Reviewers Truly Believe In These 39 Popular Products Under $30 On Amazon

If you're anything like me, you love to shop. Better yet, you love to shop when you know the items you're adding to your cart have been touted as tried-and-true favorites by hundreds of other shoppers. After all, if everyone else swears by a certain beauty product, cooking tool, or organization unit, chances are high that you will too... right? Right.

It's with this reasoning that I took it upon myself to unearth the most popular Amazon products that reviewers really, truly believe in. After all, unless you have your eyes glued to your phone while walking through your favorite brick-and-mortar store, it's tough to tell what other shoppers really think about the items lining the shelves. In my search, I found highly-rated products ranging from home and kitchen goods to beauty products and tools. In addition to their five-star ratings, the fact that many of them can be delivered to you in as little as two days will inspire you to click "Add to Cart."

So whether you're trying to expand your collection of cooking utensils, your arsenal of tech gadgets, or your always-growing beauty stash, keep clicking for dozens of Amazon best-sellers that you simply can't go wrong with.

Lifestyle — Reviewers Truly Believe In These 39 Popular Products Under $30 On Amazon

1. These Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies That Actually Taste Good

These gummy apple cider vinegar vitamins are most definitely worth adding to your cart. The vegan, gelatin-free gummies are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO — and they're renowned for the way they make ACV enjoyable and easy to consume. Unlike bottled apple cider vinegar (which usually tastes bitter), these vitamin-rich gummies taste good, all thanks to their blend of pomegranate, apples, and beetroot. As always, run it by your doctor before adding these to your supplement routine.

2. A Natural, Pain-Relieving Medicine Made With Mountain Daisies

Whether you just had an intense workout or if you're recovering from pack pain, it'll help to have this homeopathic pain medicine within reach. The dissolvable pellets are made with mountain arnica (a daisy harvested in the French Alps), and they offer a natural way to soothe muscle soreness. Be sure to consult your doctor before using them to find out how much you should ingest daily.

3. This Convenient Pocket-Sized pH Reader

If you're concerned about pH levels, consider carrying one of these handheld pH readers with you (instead of relying on food labels for the information). It's designed to read pH levels from water glasses, pools, spas, and more to help determine if they reside at the perfect pH balance. To make the device even better, it can work at any temperature level.

4. A Silicone Handle Holder That Prevents Your Hands From Burning

If you've ever reached for a skillet only to realize that it is, in fact, very hot, then you're all too aware of how necessary this silicon handle holder is. It's designed to easily slip over handles to save your hands from any dangerous burns while you're cooking. It's also sold in six colors, all of which can withstand heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle is even dishwasher-safe, so you can easily clean it up when you're done using it.

5. This Wireless Phone Charger That Doesn't Require Cords

If you're the worst at remembering where you've placed your charger (or if you always manage to wear out the bind between the cord and the port), it's time to check out one of these wireless chargers. All you have to do is set your phone on the propped-up device, and it'll immediately begin charging your gadget. You can even use it with your phone case on, depending on its thickness. Plus, it's compatible with various devices, including iPhones and Samsungs.

6. A Seasoning That Makes Food Taste Like An Everything Bagel

Beloved by thousands, Trader Joes' Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend is a must. The container features a mix of sesame seeds, sea salt, garlic, and onion so you can make anything taste like your go-to breakfast item. It can be used in various dishes, though it's particularly tasty when mixed with eggs, salad, and avocado toast.

7. This Foot Sling That Makes Airplane Seats Feel Like Recliners

Flying can feel incredibly cramped if you don't have the luxury of flying first class (or if you don't come prepared with one of these best-selling foot rests). The cozy sling loops around the tray table in front of you to let your feet dangle mid-air. It's even made with memory foam to provide extra comfort while you relax. Whether you hook your feet or calves it the sling, you'll be glad to have packed it in your carry-on.

8. A Bendable Phone Holder That You Can Use Mid-Flight

It can get pretty tiresome to hold your phone while you're streaming favorite shows during a five-hour flight. To avoid that stress on your hands and neck, fold one of these "Flight Flap" phone-and-tablet holders into place. The flat product is designed to bend into place and support the weight of a phone or tablet for hands-free viewing while flying. Place it onto the table in front of you and relax.

