Believe The Reviewers’ Hype, These 39 Amazon Products Are That Good

Whether you're buying products on Amazon, or buying them from — come to think of it, who really buys anything that's not from Amazon these days? The allure of free two-day shipping is usually too much to draw me away, and the fact that Amazon has thousands of highly reviewed products from trusted buyers doesn't hurt either.

Generally you want to double-check that the purchase you're about to make is a smart one, or at least not something you're going to wind up having to pay to ship back — and sometimes that requires a little bit of research on your end. Luckily, all that means is a little deep dive into the reviews section. You wouldn't think that the electric toothbrush in here could really remove up to 300 percent more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, but the 2,500 positive four- and five-star reviews would beg to differ. And as for the seemingly questionable claim that this pain-relieving foam works instantly? Well, there are over 1,000 reviewers who say otherwise.

A little bit of skepticism goes a long way when shopping online, but truly —who needs it when you've got thousands of Amazon products with five-star reviews to help you out instead?

Entertainment — Believe The Reviewers’ Hype, These 39 Amazon Products Are That Good

1. The Spoonula That Won't Melt Or Warp While You're Cooking

StarPack Home Premium Silicone Spoonula, $9, Amazon

Kitchen utensils made from plastic can warp over time, but if your tools are made from silicone it'll never be a problem. Not only is the StarPack Home premium silicone spoonula made from antibacterial and heat-resistant silicone, but because silicone is soft (yet super durable at the same time) you'll never accidentally scratch your pans while cooking. And because life is always better when it's easy, this spoonula is completely dishwasher-safe.


2. The Pads That Help Relieve Pressure On Painful Bunions

Dr. Frederick's Original Bunion Pads, $12 (4 Pack), Amazon

Bunions can be a painful reason you're avoiding a certain pair of shoes, but with Dr. Frederick's original bunion pads, you can relieve all that excess pressure on your bunion just by slipping on this soft, super-stretchy gel pad. And if you don't suffer from bunions but have a few unwanted calluses appearing, you can also use these pads to prevent them from developing on your pinky toes.


3. The Miniature Flashlight That's Incredibly Powerful For Its Size

Hatori Mini Flashlight, $8, Amazon

You wouldn't normally expect a miniature flashlight to be super bright, but that's exactly what the Hatori mini flashlight is — boasting 500 lumens of light, this handy flashlight can easily be tossed into your backpack or pocket for any situation, or you could even clip it to your belt for safekeeping. And while it is small, you won't have to worry about it breaking as this flashlight is skid-proof, abrasion-resistant, and waterproof to boot.


4. A Cleaning Cloth That Replaces Up To 15 Rolls Of Paper Towels

Skoy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth, $7 (4 Pack), Amazon

Paper towels may be convenient, but they're also super wasteful and a pretty big waste of money when you could be cleaning with a reusable cloth that replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels like the Skoy eco-friendly cleaning cloth instead. These cloths are made from cotton and cellulose, and are 100 percent biodegradable — making them more environmentally friendly than regular towels, but just as effective.


5. The Handy Tool That Gives You A Great Massage In Your Own Home

The Pressure Positive Company Original Jacknobber, $7, Amazon

Paying for a professional massage can quickly become an expensive experience, but with The Pressure Positive Company original jacknobbler you can get the same relief in the comfort of your own home. This massage tool was designed to help work out tense trigger points in your muscles, with the smaller knobs specially designed to give you intense pressure — and the larger ones were made to give you a gentler, more broad feeling, so this is quite the versatile tool.


6. An Argan Oil Treatment That Instantly Makes Your Hair Soft And Silky

Arvazallia Argan Oil For Hair, $19, Amazon

Dry, frizzy hair can be hard to manage, but with the Arvazallia argan oil for hair you can take your damaged locks and instantly make them noticeably softer and silkier. This hydrating treatment works to moisturize dry and over-processed hair by using the highest quality Moroccan cosmetic-grade argan oil to promote natural hair growth, and with over 1,400 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that this serum truly works.


