. It's resistant to mildew — but if you want to clean it off after a few uses, you can throw it into the washing machine. Plus, it comes in 18 different color choices to accommodate your shower aesthetic.

The Straps That Keep Your Pants From Riding Up Your Boots

If you like to wear your leggings and jeans tucked into your boots, try using these stretchy boot straps to keep them in place. The elastic straps loop under your feet and fasten to the hems of your pants to prevent them from riding up throughout the day. You can choose straps that are either 3 inches long or 5 inches long — and they come in various colors (including cheetah prints).

A Soothing Neck-And-Shoulder Wrap That Offers Aromatherapy

This furry neck-and-shoulder wrap is about to become one of your favorite possessions. It's filled with and assortment of grains and natural herbs for an aromatherapy effect (like flaxseed, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, and more), and can be heated or chilled for soothing relief tailored to your temperature preference. Plus, you can buy it in various colors, including blue, olive green, mauve, and more.

An Electric Slicer That Dices Your Cheese And Veggies

Are you tired of spending forever slicing and dicing veggies and cheese for the dishes you're cooking? Save yourself the time and energy by adding one of these handheld electric slicers to your kitchen cabinet. They're designed to cut through veggies, cheese, fruit, and more with the press of a button. Plus, your freshly-cut snacks will be ejected as you go.

A Tablet Stand So You Can Watch Movies On Your iPad

Keep yourself from craning your neck and getting arm cramps by propping your iPad on one of these adjustable tablet stands. It's lined with a rubber cushion so you don't have to worry about it scratching your tablet in the process of holding it up. Plus, it's adjustable and comes in three colors including silver, black, and rose gold. With over 5,000 reviews, it's totally worth adding to your desk.

This Meat Thermometer You Can Stick To Your Fridge

If you're anything like me, you don't want to take your chances with undercooked meat. To ensure that your poultry, pork, and beef is cooked up to snuff, be sure to stick it with one of these best-selling meat thermometers with an LCD display. It's designed to take the temperature in a matter of seconds, so it won't tack too much extra time and effort onto your meal prep. When you're done using it, you can fold the probe in and use its built-in magnet to store it on your fridge.

A Mesh Toiletry Organizer That Hangs In Your Bathroom

Are you constantly scrambling for bath products while you're already in the shower? Save yourself from dripping all over the place by organizing your necessities in this mesh pocket curtain. Thanks to its jumbo mesh pockets, you can easily store shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, facial cleanser, and more. Just hang it over your bathroom (or shower) door, and fill it up.

This Airtight Container That Holds Up To 5 Pounds Of Flour

Keep your flour fresh by dumping it out of the bag and into one of these flour canisters. The airtight, BPA-free container comes with a flat leveler so you can achieve perfectly-smooth measures each and every time (talk about satisfying). Plus, it can hold up to 5 pounds of flour or sugar. When it's time to clean the keeper, place it into the dishwasher and get ready to fill it up again.

An Easy-To-Use Tool That Will Unclog Your Drain

Before calling in a professional to unclog your drain, consider giving it a go yourself with one of these cobra drain cleaning tools. The 17-inch strip is designed to snake into small spaces and pull debris and hair out when removed. When you're done using it, you can throw it away. It's still a great choice if you'd rather not pour products down your drain, though.

The Wipes That Come In Handy When You Forget Your Toothbrush

If you forget your toothbrush while you're traveling, keep your teeth clean and fresh with these disposable Brush Ups. Simply slip one on your finger, brush, and toss. The slips don't require any water, so you can easily use them on-the-go. Plus, they taste like mint, so you'll still get that "toothpaste" feel.

This Tech Charger That Keeps Cords From Tangling

Keep your tablets and tech devices organized while they charge with one of these tech-charging stations. It's designed to charge up to six devices at a time, all without getting any wires tangled or crossed. It even comes with shortened charging wires that you can use, but it's compatible with any USB cords that you have. That means you can use it to charge various devices like cell phones, speakers, cameras, and more.

A Microwavable Dish That Makes Cooking Eggs A Cinch

Save yourself from the hassle of washing a stovetop frying pan by popping your eggs into one of these egg cookers, instead. The microwave-safe container can be used to make top-notch omelettes and scrambled eggs. It can even help you form the perfect eggs for muffin sandwiches. Plus, when you're not using it, you can clean it in the dishwasher and stack it in your cabinet until you're ready to use it again.

This Mug Warmer That Will Keep Your Coffee Hot

Why subject yourself to cold coffee if iced lattes aren't your thing? This coffee mug warmer will keep your cup of joe toasty and tasty all day long. So long as you have a place to plug it in, you're good to go. It features an on-and-off switch that you can use whenever you need a warm-up. Plus, its red light will let you know when the platform is hot.

The Handles That Turn Your Tumblers Into Mugs

This convenient handle fits onto Yeti cups (and other tumblers) to turn them into mugs. The BPA-free plastic holder is sold in 19 different colors and is available in two different sizes to accommodate most 20-ounce cups and 30-ounce cups. Considering it has nearly 9,000 rave reviews, you simply can't go wrong.

These Grippy Toe Socks That Are Great For Yoga

Whether you do pilates, barre, or yoga, these grippy toe socks will become your favorite footwear. They cut off at the toes and use gel grips made with silicone to keep you from slipping while working out. Plus, they're made with a breathable blend of cotton, spandex, and binding cloth for extra comfort while you move. Best of all, the socks come black, bright blue, hot pink, and gray.

Available sizes: S-L

A Butter Holder That Coats Your Corn (Without The Mess)

Don't make your butter dish messy with corn on the cob. Instead, put a separate stick of butter into this little butter spreader, and then coat your corn. The handheld kitchen tool is designed to slather your cob without making a mess. It's sold in green and yellow and is made with BPA-free plastic. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe, so you can easily clean it up when you're done enjoying your meal.

A Miniature Water Filter That Makes Almost Any Water Drinkable

Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply exploring, this mini filtration system will ensure that the water you drink is as clean as can be. It attaches to the included drinking pouch and filters your water as you sip, getting rid of over 99% of bacteria. You can even hook it up to single-use water bottles, or use the straw to drink directly from a stream or fountain. Choose between multiple colors including blue, pink, orange, and more.

A Tech Ring That Makes Carrying Your Phone Even Easier

This finger ring adheres to the back of your phone to serve as both a kickstand and a carrying assistant. Prop it up on any surface to stream your favorite show, or use it to easily carry your phone while toting other bags and boxes. It's made with stainless steel and zinc alloy, and comes in five colors including two shades of silver, two shades of black, and one shade of pink.

This Wireless Charging Pad That Can Replace Your Cords

This QI-certified wireless charging pad is ideal for anyone who can't be bothered with traditional cords. Whether you constantly lose your charger (or simply don't want to deal with having to plug something in), you'll love this handy pad. It can be used to charge various devices — and when your phone is in place, an LED light will glow. Buy it in black, white, blue, gold, red, and rose gold.

These Beauty Sponges That Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

These versatile beauty sponges will help you apply smooth layers of foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow and more. Not to mention, their pointed-teardrop shape lets you blend in even the tiniest contours. You can use them wet or dry, which will make your entire makeup routine a total breeze. Plus, they're latex-free and can be easily washed.

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