9. This Stainless Steel Foot File That Puts An End To Calluses

With over 4,000 rave reviews, it's safe to say this foot file offers spa-quality results. It's designed with a comfortable handle and a stainless steel file to gently exfoliate ultra-dry feet. It'll help remove calluses and rough patches, revealing smooth, like-new soles underneath. Best of all, it can work well on both wet and dry surfaces.

10. The Reusable Produce Bags You Can Take To The Store

The same way you bring reusable totes to the market and reusable straws to the cafe, it'll help to bring reusable produce bags to the grocery store. The eco-friendly bags can hold up to 11 pounds, making it easy to collect everything on your shopping list. And keep thanks to the breathable mesh designs, your fruits and veggies will stay fresher for longer when you get home.

11. An Iced Coffee Maker That Brews Multiple Cups At Once

Thanks to this airtight iced coffee maker, you can brew iced coffee from the comfort of your kitchen for a fraction of the cost that you might spend on coffee per week. The 1-quart, BPA-free container uses a mesh filter to make four servings of coffee per use. However, if you opt for the 2-quart selection, you'll be able to brew eight servings each time. Both options feature a silicone handle for easy pouring.

12. A Collapsible Colander Made With Flexible Silicone

Colanders are great when you need them — but when they're not being used, they have a way of taking up way more space than necessary. To maximize your cabinet space, add this collapsible colander to your cart. The silicone bowl is sturdy enough to drain salads, pastas, and the like — and it can handle heat up to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it's still flexible enough to fold flat when you're not using it.

13. This Kitchen Device That Makes The Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Skip the classic pot and stove egg-boiling method. Instead, use this handy electric egg boiler and poacher to make breakfast. It's designed to cook up to seven hard-boiled eggs at a time, and you can pinpoint how firm you'd like them to turn out. It even comes with an egg-poaching tray and an omelet tray for more options. And, from an appearance standpoint, it's sold in six colors so you can adhere to your kitchen theme.

14. This 24-Pack Of Face Masks With Cucumber, Aloe, Snail Essence, And More

These fast-acting, fan-favorite Korean face masks come in a variety of selections, including Cucumber, Herb, Aloe, Gold, Snail, Wine, and more to delivery hydration and clarity. With over 1,000 glowing reviews, you can be assured that your skin will look and feel it's best after trying any (and all) of them. They each have different ways of delivering results, so chose your masks accordingly.

15. A Greek Yogurt Maker That Works In A Matter Of Hours

Thanks to this Greek yogurt maker, you can cut back on your weekly Greek yogurt hauls from the grocery store and make your own concoctions at home. The BPA-free container turns regular yogurt into Greek yogurt in a matter of 3 to 18 hours. Simply pour your (non-Greek) yogurt in, let it strain, and enjoy. You'll even get a recipe book with your purchase to help you create delicious snacks.

16. A Roll-On Migraine Stick Made With Essential Oils

The moment a migraine starts to set, it's easy to reach for a pain reliever and call it a day. However, you can always reach for this migraine roll-on instead. It's made with a soothing blend of peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils (as well as coconut oil) to help relieve pressure and pain on contact. It's also the perfect size to pop in your pocket or clutch, so give it a whirl.

17. This Foot Cream That Has Over 6,000 5-Star Reviews

Save yourself from dry, cracked feet by slathering your tootsies in this non-greasy foot moisturizer. It's made with glycerin, paraffin, and allantoin to hydrate soles and heels in a pinch. And since you're likely to fall in love, you'll be glad to know that it comes in a variety of bundle packs, ranging from one to twelve jars. With over 6,000 five-star reviews, it's worth adding to your daily routine.

18. A Microdermabrasion Roller For A Spa Session At Home

Try using this spiky (but gentle) microdermabrasion beauty tool for an at-home spa session. The rigid roller works to remove dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion underneath. To use the exfoliating tool, soak the device in alcohol (for sanitation), clean it off with water, and then start gently rolling it over your complexion. After that, you can apply your favorite moisturizer.