7. The Memory Foam Pillow That Adapts To Your Head, Neck, And Shoulders

Nakital Memory Foam Contour Side Pillow, $36, Amazon

Whereas other memory foam pillows can wind up being overstuffed and uncomfortable to use, the Nakital memory foam contour side pillow is designed to adapt to your head, neck, and shoulders as you sleep, providing you with gentle support and alignment so that you don't wake up feeling sore and tired. Each pillow is hypoallergenic, and the ventilated design allows air to circulate throughout so that you don't become overheated on hot summer nights.


8. A Container For Dry Goods With Its Own Built-In Leveler

Progressive Flour Keeper, $15, Amazon

You could keep dirtying up a knife to level off your measured dry goods, or you could keep your ingredients in the Progressive flour keeper and use its built-in leveler to ensure that all your measurements are accurate. And while it doesn't look so big in the picture, don't be fooled — and this container can easily hold an entire 5-pound bag of flour with room to spare. It even has markings on the side so you know how much flour, sugar, or salt you have left.


9. The Exercise Ball That Comes With Resistance Bands For That Extra Burn

UR Superior Fitness Exercise Ball, $35, Amazon

If going to the gym isn't an option, but you're still looking for ways to exercise, try out the UR Superior Fitness exercise ball. This ball is made from heavy anti-burst PVC — so you definitely don't have to worry about it popping while you're using it — and the included resistance bands help give your muscles some added resistance so that you get an extra-effective workout to reach all your fitness goals.


10. A Lip Balm That Helps Heal Your Lips Overnight

Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm, $8, Amazon

While you can definitely still wear it during the day, the Hurraw! moon lip balm is made to work as an overnight treatment that uses natural ingredients like vanilla and peru balsam to help lull you to sleep, while blue chamomile soothes and moisturizes your lips. And with over 880 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's no surprise that Amazon shoppers found it to be "easily the best lip balm" they've ever used.


11. The Massager That Works On Almost Any Part Of The Body

ComfySure Shiatsu Shoulder And Neck Massager, $30, Amazon

Even though it's marketed as a shoulder and neck massager, the ComfySure shiatsu massager is ergonomically designed to be easily placed onto almost any part of the body (legs, arms, wrists, feet, etc.) for muscle relief. Each massager has eight deep-kneading nodes that dig into your muscles to help you relax, and the lightweight built makes it super portable so you can take it with you anywhere.


12. A Shampoo That Uses Tea Tree Oil To Promote Hair Growth

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, $11, Amazon

Even though it helps promote fast hair growth and regrowth, the Maple Holistics tea tree oil shampoo can do so much more — use it to fight dandruff and itchy flaky scalps, or use it as a natural and chemical-free way to eradicate lice. Not only is the formula free from any sulfates, but it even works to hydrate the scalp and lock in moisture so that your hair is left looking rejuvenated and feeling fresh. One reviewer writes: "I can go 3 days without washing my hair and my dandruff is all but gone. My hair looks healthy, shiny, and Instagram worthy."


13. The Salad Dressing Shaker With A Leak-Proof Seal

OXO Salad Dressing Shaker, $10, Amazon

Making your own salad dressing only to accidentally spill it out all over your countertop is no one's idea of gourmet, so instead try the OXO salad dressing shaker. Not only does this shaker have a watertight, leak-proof seal, but you don't have to limit yourself to salad dressing — use it for sauces or marinades, and when you're done just toss it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


14. A Pair Of Socks That Help Promote Blood Circulation

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks, $22 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're exercising, hiking, or just going on a long walk, try wearing the Physix Gear Sport compression socks and see the difference that compression makes. These socks help promote blood circulation in your feet so that they don't become swollen or sore after strenuous activity, and since they're also moisture-wicking your feet won't get wet with sweat no matter how hard you work out.


