46 Of The Coolest Products On Amazon That You Never Knew Existed

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Whenever I'm about a week away from having to pay my credit card bill I usually check to see what the current balance is like — mostly out of a sense of morbid curiosity and impending doom, but also because if for some reason it's lower than I'm expecting, it means I can go blow a few hundred dollars on some of the best products on Amazon prime.

Is that a mature and adult way to handle my finances? Not really — but when the options are either saving myself $40 for later or buying myself a DIY lip balm kit, let's just say I'm about to have a lot more cosmetics on my hands. Jokes aside, if I have any extra money at the end of the month I generally try sticking to buying surprisingly useful products on Amazon that I can get some decent use out of.

Who could say no to a pair of super-cute silicone oven mitts shaped like bear paws, or a portable infusion smoker that you can use on meats and cocktails? And if you've been having trouble sleeping lately (we could always use a few extra hours, no?) I suggest the memory foam mattress topper that's infused with green tea — not only are these some of the most genius products you can find on Amazon, but they're the kind of impulse buys that you won't regret.

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