These 38 Hyped-Up Products On Amazon Seriously Make Life More Convenient

When you hear about a convenient product, chances are high that you'll want to check it out to see if it's really worth all the hullabaloo (hey, I don't blame you). However, considering the fact that not all of the fad products available online come with free returns, your wallet might not feel as forgiving. That's why it's important to make your purchases from sites that have tons of customer ratings and reviews. That brings me to today's topic: the hyped-up products on Amazon that have been approved by the masses.

Ahead, you'll discover dozens of cool lifestyle products that have hundreds — if not thousands — of four- and five-star reviews. From toilet attachments that'll transform your loo into a fancy bidet to smart lightbulbs and outlets that'll let you control your appliances with your voice, it's safe to say you'll want to click "Add to Cart" once you see just how many customers are weighing in on these must-try buys.

Best of all, thanks to Amazon Prime, you'll be able to start testing out the tried-and-true highly-rated goodies in as little as 24 hours. And if that's not convenient, then I'm not sure what is.

This Seat Gap-Filler For Your Car That Prevents Things From Falling

It's always easy it is to drop crumbs, keys, and even your phone between the seats of your car. To save yourself from having to dig between those areas, outfit your seat spaces with these seat gap fillers. They're designed to block items from falling between the cracks so you'll be less likely to lose anything. Plus, since they're stretchy and made with neoprene, they're easy to install.

The Bidet Attachment that Will Instantly Upgrade Your Toilet

Traditional bidets can cost a pretty penny to get installed into your home. If you crave the French cleansing device (but can't justify the price tag), check out this bidet toilet attachment. The easy-to-install device comes with pressure adjustment controls so that you can pick your perfect cleansing situation. What's more, it comes with a self-cleaning nozzle so you don't have to scrub it after each use.

This Smart Plug So You Can Turn Things Off With Your Voice

Whether you don't want to get up to turn the lights off or if you commonly forget to unplug your hair straightener, this Amazon smart plug will come in handy. It's Alexa compatible, so you can control it with your voice. And if you're not at home, you can do so through the Alexa app. Plus, two plugs can fit into one outlet, so you can power more than one device. Pretty nifty, right?

A Clip-On Scrap Bowl That Collects Crumbs While You're Cooking

Instead of running around your kitchen throwing garbage away as you cook, clip one of these scrap traps to your counter. The sturdy, 2-quart catcher comes with a scraper so you can easily sweep crumbs and any other remnants out of the way until you're ready to take it all to the trash. Plus, it's made with durable plastic — so don't be afraid to fill it up.

This Waterproof Notepad That Can Be Used In The Shower

Have you ever felt like you had the most brilliant idea in the shower, but forgot it by the time you stepped out? Well, with this waterproof notepad, that won't be the case. You can suction cup it to your wall and easily jot down your ideas without fear of forgetting them or having them rinse away. One pad comes with 40 pages that you can fill up in the tub.

This Smart Pill Box That Comes With A Reminder Phone App

If you're not the best at remembering to take your supplements, it's time to add one of these smart pill boxes to your wellness routine. Each compartment is split up so you can separate your daytime and nighttime medicines or vitamins. Plus, it comes with a phone app that'll remind you when you need to take them. The holder comes in four color combos and holds seven days worth of pills.

The Rubber Lid Openers To Help Unscrew Tight Jars

Are you tired of asking for help when it comes to opening tight jars? Well, with this trio of lid openers, you won't have to. The grips are designed to firmly untwist various lids of all shapes and sizes to avoid frustration. Just remember: They're made of rubber and are supposed to be washed by hand whenever they need a good cleaning.

The Small Gadgets To Keep Wine Glasses Upright In The Wash

If you've ever put wine glasses in the dishwasher, then you know just how easy it is for them to topple over. Fortunately, these silicone dishwasher attachments help put an end to that. They're designed to grip the stems of your wine glasses with one end, and then hook onto your dishwasher dividers with the other. That'll keep your glasses upright during the wash and dry cycles. Genius.

This Alarm Clock That Mimics The Rising Sun

If your bedroom doesn't face the rising sun, it might be difficult to wake up in the morning. Try making it easier with this sunrise alarm clock. It mimics that rising sun to bathe you in a warm, dawn glow as you wake up. And if you're worried that it'll be too bright, rest assured that it'll start off with a reddish glow before gradually transforming into a white light. You can also set the clock on different colors and use sound along with it.

An Automatic Mug Warmer That Senses When A Cup Is On It

To keep your hot coffee from tasting lukewarm and stale, be sure to place your mug on this coffee warmer heating plate. It comes in black, white, and pink color options — and it's designed to automatically turn on and off when a mug is placed on top of it. You'll know when it starts to heat up, because a light will go on within the base of the holder.

These Durable Handles That Make Carrying Groceries So Easy

If you're like me, you try to carry as many groceries as you can to reduce the number of trips you have to make to the car. To make it less of a hassle, loop your bags onto these mighty handles. That way, you can carry everything while gripping onto one single, sturdy handle in each hand. Every handle can carry up to 50 pounds, so don't be shy with your shopping bags.