15. The Drying Mat That's Reversible For Faster Drying

The Original Dish Drying Mat, $13, Amazon

Because it's made from soft and super-absorbent microfiber, The Original dish drying mat can hold more than four times its weight in water, all while cushioning delicate plates and dishes so that they're safe while they dry. Unlike other mats, this one is reversible — with one side being made out of mesh — so that your dishes get better airflow, allowing them to dry faster without any added effort on your part.


16. A Flat Iron Made With Ceramic To Keep Your Hair Safe From Damage

HerStyler Ceramic Flat Iron, $26, Amazon

When it comes to styling hair, you want a flat iron with plates that are at least coated in ceramic to keep your hair safe from any heat damage. Not only are the plates on the HerStyler ceramic flat iron made from solid ceramic, but the negative ion and infrared technology work to eliminate frizz as it straightens your hair. And because it's super lightweight, this flat iron is a great option to use while traveling.


17. The Phone Mount For Your Car That Can Rotate A Full 360 Degrees

Caseco Magnetic Car Phone Mount, $25, Amazon

Whereas other car phone mounts can only swivel from left to right, the Caseco magnetic car phone mount can rotate a full 360-degrees so that you can get the perfect viewing angle while driving. Unlike other phone mounts that can only handle phones within certain widths, this one is universal and can be used with any model — and because it's easy to install, all you have to do is attach it using the included adhesive to your dashboard and you're ready to go.


18. A Mask That Uses Mud From The Dead Sea To Polish Skin

Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask, $10, Amazon

Mud from the Dead Sea has been used to cleanse impurities from skin for centuries, and the Anjou dead sea mud mask is no different — not only does this mask pull out toxins from your pores to give you a smoother complexion, but the added vitamin E and aloe help make each application feel like an indulgent session at the spa. It's also great for the body as well as the face.


19. The Handy Tool That Combines Seven Screwdrivers Into One

MAXCRAFT Pocket Screwdriver, $8, Amazon

Because it's super compact and weighs in at less than 2 ounces, the MAXCRAFT pocket screwdriver is perfect for any homeowner or DIYer who wants to be ready for any repair, anytime. This handy tool combines seven screwdrivers into one: four flathead options, and three Phillips options. And because it's made from super durable aluminum, this screwdriver is durable enough for the professional and novice alike.


20. A Sealer That Keeps Your Eyebrows Looking Perfect All Day Long

Model In A Bottle Eyebrow Sealer, $13, Amazon

Achieving those perfect eyebrows isn't easy, but having them last all day long is even harder — luckily, the Model in a Bottle eyebrow sealer applies and dries quickly to keep your eyebrows looking flawless all day long. This eyebrow sealer dries with a matte finish so that no one can tell you're wearing it, and the formula won't clog your pores either. One Amazon reviewer even raved how she was able to keep her eyebrows perfectly drawn-on for two days after using this sealer.


21. The Planner That Keeps You Motivated To Reach Your Goals

Planner & Tracker Daily And Monthly Planner, $18, Amazon

Finding a planner that truly fits your needs can be difficult, which is why this planner gives you both functional daily and monthly plans — along with motivational quotes to keep you going. Made with lay-flat binding, ribbon page markers, and a handy elastic strap to help keep you organized and boost your productivity, this planner is also undated.


22. A Heating Wrap That Soothes Achy Joints And Muscles

My Heating Pad Multi-Purpose Wrap, $20, Amazon

Whereas most heating pads simply hold heat, the My Heating Pad multi-purpose wrap takes it a step further by applying a gentle 3 pounds of pressure wherever you apply it, helping to quickly soothe achy muscles, joints, and tension faster than you would experience with solely heat. "This thing has worked wonders for my back pain," one Amazon reviewer with arthritis writes. "It helps loosen and relax my muscles, making the pain more tolerable."


23. An Over-The-Door Pantry Perfect For Organizing Any Kitchen

Simple Houseware Over-The-Door Pantry, $13, Amazon

Not every kitchen comes with a pantry, which means you have to get creative with utilizing your storage space — or you could just get the Simple Houseware over-the-door-pantry and gain 15 extra spaces for storage behind any door. And if your kitchen doesn't need any extra storage space, one Amazon reviewer raved about how "this organizer is wonderful for hats and gloves" in her tiny coat closet.