19. These Teeny Patches That Absorb Your Pimples

If you're hoping to address your stubborn blemishes, try using these hydrocolloid patches. They're designed with natural ingredients (like tea tree oil and calendula oil) to help absorb pimples on the spot. When you wear these, you'll be less likely to pick and prod, too. The adhesives come in different sizes, so you can decide which ones to use depending on the area you're trying to treat.

20. The Voluminous Mascara That Makes Lashes Look Like Falsies

Falsies are fun and all — but when it comes to everyday lash looks, it helps to have something a bit more time-saving without (sacrificing the volume and curl). That brings me here, to Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Mascara. The cruelty-free cosmetic comes with a slim wand that delivers ultra-lifted, seriously-defined lashes without the clumps. Best of all, it won't smudge halfway through the day like some other mascaras.

21. This Microwavable Pasta Cooker With A Built-In Strainer

Did you know that you can cook pasta in more places than just on top of the stove? With this microwavable pasta cooker, you can cook your noodles in the microwave (and it only takes 15 minutes). While the timing isn't too different from most stove-top cooking, it's still convenient for extra-quick meals. Plus, the fact that the container comes with a built-in strainer means you don't have to dirty another dish to drain your pasta.

22. This Ultra-Slim Rolling Shelf That Creates Extra Storage Space Basically Anywhere

Wish you had just a bit more storage space? You're not alone. That's why so many Amazon shoppers have added this slim rolling storage rack to their carts. The three-tier design is large enough to hold groceries, toiletries, and laundry supplies, making it especially handy in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. And, if you need more than three extra shelves, you're in luck. The cart comes in various bundles for extra storage space.

23. A Ceramic Mug With A Cozy Compartment For Your Hand

Sure, all coffee mugs keep your hands warm to some extent (aka when your coffee is hot), but this ceramic hand-warming mug takes that to a whole new level. The unique design features a comfortable cut-out for your hand to fit in, effectively warming your fingers and palm like no other coffee mug has before. The 14-ounce container is sold in a variety of different colors, all of which are all safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven.

24. This Moldable Glue That Turns Into Silicone

Whether the soles of your shoes are coming undone, or the cord of your phone charger is detaching from the plug, this moldable glue will help. The unique formula is designed to transform into a silicone rubber, ensuring a tight bond. What's more, it comes in a variety of different colors, so you can match it to whatever project you plan to use it on.

25. An Aluminum Shield That Prevents Burnt Pie Crust

When it comes to pie, is there anything worse than a perfectly-cooked center surrounded by a burnt crust? The answer is usually is "no." To save your dessert from getting too crispy, place one of these aluminum pie crust protector shields on top before popping it into the over. While it will prevent the heat from browning the crust, it won't hinder your pie from rising.

26. This Reusable Coffee Filter So You Can Stop Using Paper Versions

An easy way to create less waste is to swap traditional single-use coffee filters with a reusable one. This BPA-free reusable coffee filter is designed with plastic and mesh to filter coffee while promoting the best possible taste. And, when you're done using it, simply run it under water to easily rinse it clean. It fits most Mr. Coffee makers, but check which machine you have before choosing it.

27. This Hand-Held Steamer That Will Save You From The Stress Of Ironing

Do you have tons of wrinkly clothes (but not a ton of time to iron them out)? No worries; that's where a hand-held steamer comes into play. This multi-use steamer is great for clothes and other fabrics. Best of all, when you fill it up with water and flip the switch, it only takes a few minutes to easily steam out wrinkles and kinks (it can run for 15 minutes straight, though). Plus, thanks to its 9-foot power cord, you can steam from afar.

28. The Seat Cover That Keeps Pet Hair And Dust Off Your Cushions

Are you looking for ways to shield your chair from pet hair and dust? If so, check out this reversible chair slipcover. It easily hooks onto your sofa to keep it looking pristine underneath. Unlike plastic covers, this quilted cover is cushy and machine-washable. And, if you find that you love the look and feel, you might as well outfit your entire living room. The fan-favorite covers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from recliners to sectionals.