The Outlet That Automatically Shuts Off When You Schedule It

This automatic shut-off outlet will come in handy if you regularly forget to turn your appliances or home electronics off. You can schedule it to turn off after one, two, four, or eight hours to save energy and keep your house safe while you're out and about. Whether you use it for your hair tools or your kitchen appliances, they'll shut off when you need them to.

This Handy Tool That Helps Clasp Your Jewelry Together

Some jewelry clasps are such a pain to open — especially while you're doing it by yourself. To help make things easier, use this jewelry clasp opener that's made for latching bracelets on your own. To make it work, clamp the device around one end of your bracelet to hold it into place. Then, use your own hand to secure the lock.

The Weatherproof Traction Tape To Add Grip To Your Walkways

Believe it or not, you don't need to hire a home-and-garden expert to keep your front walkway and back steps from getting super slippery. Instead, just layer this textured, slip-proof traction tape onto any suspect areas. The weatherproof adhesive ensures that it won't come undone in heavy rain or snow, so you can have faith in a little extra grip during various seasons.

This Versatile Hammer That Splits Apart To Be A Wrench

If you're trying to de-clutter your home (without getting rid of essential tools), check out this multi-use hammer that's sure to come in handy. The 10-in-1 design features various tools, including a hammer, a flathead screwdriver, a bottle opener, pliers, wire cutters, and more. Once you choose which tool you need, it'll lock into place when it's fully extended to ensure safety during use.

This Winged Eyeliner Stamp That Makes Creating Cat Eyes Easy

If applying perfectly-even eyeliner simply isn't in your wheelhouse, you're not alone. That's why this eyeliner stamp is such a hit on Amazon. Over 1,500 shoppers agree: The way this eyeliner stamp creates a flawless wing tip for each eye is simply unmatched. The waterproof ink stamps on for a smudge-free finish that would be difficult to replicate solely by hand.

The Purse Light That Helps You Find What You're Looking For

To save yourself from wasting time digging through your bag (or from standing out in the cold trying to find your house keys), be sure to put one of these sensor lights into your purse. That way, when you reach into your bag, it'll automatically become illuminated for easy searching. And thanks to the attached hook, it's easy to secure the light into place. Attached it to your strap or zipper, and then let it shine whenever you need it.

These Cute Silicone Snails To Hold Your Tea Bags In Place

Tea drinkers, this one's for you. By clipping one of these cute silicone snail teabag holders on the side of your mug, you'll be able to save your teabag from falling into your hot cup. Simply dip the bag into your tea, twirl the tassel around the snails shell, et voila. The snails even come in five different colors, so you can use them as drink markers whenever you're having company.

These Little Funnels That Make Transferring Liquids Less Messy

There's no doubt about it: Funnels come in handy. Unfortunately, many funnels are unnecessarily bulky and take up way too much space. That's not the case with these collapsible silicone funnels, though. These BPA-free, dishwasher-safe designs (which come in small and large options) are sturdy enough to transfer liquids. However, they're also flexible enough to fold down when you're not using them.

This Colorful Note Pad That Helps With Meal Prepping

Are you trying to become an expert meal planner? This colorful meal prep list will help. The magnetic pad features slots to write down meals for every day of the week, as well as a column to organize which ingredients you'll need to buy in order to bring your meals to life. Plus, since there are a total of 60 sheets in the pad, you'll have enough space to organize meals for an entire year.

The Laundry Accessory That Keeps Your Dryer Door From Swinging

To save your high-end appliance from getting dinged up, outfit it with one of these laundry lassos. It uses suction cups to clip onto your machine to keep the door from swinging open too far. And if you're fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer in your house, then you know how easy it is to accidentally leave the doors open (and potentially damage them).

This Smart Water Bottle That Lights Up When It's Time To Drink

Hydration is super important. If you're working on drinking more water, then this smart water bottle can help. Its color-changing design lights up whenever it's time to take another sip so you're visually reminded to rehydrate. What's more, the bottle — which is sold in a variety of different colors — comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can turn up the tunes while turning up your hydration.

This Weighted Book Mark That Keeps Pages Open While Reading

If you're someone who likes to read with their book opened flat, then you may have noticed just how much pages want to flop together. This weighted "BookBone" will put an end to that. It's designed to hold down the pages of your book so that you can read with ease — but it can also act as a bookmark, keeping your novel open to the right page until you're ready to revisit the story.

These Colorful Egg-Poaching Cups For Homemade Eggs Benedict

Poached egg lovers, rejoice! These colorful egg-poaching cups make it easier than ever to make the chef-quality eggs. The BPA-free, heat-proof silicone containers can be used on the stove or in the microwave to bring your dishes to life. When not in use, pop them in the dishwasher to ensure they're ready for the next meal.