24. The Spray That Leaves Your Shoes, Gym Bag, And More Smelling Fresh

Sof Sole Fresh Deodorizer Spray, $7, Amazon

Unwanted odor can ruin a pair of shoes for you, but with the Sof Sole fresh deodorizer spray you can quickly destroy unwanted odors in your shoes, gym bag, athletic gear, and more. This formula does not discolor clothing, nor will it leave behind any greasy film or residues — and because you can use it on most materials, it's also safe to use on leather, canvas, and suede.


25. A Popcorn Popper That Doubles As A Handy Bowl

HOTPOP Microwave Popcorn Popper, $13, Amazon

If you want to enjoy fresh popcorn without using a stovetop, try the HOTPOP microwave popcorn popper — it easily makes up to 15 cups of popcorn in less than four minutes, all without butter or oil. All you have to do is add the kernels to the bowl with whatever seasoning you like, then put the bowl in the microwave — the cool-touch handles keep you from getting burnt when taking it out, and since this popper is literally a bowl you can also use it for eating soup or mixing ingredients.


26. The Cream That Softens And Soothes Tired Eyes

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream, $18, Amazon

Hyaluronic acid is a great way to lock in your skin's natural moisture without adding any greasy oils, and the Mario Badescu hyaluronic eye cream is absolutely chock-full of it. Not only is the formula aloe-based so that this cream is safe for all skin types (including sensitive), this cream helps to replenish tired under eyes using antioxidant-rich euphrasia, while safflower seed oil softens and smooths.


27. A Cheese Slicer That Lets You Pick How Thick You Want Your Slice

Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer, $10, Amazon

Sometimes you want a thick chunk, other times you want a thin slice that'll drape nicely over a sandwich — and either way, the Bellemain adjustable cheese slicer can do it. Made with a rugged and durable stainless steel wire that cuts neatly through cheeses, this slicer is designed so that you can adjust the slicing thickness from thick, medium, or even paper-thin slices.


28. The Fabric Shaver You Can Take With You Anywhere

1byone Portable Fabric Shaver, $13, Amazon

Finding yourself with a ton of fluff and lint while you're traveling is no fun, but with the 1byone portable fabric shaver you can easily remove all types of fuzz from your clothing at the push of a button. Unlike other portable shavers, this one allows you to choose from three different shaving heights, as well as two different speeds and three shaving head hole sizes so that it's super effective no matter what type of clothing you're shaving.


29. A Travel Makeup Bag With A Spill-Proof Interior

ROWNYEON Travel Makeup Bag, $16, Amazon

Your travel makeup bag should be able to handle rips and spills while on-the-go, and the ROWNYEON travel makeup bag covers both — not only is it anti-wear and waterproof, but the spill-proof interior means that any makeup that leaks out won't stain the fabric. Unlike other travel makeup bags, the internal compartments in this one are adjustable since the straps can be moved around, meaning that you can customize this bag any way you like to keep yourself organized.


30. The Brush That Cleans Any Awkwardly Long Bottles

ALINK Long Bottle Brush Cleaner, $8, Amazon

Getting a decent clean on any elongated bottle is generally a struggle, but with the ALINK long bottle brush cleaner you can easily clean any bottle that's up to 16 inches tall. BPA-free and made from stainless steel so they won't fall apart over time, one Amazon reviewer wrote: "This bottle brush is perfect: the bristles are soft enough to fold tightly against the handle for easy insertion into the bottle, but stiff enough to actually SCRUB the inside of the bottle."


31. An Organizer For Your Lids That Fits Over Any Cabinet Door

Spectrum Diversified Over-The-Cabinet Lid Organizer, $11, Amazon

We've all at least seen that one cabinet in every house that has a disorganized mish-mash of pots, pans, and lids strewn everywhere, so try getting yourself organized with the Spectrum Diversified over-the-cabinet lid organizer. This organizer slides over any standard cabinet door with zero installation required, and the padded foam on each bracket protects your cabinet from any accidental scratches that could happen.