29. This Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer That Expands Your Closet Storage

If you're like me, you have a million shoes and not enough space to store them all. To help expand the space in your closet, hang one of these clear shoe organizers over your door. It's designed to hold 12 pairs of shoes (or even more if you can stack flats together). And, if you're solid on the shoe space, why not use it for extra beauty, sock, bathing suit, or underwear storage? Whatever you choose, it's sure to be useful. It's available in brown, gray, and pink.

30. This Memory Foam Eye Mask That Blocks Out The Light

If you have trouble staying asleep when the slightest bit of light peeks through the blinds, it's time to add one of these comfy memory foam eye masks to your accessories collection. It's designed to block out light without uncomfortably pressing onto your lids. And since it features a concave design, you can even wear it with lash extensions without fear of it snagging them out.

31. An Oral Rinse That Will Make Your Breath Smell Minty-Fresh

c, stock your bathroom with this ADA-accepted dentist-formulated oral rinse. It's made with clinically-proven ingredients to ward off bacteria and odor, all while protecting teeth enamel. Simply swish, spit, and enjoy.

32. A Silicone Scalp Brush That Feels Like A Massage

Massaging your own head rarely feels as good as when someone else is doing it — unless, of course, you're using one of these shampoo massager brushes. The spiky silicone beauty tool, which is available in three colors, is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and to gently massage your scalp with its bristles. Use it with shampoo or on dry hair when you need a relaxing moment.

33. This Memory Foam Travel Pillow That Twists And Turns

With one of these machine-washable travel pillows you'll be able to cushion whichever area of your body needs it most while you're traveling. They're made from squishy-soft memory foam that can be molded into various positions. That way — regardless of how you're traveling — you'll feel comfy as can be. When you're doing using it, take the cotton cover off and clean it in the washing machine.

34. A Posture Corrector You Can Wear Under Your Clothes

To help improve your alignment, consider one of these cult-favorite posture correctors. The comfortable, breathable brace is designed to improve muscle memory and take the stress out of your shoulders and back. It may not look like much, but wearing it just 20 to 30 minutes a day can show a big difference. You can wear it underneath your clothes or right on top of your shirt.

35. The Under-Eye Cloth That Prevents Eyeshadow From Getting Everywhere

If you love eyeshadow, then you know just how easy it is for a few stray flecks of pigment to fall onto your face while you're applying it. Use one of these shadow shields to prevent that from happening. Its soft material will line your under-eye to prevent overflow. Best of all, when you peel them off, they won't leave any sticky residue or disrupt your skin or makeup underneath, therefore preventing smudges or redness.

36. These Silicone Covers That Keep Sauces From Spilling Into The Stove

It's easy to accidentally slosh a little sauce over the edge of a pan and into the area between your stove and counter. To prevent that from happening, consider using one of these silicone stove gap covers. It'll sit between your stovetop and counter to prevent spillage in places you can't reach. They can also withstand up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, and are available in black, white, and semi-clear.

37. This Nose Trimmer That Won't Causes Painful Snags

Look, long nose hairs happen. Instead of worrying about them, you can easily nip 'em in the bud. With this wireless, battery-operated nose trimmer, you can pop into any bathroom for a touch-up on-the-go. The waterproof tool is made with stainless steel and features dual-edge blades that are designed to spin and trim hairs without painfully pulling at them.

38. This Witch Hazel That Smells Like Rose Petals

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel is a fan-favorite amongst the beauty community, and it looks like Amazon shoppers are loving it, too. Made with 100% astringent and aloe vera, this liquid works to relieve skin irritation. Simply pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and pat it across your face. It even smells like roses, which is a huge plus.

39. The Reusable Makeup-Removing Pads Made Of Cotton

Speaking of cotton pads, these reusable bamboo cotton rounds are worth adding into any beauty routine. They're equally soft and fluffy as traditional single-use pads — but you can use them again and again. Whether you use them for your toner application or to remove stubborn mascara, you're bound to fall in love. After each use, simply throw them into the included laundry bag and pop them into the wash. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.