This Broom That Can Be Extended To Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas

Brooms are great and all — but sometimes, they're not long enough to clean those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Fortunately, that's not the case with this extendable broom. It's designed to be used at a traditional height, or it can be extended to reach 52 inches from the bristles to the handle. It comes with a dust pan, and the set can be purchased in two color combinations: black and yellow, or white and red.

A Digital Tape Measure That Comes With A Screen

This digital tape measure makes it easier than ever to read measurements. While it still features standard, retractable tape, it also has as a screen that tells you the exact length of whatever it is that you're measuring. Most notably, it has a smart memory that helps it record measurements (so you don't have to jot them down as you go).

This Dog Water Bottle That Will Help Your Pup Stay Hydrated

This reusable, BPA-free dog water bottle is a must-have for any dog owners who regularly go on outdoor adventures with their four-legged friends. It's sold in blue, pink, and white, and comes with a button to easily dispense water so your dog can hydrate on-the-go. It even comes with a notch to let water drain back into the bottle if it wasn't consumed by your pop.

This Hot Tool That Lets You Easily Re-Seal Open Food Bags

With this food bag heat sealer, you can easily re-seal any plastic bag to keep your snacks fresh. In addition to plastic, you can also seal aluminum-coated bags (whether you're dealing with human food or pet food). Heat it up for up to 30 seconds, and then clamp the hot plates over the package that you're trying to re-seal. The device is sold in four colors, including green, orange, pink, and purple.

This Dough-Rolling Pin With Adjustable Heights

If you're a baker, then you know just how tough it can be to roll out the perfect sheet of dough. To ensure that your dough is even, use this adjustable rolling pin. It comes with removable rings that let you tailor the depth of whatever it is that you're rolling. To adjust the thickness, remove the rings from the roller and choose the height that works best for your meal.

This 5-In-1 Kitchen Tool That Acts Like Various Utensils

Here's another multi-use gadget that lets you cut back on clutter in your home. This durable nylon kitchen tool features two spoons (a slotted one and a solid one), along with a rigid edge for cutting food. It also includes a spatula and a turner for easy flipping. In other words, you can knock out five uses with this device. What's more, it's heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, so it doesn't require any extra care.

These Car Headrest Hooks That Make For Easy Organization

Sometimes, putting your bags in the back of your car is asking for a mess. To keep your bagged goods from toppling over as you take sharp turns, hang them onto these headrest hooks. The strong hooks can fit around the tongs of your car headrests to provide extra storage opportunities within your vehicle. Most notably, each hook can hold up to 40 pounds — and they come in five different colors.

This Eggshell Peeler That's So Easy To Use

Sure, you can totally knock a boiled egg onto the counter to gently crack the shell before trying to pull off every remnant of the hard outer layer, or you could make it easy on yourself with this eggshell peeler. The innovative kitchen tool uses one end to gently tap and break the shell, while the other is designed to fit underneath the cracked shell to remove it in just a few swoops.

The Notebook That Converts Written Notes Into Digital Images

Instead of writing your ideas, notes, and drawings down twice (both hand-written and typed), add this smart notebook to your bag. When you write on its pages, the pad automatically transcribes your notes into digital form for easy reading on your phone, tablet, or computer. Then, it can be put into the microwave whenever you want to clear your drawings and reuse the paper.

The Smart LED Lightbulbs That Can Be Linked To Alexa And Google

As you might have noticed, I'm all for smart gadgets that make life more convenient. Case in point: These Alexa- and Google-compatible soft white lightbulbs. When you twist these bulbs into your light fixtures, you'll be able to turn them on and off — as well as dim them — with a simple voice command or update within your smart device's app. You can even set these bulbs to work on different schedules.

The Neon Sticky Notes With Organized Divider Tabs

These colorful sticky dividers make my stationary-loving heart happy. Unlike regular sticky tabs, they offer a whole block of space to write notes that coordinate with the subjects that you're tabbing off — and they won't leave unwanted stickiness behind. There are 60 cards in each pack with assorted neon colors, but you can buy various packs with one order (depending on how many you need).

These Bed Straps That Keep Your Sheets From Coming Unhooked

Do your sheets constantly come unhooked from the corners of your bed? Well, they won't anymore. These bed sheet holders will grip your sheets into place by hooking loose ends together underneath your mattress. While they're sturdy enough to keep everything secured, they're gentle enough to hold your sheets without ripping them.

This Moldable Glue That Dries Into Silicone

With this moldable glue — which comes in an array of colors — you can fill the holes in your shoe soles and keep wearing your favorite kicks. The weatherproof material is designed to seal holes, cracks, and more — and it's made to solidify into silicone when it's dry. You can also us it to reinforce the bond between your plug and phone charger.

This Shoe-Drying Machine That Refreshes Soaked Soles

Whether you love walking around in the winter snow (or if you simply enjoy wet outdoor adventures), you're probably aware of how uncomfortable wet shoes can be. To dry them as fast as possible, place them on this electric shoe-and-boot dryer when you get home. Then, you can wear them cozily in as little as three to eight hours. In addition to drying shoes, you can look forward to a deodorizing effect that will make them smell fresh, too.

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