32. The Set Of Resistance Bands That Add Up To 75 Pounds

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set, $26, Amazon

Since you can stack these bands on top of each other for added resistance, the Black Mountain resistance band set is able to produce up to 75 pounds of resistance, giving you that gym-quality burn without any membership required. Each set comes with a door anchor, exercise chart, ankle strap, carrying bag, and starter guide, with one Amazon reviewer noting that they're "great for in-home workouts in lieu of keeping larger weights around to accomplish similar toning."


33. A Double-Sided Stone That Sharpens And Polishes

JMR Knife Sharpening Stone, $30, Amazon

Whereas most sharpening stones can only hone your knives and blades, the JMR knife sharpening stone is two-sided — with the second side designed for refining and polishing your sharp blades. Made to be used with water instead of expensive honing oil, simply soak this sharpening stone for 5 to 10 minutes before use for your knives to get a premium-quality result on your knives.


34. The Ice Cube Trays Made From Flexible Silicone For Easy Release

OMORC Silicone Ice Cube Trays, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

Traditional ice cube trays made from plastic can easily be cracked when you're trying to pop the cubes out of them, but when the tray is made from silicone like these ice cube trays, you no longer have to worry about causing any accidental breakage since they're soft and flexible while still able to maintain their shape. Unlike other models, these ones come with their own removable lids that let you stack other items on top of them in the freezer, helping you to save space.


35. The Shapers That Fit Any Size Or Style Of Boot

Household Essentials Cedar Fresh Boot Shapers, $14 (4 Pairs), Amazon

Letting your boots kick around all spring and summer only to discover they've lost their shape come fall can be an expensive mistake, so why not try out the Household Essentials cedar fresh boot shapers and save yourself the hassle ahead of time? These shapers work on ankle-, calf-, and knee-high boots, and help prevent any cracking and sagging in the material.


36. The Foam That Provides Relief From Cramps And Muscle Spasms

Theraworx Fast-Acting Cramp Foam, $20, Amazon

You can use it daily to prevent muscle cramps and spasms, or you can rub on the Theraworx fast-acting cramp foam for quick relief from leg, foot, and other muscle cramps. Completely non-toxic and safe for use all over your body, one Amazon reviewer wrote: "Theraworx is a lifesaver for the 3 a.m. jump-out-of-bed leg cramp that you have to just walk off. I put it on right before bed and sleep through the night!"


37. An Alarm Clock That Simulates The Sun To Wake You Up

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $47, Amazon

Waking up gradually instead of to an abrupt alarm helps you feel more refreshed when you finally get up, which is the whole point of the Philips wake-up light alarm clock. This clock gradually gets brighter and brighter, waking you up slowly so you don't wind up with that groggy morning haze. And if you're afraid the light won't wake you up, there's also a beeping function that works as a fail-safe to make sure you get up.


38. The Towel That Reduces The Time It Takes To Dry Your Hair

Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel, $13, Amazon

Because it's made from plush and absorbent microfiber, the Luxe Beauty Essentials hair towel absorbs the excess moisture in wet hair and leaves it just slightly damp so that you can easily style it however you like. Because this towel is large, it's great as both a hair towel as well as for your body — and with an abundance of four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that this towel is great for kids and adults alike. Best of all, using microfiber towels helps prevent hair breakage, and it's a game-changer for curly hair because it eliminates frizz.


39. An Electric Toothbrush With Over 2,500 Glowing Reviews

Oral B Electric Toothbrush, $50, Amazon

Not only is this toothbrush clinically proven to break up and remove up to 300 percent more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, but the Oral B electric toothbrush even has a built-in pressure sensor that stops it from pulsating if you're brushing too hard. And unlike other electric toothbrushes, this one also has a timer in the handle that tells you when two minutes are up.

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